What Did We Learn?

Document Management and Salesforce: Creating a Single Source of Truth

Join us at 3 PM CST on Thursday, May 6th!

What To Expect

Salesforce makes a good CRM or CDP, but it does NOT make a good document management system. However, it’s so rare you have sales conversations without a lot of documentation (contracts, RPFs, NDAs, and more!). Most organizations using SFDC just resort to storing their content in emails and local hard drives, and hope that never comes back to bite them. But this is a high-risk business problem that can have devastating consequences if it fails. Thankfully, we have a pretty straightforward solution to integrate your SFDC CRM to a document management system, like M-Files.

In this webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • A hands-on explanation of a client integrating a Content Management System (M-Files) with Salesforce
  • Why using a Document Management System like M-Files is a good solution
  • A demo-style walkthrough of the Salesforce and M-Files system
  • Added benefits beyond content management of a combined integration
  • Tips and best practices of what to be aware of during the implementation and after


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Here are our Hosts!

Betsy Stockdale

Betsy Stockdale is a Business Architect at Blue Fish Group, a professional services company based in Austin, Texas. Blue Fish Group’s approach to requirements drastically cut features from scope, enabling projects to be successful while still delivering the needed business value for Fortune 1000 companies. Betsy is responsible for leading projects to develop requirements following Seilevel’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML™)

In her spare time, she enjoys getting outside and moving. Betsy and her husband love to take long walks (4-8 miles), which offers them the opportunity to catch up with each other. Betsy enjoys traveling, but due to traveling a lot for work, she likes to enjoy staying home when she can.

Gary Cox Headshot

Gary Cox

Gary is a Technical Architect at Blue Fish Group. He is responsible for designing, deploying, and customizing Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, and Business Process Management solutions. Gary utilizes his 20+ years of consulting experience to help guide clients to create the right solutions to meet their needs. In addition, Gary has experience creating custom software solutions to meet unique client use cases that do not fit into the ECM, WCM, or BPM spaces.
When not at work, Gary enjoys playing board games, trying to learn bass guitar, hiking on the local trails, and building skateboards with his kids.

Guest Speaker

Michael Dalrymple is a Channel Account Manager at M-Files.