What Did We Learn?

An Informative Webinar that provides real stories from B2B Technical Implementations

Join us at 3 PM CST on Thursday, March 11th!

What To Expect

What We Learned: Integrations to your Existing Ecosystem CAN Be Easy.

Join us as we walk you through our fun learnings about how to approach quick and easy integrations to your complex systems. 

So often, organizations are afraid to take that first step to automating their business processes because it feels like a major undertaking and is never the top priority. We’re going to walk you through how you tackle that first step with a simple integration of your existing systems. We’ll share with you how we built very quick and dirty integrations with Power Automate, Workato, Zapier. Our examples are in the context of Ephesoft’s Semantik product, which adds automation to your AP processes, but the technology lessons learned apply to other integrations, equally!

So come have some fun with us while we share the cool things we’ve uncovered!



Here are our Hosts!

Lisa Hill Headshot

Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill leads the Technology Strategy division of Blue Fish Group and has been with the company since 2005! Lisa’s background is in Computer Science where she quickly discovered she preferred working with clients and building the strategy for efficient technology solutions, rather than writing the code herself. Lisa focuses on identifying and growing B2B technology partnerships as well as leading our teams to deliver high-quality implementations that solve our client’s problems.

Outside of work, Lisa is a die-hard Browns fan, along with her husband Bryant and two wonderful kids, Parker and Addie. 

Gary Cox Headshot

Gary Cox

Gary is a Technical Architect at Blue Fish Group. He is responsible for designing, deploying, and customizing Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, and Business Process Management solutions. Gary utilizes his 20+ years of consulting experience to help guide clients to create the right solutions to meet their needs. In addition, Gary has experience creating custom software solutions to meet unique client use cases that do not fit into the ECM, WCM, or BPM spaces.

When not at work, Gary enjoys playing board games, trying to learn bass guitar, hiking on the local trails, and building skateboards with his kids.