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Text Transcript

Tria Foster 0:00
Welcome, everybody. Welcome to our great b2b e commerce website roast. We are super excited. And this is my first time to get to do this with jasmine. So I’m, I’m looking forward to some fun.

next slide here, I don’t think Andy’s gonna be able to join us today, unfortunately. So I’m gonna skip over him a little bit not that he is not important. He is our partner, sales manager at Magento and Adobe company. And I kick it over to you, Jasmine, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jasmine Ellsworth 0:38
Hey, guys, I have the funniest title because they let me write it. So I’m sort of creative. So I came to ecommerce via way of entertainment experience design. And the way that I apply that to marketing is looking at the full customer journey, what was promised, how we reach them, what they received, and then how that purchase process worked for them to make sure that the sale actually happens. And then kind of like that whole environment. So a little bit of a less technical approach.

Tria Foster 1:11

And I’m Tria Foster, I’m a solution architect in the e commerce practice lead here at blue fish. I have about 25 years of experience in the e commerce space that dates me quite a bit, but it is what it is. I’ve been in the I’ve had the opportunity to grow a lot of fun brands like Kendra Scott, I also had the opportunity to work with companies like Lenovo and Under Armour, Burton’s Norbert snowboard, so some really fun companies in the e commerce space. And because of my background, I really get the opportunity to straddle the line between e commerce and marketing. And that’s kind of the fun part of my job, I get to blend my technology background with my marketing side. And let’s face it, you kind of need both sides, if you’re going to have an e commerce site, you can you can build it, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to come. And you also want to make sure that you’re doing the doing that marketing piece, right, as well as having really having a good site so that people buy and let’s face it, if you have any commerce site, you actually want people to buy, we want to make sure that it’s easy, super easy for people to find what they want and to to and to make that actually make that purchase. Which kind of leads me in a little bit. The red is a part of the goal for our roast, we really want to provide some snackable content, really help guide your overall digital presence. In a fun, fun way. We’re gonna keep this kind of like, very high level, super easy, but hopefully you’re gonna get enough information that gets your wheels turning, makes you think about what you can do to maybe improve your own website, we’re going to look at a couple of different things through kind of our lens here. And with that said, you know, we may get something wrong from here or there. We don’t necessarily know your industry. But that’s kind of the point. And a lot of your customers don’t know your industry necessarily either. So what we’re going to be looking at, for this roast is really looking at kind of the shopper. We are a shopper, we shop ecommerce sites all the time. So what with our limited time you really want to figure out what is what’s going to get people to buy, how can we get them to buy fast, get them in, they can make sure that find the information that they want, make sure that they they, we can inform the buyer about everything that’s going on, and ultimately, you know, make that sale. That’s, that’s ultimately the goal. So with that, I guess we’ll go ahead and reveal the site that we are going to be roasting today.

Jasmine Ellsworth 3:56
So the condado.

Tria Foster 4:00
So the company’s name is wellness within reach. One of the first things that we did is we went in and I just did a Google search.

Like, I know I’m gonna I’m gonna be buying

something from these guys. So let me find them. And in Google, like, I see a site here, but that’s not the site that I was actually looking for. That’s not exactly what I was. I was hoping for I see Facebook, what do you see Jasmine? I mean,

Jasmine Ellsworth 4:29
there’s a lot going on. And there’s a lot of different options.

because not everything that says wellness within reach actually has a wellness within reach URL. So if wellness within reach is the only thing I have to go on. I don’t know I have actually done my research. So I do know that probably I was told about this website by the man who operates it. So let’s see if we can find him.

Let’s see what you see down at the bottom. See down there? See

Tria Foster 5:04
now? Not necessarily. No, actually not. So but I do see the wellness within reach site is just a little bit a little bit bold. So why don’t we just dive in there? Okay.

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:20
Now, we we scored, this is the right site, this is the right side for sure when we did a practice run, we did click around a lot. And there are a lot of sites with very similar names sometimes with the URL purporting to be wellness within reach when actually dropping you off at wellness within reach LLC or something that doesn’t even say wellness within reach. But they got you on the keywords. So and the other thing was the Facebook group, and there was an Austin, Texas when Tria search for this that she is in Austin. So she was getting some more local Austin things. I’m in California, so I was seeing things in my area of businesses in my area that we’re using the same name. So depending on where you are, it just wasn’t

Tria Foster 5:58
helping. Right? Right. So we are the right side, that’s great. I mean, it looks beautiful. It’s you know, it’s, it’s really, really nice. One of the things that we typically do when we first look at site, we we actually look at a little bit of detail behind it, and kind of using our favorite tool built with. So kind of tells us a little bit about kind of what’s the technology behind it, what’s going on here, I can see that it’s a big commerce site. So that right off the bat, I can see that information. If I look at the kind of the more details, you know, I’m not seeing and you see some information, which is helpful, but I’m not really seeing some of that the marketing tech stack. And that may be part of the reason that that it’s a little lower on the on the ranking for Google, there could be some things that could happen there. But um, so it’s, it’s probably a fairly new site, which is great. It really good opportunity for us to kind of come in and take a look and see what’s going on here. So what’s your first impression, Jasmine, what you’re thinking,

Jasmine Ellsworth 6:58
Oh, it’s very clean. It’s very, very clean. Um, you know, I like clean sites. I like that. I really like this logo, there aren’t a lot of people who are able to do like a rainbow colored logo and actually have it work. And I think they’re doing a really good job here. They’ve contained their color palette really well. Everything else, they’re sticking to just their brand colors. I don’t know if some of these pictures are helpful, or if that’s just the template and they haven’t gotten more initiatives like this was kind of like a big idea, like one day that we’re gonna like, we’re gonna feature this and we’re gonna feature that and now they’re kind of like, well, we’re, you know, we’re just kind of like, it feels like there’s some lost opportunity there.

And it’s takes up quite a bit of that homepage. It does

take a lot and it doesn’t sell me on anything. I’m not. Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m here. I’m not sure what I’m gonna get. And I’m not sure if I’m buying something or if I’m going on a rainforest retreat, because I would totally do the rainforest thing, especially right now. I live in California. It’s on fire.

I’m with you. I’ll go with you.

I thought I could go to Oregon, but Dang, everything is up there do

Tria Foster 7:58
i do like there are products on the homepage though, so and they’re not too far down. So I mean, I like that. That’s good. There it is. That’s the photo I want. There’s some products

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:07
like it. I envy the other photos on the carousel. Like we have people in our company who do not like carousels, so maybe not everything on the carousel is necessary like Do we need all these maybe we should just have the one product photo even if it’s not the most beautiful product photo

Tria Foster 8:22
for something something similar just something to kind of like if you bring it in right I know I’m in the right spot. Make sure that we get that homepage if you’re especially if you’ve had to click around to get there make sure you know that you’re on that on the right side click

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:36
on supercharge your immune system as a total diversion. Does this Take me to the blog if it doesn’t, okay, so it seems like every picture so then if if you’re not going to take me somewhere about my immune system, I don’t want that slide. Now you’ve just tricked me.

Tria Foster 8:54
Right? Well, it does take you to a new sport.

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:56
Oh, that’s true. Good I wait. Right so I mean, but it says they’re burning system All right. All right, I’m buying it

Tria Foster 9:03
right right. Let’s go back and I’m going to take this whole shot by category I’m especially considering that you know, there’s not a lot of stuff going on here. This is kind of nice. I know what the new products are I if I’m really interested I can look at his very specific supplements so that’s good. And then what about this shop by brand so there’s there’s a couple here but that this leads me to believe that there’s more so let’s see what else is in there. Like there’s more brands, there are not more brands. Okay, I just now and we looked at this site yesterday, I just now understood this whole shop by brand thing. So if you go back to the homepage, I’ll tell you what I was thinking before.

Jasmine Ellsworth 9:42
So originally when we saw shop by brand and we went to premier research labs, it takes you to product and then when you go to wellness within reach it takes you to kind of like events, which are like hey donate if you want to do a group meditation thing, which we felt that those those things under wellness within reach those really fit Under services, which is already in the header, or under events, which is also on the sidebar, it feels like a band to warrant its own category like, and it felt like it’s just a lot of duplication. I’m anti duplication. So I would just do this. There’s a lot less to click on now. And when I’m looking at, um, I’ve also noticed the site has a lot of wishful reviews in that there are no reviews, but there are a lot of stars. I just cover that up. Just Yeah. It makes your site look completely abandoned. Like it’s zombie site, like you just set it up, you know, I don’t know, I’m gonna go

Tria Foster 10:38
back to the home. Once the reviews come, then absolutely. I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s good to have them. If there are no reviews, and like, there may be like, we can keep going here. I do like this eight essential supplements. So if I’m looking me I’m more of the kind of person who may or may not know exactly what I’m going to be looking for. I’m not I may need need some guidance here. So if I’ve narrowed it down for you, they’re already down. Because clicking all over, you know, between kids and working everything else, like I just want to make it fast, like, give me in, let me find out what I want. And get me out of there. So the eight essential supplements I that to me would be right where I would start? And no, it does give me what gives me seven. So there might be a seven.

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:29
But let’s say there is a lucky number,

Tria Foster 11:32
it is a lucky number for sure. It’s a lucky number.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
I imagined that they had eight and one of the projects might have been discontinued or is out of stock. In that case, I don’t know if this really matters, I don’t know how much traffic you get. Um, I don’t know, if you would want to have the h1 or maybe a card. It’s like, Why are these are eight supplements because these eight things, we feel like this is your ground baseline. You know, if you have these eight things like that’s the best you can do, you can it’ll probably wipe out most of your problems, but I’m not seeing any of that. It’s just there seven products, there could have been eight, I don’t know why they’re essential. Maybe whoever sent me here would have given me more guidance. Since this is a practitioner website. Um, maybe I don’t need that stuff. Maybe they don’t want to put it on there. Because it might be one of the things I’ll claim to solve problems that is not allowed to do.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Right. That’s true, but there should be. So I can see the title here. But wouldn’t it be great if there was actually some information right below that? Just Why are these eight so important? Like what is it I mean, just so having something a category page, which is what these are, essentially, should have just a little bit of data. And actually having some text on that page is great for Google to

Tria Foster 12:43

in. So I mean, as you can see, doing some marketing around that and see that being able to land on this page, you know, you’re on the right page, you can pull this information. So I I you know, I think having I like how these products are laid out and love, I actually love a rollover.

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:03
We’re such nerds, everyone loves a good rollover. Oh my gosh, nerd nerd, I love it. I know, I know, you fake glasses and will like have matching nerd glasses.

Tria Foster 13:14
So I love that I like the quick view, that’s, that’s, that’s great. For me, I like to be able to quickly buy new wine and quickly view it pop go. Um, the other thing is just it has the name of the company who’s providing the the supplement. But there’s really, that’s really all. So I don’t really know, I can assume max B is vitamin B. But I may not necessarily know about some of these others and what that actually is does. So maybe even just a little blurb down here can be helpful. We have a lot, and I

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:51
don’t think I’m that old. But I feel like the names of the bottles could be bigger, I would get rid of premier research labs, like they’re already in the picture that’s duplication. I get rid of the empty stars, zombie apocalypse, I just make it d3 serum, make it a lot bigger, and maybe like, you know, fight for sunlight when there’s no winter, whatever that one headline is about that product. Um, and I’m not usually for extra stuff, but it would be nice to like, see, what is that basic headline. And again, I know in the supplement industry, you have to tread lightly, you can’t purport to you know, fix or any of these kind of claims and disease and all this kind of stuff. You could kind of have some kind of happiness marketing kind of snippet that lets me know like, why should like believe I want to believe I’m here. I want to find out.

Tria Foster 14:39
Exactly, exactly. I’m ready to buy and I would just need some encouragement. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so let’s let’s just want to just kind of take a look at that product page here. Um, let’s see. Maybe we’ll do take a quick look.

Take a quick Gander.

Jasmine Ellsworth 15:04
Gander meander

Tria Foster 15:05
Gander meander

Jasmine Ellsworth 15:07
So all right, you go and then are awake, right? I was gonna go first you go, girl. All right, well, I’ve got my big whiteboard out. So let’s do this. All right. So wish list, I would be interested to see if you ever get any clicks on wish list, you don’t have a lot of projects. And so what if that was gone? I also classic, classic Jasmine, do not like to see and reporters for people to leave your product, you are encouraging them to leave, do not let them leave. Maybe they’re going to share the product to Facebook. I’d be interested in seeing if there’s any data for you on that. Otherwise, it’s just kind of like a distraction. Right? Again, no reviews.

Tria Foster 15:50
And then space here, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:52
There’s your space. Exactly. So right here, you could have something you could expand that area deeper to be bullet points. Yeah, and you could talk about it. And then you could still have your Buy button nice and big. You know, buy, right, let people know why they’re there.

Tria Foster 16:12
And then you go for it. What do you got?

I think you nailed you know, the things that I would be looking for. Right? That there is, you know, some good information here. I mean, you can actually click through into I’m assuming it’s what’s on the bottle. Oh, wait, when you go down

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:28
sparkly video

Tria Foster 16:29
Sparkly videos!

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:30
that appears to be a video about the actual product. And in my experience, you want to put that first and foremost, like put that up in the product carousel, so that people can immediately watch that don’t hide it, don’t hide your jewels. But don’t put your light under a bushel basket.

Tria Foster 16:47
Shine right?

Here are some of the information. So this is some of the kinds Oh, that’s great. That would be your pair

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:55

Tria Foster 16:58
Little more information up towards the top, make it super easy. If they want more information, great. Let them play, let them go and find the information down below. Let them read as much as they want to. But if I’m not a reader, if I’m kind of going fast, and I want to just make sure that I understand what this product is going to do for me. Give me a little bit information up here at the top.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:20
Yeah, those bullet points are perfect. We try and get other people to write bullet points, but you’ve already got them. So just put them up there and all their glory get the video in the product carousel. If people want more, they’ll go for more and but for the rest of us skimmers and scanners just give us a little bit of the top.

Tria Foster 17:35
Absolutely. Yeah. Did you notice whenever I’m scrolling, did you see searches staying up here? Love that.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:42
I do you like that? I do wish their company name would be sticky as well. Mm hmm. I agree. I agree. Um, just for the purpose of branding. And have we addressed this call phone number on a desktop site.

Tria Foster 17:56
It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t do anything. on mobile. Right.

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:00
I did check it on mobile. And I really liked it on mobile. What I liked even more on mobile is that there was the option for me to just email you which here, if I wanted to email this company, I have to go to contact us and fill out a form. And I have bought I do not want to participate or or we did find it down here in the header. I’m sorry, in the footer. But I’m sure if you click on the email, not that you have to copy and paste this Don’t make me work. It’s hard enough I have to click things. This button is tired. I’m tired. Like I don’t know what it is about people but they go to another page you act like they went on a bus journey to downtown LA like it’s just too much.

Tria Foster 18:40
Right and the contact us I mean, it’s there’s a lot I mean, like I’m over and out like, I’m never gonna do that got I got some stuff

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:47
and like only box out. Right? I have a question got right, then that may be different. That may be different. And by the way, if you’re going to have your email in the footer, but then you think you’re gonna trick all the bots by putting it in a Contact Us form. And it’s the same email like you’re not like, what are you doing? Like the bots are pulling it off your footer anyway? Like, you’re not really hiding anything. Like you’re probably getting spam already. Just commit, commit to the spam. Yeah, but there are spam filters. You know, you can get all that stuff going to so

Tria Foster 19:16
for sure. So again, let’s go back to search because search is a really key tool. Again, powerful. I mean, it’s people use the people who are used to Google I’m gonna just type something in, I get what I want. I have options this and it’s, it tells me gives me what I want. So let’s just play with it. Let’s say digestion. I’m interested. I like that pops up right there. I can even look. That’s, that’s a nice feature. I can easily just add to cart right here.

Jasmine Ellsworth 19:46
That is always I wish Sephora would do that seriously. Like they always make me click on things and click away and then click back and then click. I’m just like, dude, where I want to be, I just want to go boom, boom, boom. So this is very sexy,

Tria Foster 19:57
right? So I mean back to kind of Our focus today is really kind of like the whole purchase funnel. Like, let’s make it easy. Let’s make it easy to buy. That’s an easy feature that I this is this is good. I like that. Now if I know I’m just gonna go hit Search, let me see what happens there. Okay, so I have, you know, this gives me the information now I know what I searched for. So that’s good sells me the number of products. This is kind of interesting. Did you mean, direct direction?

Jasmine Ellsworth 20:27
Hmm. So I don’t know, if there’s some capabilities in the back and begin to refine our search. What it says refine your search, does that mean my search is going to get better? Or is my search going to get worse? Well, let’s see. If I get to product my search got worse. Those don’t seem very digestion me. Oh, but they’re for direction. Ah,

okay. Ah, okay, maybe this

search functionality. And this one’s just a little too helpful, really helpful

Tria Foster 20:56
in the wrong direction, there’s a way in the back end to to add some certain terms, something like that, make it a little bit better. So we’re back to here. This is nice. And so there is a compare option. Kind of like the wish list. I don’t know if it’s yours. You can utilize things to actually put some tags in here and actually see, are people actually clicking on this stuff? It’s not something that people are using is like, Don’t put it there.

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:28
Okay, but what is it comparing? Is it like for instance, I’ve heard this before with my friends who do actually shop for digestion specific supplements, don’t laugh at me. People do it. It’s not just for you know, older people. It happens at any age to the stomach stuff is what I’ve been told. But they say that there’s so many digestion projects products out there. How do I know which one is right for me, even on this website, I’ll be get like 10 or 40 for digestion products. So if I compare, let’s pick two that seem similar. Like let’s do digest these SP and digest Premier, they both have the name digest in them.

Tria Foster 22:04
Well, and I just kind of

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:06
you like fermented mushrooms. Yeah, let’s let’s just do it. Let’s find out. How are these things different? Let’s compare.

Okay, so you can see descriptions? Oh, that’s cool.

Tria Foster 22:22
So I like the fact that the description is definitely good. But we’ve got some we’ve got some HTML in here.

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:32
organically and ns BP colon grown?

Tria Foster 22:37
Right? At totally fine. You can totally go in that people can actually see that. The other thing is there’s the availability and the other detail. So there’s again, there’s just going on about Yeah, I mean, if it’s not being used, especially in a, let’s just get rid of it. It’s something that you want to add later on. Because

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:53
I’m sure you even have anything No.

Tria Foster 22:55
Yeah. Right. Right. So from that perspective, I think so let’s just add this add to cart real quick here. I know does add to cart. It does work. Okay, good. Good. I didn’t actually click

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:12
okay. Okay. Okay.

Tria Foster 23:14
I did. So I’m taken to here. I like the fact that you’re you’re kind of baiting man to say, hey, if you add a few more products here, you can get free shipping.

250 seems kind of high at this point.

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:32
It seems almost weirdly insulting.

I’m like, What? Like you can’t afford $8. If I spend $100, like come on, like maybe just I’d say make it more attainable to 5075 or don’t include it at all, like your free shipping.

Tria Foster 23:49
I mean, they do. And I think

there’s a driver that

you that they’re actually pulling people in to say, hey, add one more product, add a product here. Guess what? It feels really

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:58
penny pincher at that high level. Yeah, but I think it feels really like

Tria Foster 24:03
something along those lines. That would be good. Right? Um, but that’s still good. And it’s still super, super clean. So if I actually go to checkout, just do that really quickly. And I am watching our time here. Because we could talk for a while. Um, for me checking out looks like it’s all in one page, kind of a one page Checkout, which I love. You’re not going page to page to page to page I see the information right here.

What do you think about this Jasmine?

Jasmine Ellsworth 24:33
Oh, are they making me make an email address and a password to

that’s the only way to get what I need but I hate making accounts. I don’t know. Okay. So I mean, for whatever business reason that they have, they want you to make an account. Um, but I don’t know if that’s super great. All the time. Yeah, that would be ideal. Create the account on the back end. Do they do that and it The rest of the information like being right here on the page, that’s great. That’s exactly what you want. We push, we push a lot of our customers to do it out, right?

Benjamin Choy 25:10
I think there’s a ton ton more that we could be doing here. And we could we could come up with but I, I know we got to kind of watch time here. Yeah, just gonna cut in here. Joy is about the is that as gift certificate up at the top to buy one or use one, they must sell a lot to put in the top nav. Also, john mentioned that this specific setup is under requirement as well to

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:37
not having PRL on everything, maybe,

Benjamin Choy 25:41
perhaps. So let’s just address that gift certificate real quick. And then let’s go into q&a. And give them the time chance

Tria Foster 25:49
to see here really quickly.

So it is you can purchase them looks like redeem.

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:59
So it has the vendor requires that we have account setup. So okay,

Tria Foster 26:03
well, you can also look at maybe doing them the back end, and make it feel like a guest Checkout, there’s that kind of I mean, unless you absolutely have to have a password, just some just things to think about. Um, you just don’t want any beer, that whole idea really is you don’t want any barrier to stop somebody from from making a purchase and going to look through another site that potentially they don’t have to actually create account. I don’t always create an account, especially if it’s my first purchase. I’m not sure if I’m going to come back. Let me you know, let me try it first, that kind of thing. So that’s just something to kind of think about.


Benjamin Choy 26:39
yeah. Now, feel free to type into the chat, and I’ll address your questions or your comments. Um,

Jasmine Ellsworth 26:46
yeah, I just picked into the chat. It looks like we do have Peter, the practitioner here, which Hi, Peter, your site is really beautiful. Don’t make any of this Russ rows too hard. It’s our job to try and find somebody to pick apart. But yeah, it’s one of the cleanest sites we’ve looked at. You’ve clearly spent some good time on the architecture. You’ve following a lot of the best practices, just not all the best practices are for you. Because you don’t have to use all of them. Oh, he says he’ll forgive.

Tria Foster 27:17
want to. I think well, while we’re on that topic, and no, we just we don’t have much time. But the other thing to kind of think about so this is the one site I know if you we kind of found this if you Oh yeah, you something else. It doesn’t have the same NAB. So it kind of feels a little disjointed. It’s close. Do not get me wrong. It’s very, very close.

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:38
Yeah, you’re doing a good job. You trick other people,

Tria Foster 27:41
right. But here’s where we have a newsletter if we don’t have it on the other one, maybe there’s Oh, and on the mobile

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:47
version, I got the pop up for the newsletter, but I didn’t get it on the desktop. Sure. So that was interesting. And you do if you are really all about those emails, which AOL should be all about the jamming emails, then make sure that desktop pop up is firing as well. Unless Did you have pop ups blocked Tria? No, no. Well, yeah, because you got on the other side.

Benjamin Choy 28:09
john says, we appreciate the rose and they’d like to use some of your suggestions. That’s awesome.

Tria Foster 28:16
I mean, that the whole idea behind this guy’s it’s really, it’s, it’s making sure that the customers that are coming to your site a they can find you, but be that when they get here, it’s easy to find what they want, you can provide information about products that they can they can easily see they don’t have to click into multiple products to understand where they Is this the right product that I want to look at. You know, I like I said, I love the quick view if you had a little bit more information down here. So I know what this is about. I may just go ahead and and purchase Add To Cart right here. I there’s just not enough information on that page, just mood

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:53
exam, I’d be really cautious. Don’t do your whole description. Because just do like four words. So like five words, just one line. If you’re going two to three lines, you’ve already it’s just too much now you’re too much clutter, but just what is the super basic line level? And I know that’s really hard to supplement because I know you guys are passionate about them. So they do they do actually help a lot of different things with people but like what is that little headline? Right, right. That’s it. Some of

Tria Foster 29:20
those little some of those little tips and tricks I think can just make that whole purchase experience way better.

Jasmine Ellsworth 29:26
Well, thank you so much, everybody, for attending. Thank you so much. Tria. Thanks for coming on, as well as Jasmine to who’s an awesome roast.

Benjamin Choy 29:36
Yeah. Awesome. Thank you guys so much. Thank you, Peter. Thank you, john, for your comments on everybody. Have a good day. Thank you guys. Bye, guys. Bye

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