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Ben Choy 0:00
Today we have a new face with us, Terence. And also we have as always Jasmine. Pleasure to see both of you, Terence, if you want to go ahead and kick it off.

Terence McDevitt 0:09
Yeah, I think I’m gonna let Jasmine introduce herself.

Oh, you know, I have this hair on some days. But right now it’s a pandemic. So me? Yes. So I am, I come from a diverse background of mostly entertainment and design. And then I made my way into the e commerce world to live the dream, and sit martinis on a beach somewhere and have my whole life automated with an e commerce store. And then I got a job, you know, in the same thing, so you can have both. And we can’t travel anyway, but and they let they let me pick my own title. So I am the Chief ideator of creative architecture and heuristic idealism. So I thought that was fun. Most people can’t spell any of it. So. And I’m so thrilled to have Terence today because he is like, my Yin to my Yang in the super, super nerd space. I’m so excited.

Well, yeah, we I prefer to say, geek, but you know, nerd, I guess

Oh, we’re gonna get into that. Okay. A lot of discussion between geeks, geeks and nerds. So

yeah, well, I’m happy to be here. I’m Terence McDevitt I’m a solution architect at bluefish. What does that mean? Well, we like to say that our solution architects are really responsible for making sure that we’re building the right thing for our clients, right, it’s one thing to just sort of, you know, slap a solution together and hope it works and solve some business problems. But it’s another thing to, you know, really sit and listen and understand, really sort of elicit, you know, requirements and constraints and those sorts of things from our clients and make sure that we’re guiding them in the right direction on their technology solutions. I do come from a technical background, I used to be a developer, but I’ve always been a consultant at you know, coming out of college, you know, I, I found a job that was at a consulting agency where we had to wear suits all the time, because they were dealing with like financial services business, and, and I never thought in a million years, I would be that type of person. And that’s pretty much all I’ve done in my career is consulting. So, you know, really working closely with our clients and making sure that we’re really, you know, knocking it out of the park. And, you know, in talking with jasmine about just, you know, kind of the beginning, Ying and Yang, it’s we’re really like I work often with different disciplines, and really trying to, you know, make sure that we’re incorporating their ideas into the solutions, and sometimes pushing back, you know, sometimes that’s kind of the challenging part of my job is to say, hey, that’s a really cool idea. And we may not be able to pull it off because of this, this and this, or, yeah, we can pull it off and maybe just not within the constraints of the project. So anyway, so that’s, that’s why I’m, I love men’s basketball, college, men’s basketball, I love my North Carolina Tar Heels. It’s where I went to school. And I’ve got a great family too. Alright, so Jasmine, let’s talk about the roast.

Alright, so our goal is to keep it short, keep it fun, make people think about maybe their website, you know, you you work every day for the company, or at how often do you look at your website as a consumer with fresh eyes. So this is our opportunity to just go around and poke at things and make you maybe hopefully look at things in a different light or consider other options. Um, and yeah, so let’s jump in. So what do we got today?

Today, we are going to be reviewing a company called quantum nutrition labs out of Austin, Texas, where we’re based. So Jasmine, what do you think? Should we just treat it like we’ve never seen this company before? And let’s do a maybe a Google search for quantum nutrition labs.

Yeah. So one of the things we like to do is like, what is the customer journey to get to your page? how competitive is it? Do they get lost? Is your name hard to spell? Cool. So you check in quantum nutrition lab. So this looks correct. We’ve gotten actually all the things that you could buy, which is great.

a ds? Yeah.

Now we’ve got an ad right next, and then organically. It looks like that’s still the right company. Cool, cool, cool. Anyone else on this list? We should worry about

what is this? This is interesting. This is q n labs comm which is definitely their site. This is shop.com but and says quantum nutrition labs also has

a quantum. So they both say quantum nutrition labs, which is concerning and then it seems like there’s actually a lot of websites that say quantum nutrition labs. So just for comparison, since we’re in the know let’s take a look at the Q and H shop. That seems to be q1 Labs. Oh wow. Yeah, this is not pretty. But this is also not the company we’re trying to look at today. Do they sell the same thing?

Yeah, this looks this looks like it let’s click into a product and see that’s definitely the quantity that is labs logo. Yeah.

So are they I wonder if they are reseller than

could be, could be certainly. And I would think for qL, this is going to cause confusion for their customers. So what strategies, Jasmine, could we use on the SEO side of things, maybe to kind of bump those down a little bit and bring up qL in the search results to avoid that kind of confusion? Hmm,

well, there is Seo. And then there’s also lawyers. I don’t know if they’re allowed to do this. So I would ask, yeah, I don’t know. Like, I know that with Google ads, you’re not allowed to use a trademark name. So they’re not using? Like, it doesn’t say it’s an ad using the words, quantum nutrition lab. So it’s not like that. Right. Um, but the name of our website, cubanelle labs or quantum nutrition Labs is on everything that they’re doing here, which is very, I doubt I don’t that’s legal, because I can’t actually start a site that’s like Disneyland. Right, exactly. I don’t know. But again, I don’t know the relationships that they might have with

Jasmine Ellsworth 6:04
their vendors. And here’s another one. This is.

Terence McDevitt 6:09
Yeah, completely different.

1982 This is painful. Uh, I don’t know. Is it the same company? Are they just ripping off the name? Or is that just old product?

Looks like it might be old practices, maybe old style labeling?

Yeah. Does the site even still work?

This site, let’s go. Let’s figure out and you’re like, something’s, like I can

Jasmine Ellsworth 6:30
Oh, wow, you can actually buy stuff.

Terence McDevitt 6:33
Okay, well, that’s concerning. We don’t need to, you know, roast these guys. Maybe that’s an ounce? I don’t know.

I do like the birds though. But all right.

Well, let’s drill into Well, let’s real quick, let’s look at the results here on Google. So definitely have some nice structure here on the search results. So we’re seeing subcategories right there in the results. That’s great. from an SEO standpoint,

and all the products listed at the top just for immediate sale.

Yeah, that’s correct. And then one thing though, here on the titles of these pages, not necessarily optimized here. So products A through Z. Okay. Well, we see that in the title, but we don’t really get any information, I’m sure. Yeah, radio specials, same sort of thing. So maybe some work could be done around that. What do you say we drill into it?

Let’s go in.

Okay, let’s go to the site.

Alright. Well, based on the other sites that call themselves quantum nutrition labs, I already feel a little bit better. Because this seems not to be from 1982. And it seems to be a functioning website. Oh, it even has a pop up for that.

Yeah. Just enter my email address.

You’re in incognito mode. Cool. Cool. Cool. That’s funny. No, thanks, I’ll pay full price. Now, this is a valuable piece of real estate, it is being eaten up completely by an animated picture. Um, I don’t get a lot of credence anymore to home pages. Other than that they bring in organic traffic. The nice thing about this is that compared to the other sites, this looks legitimate, because they’ve clearly spent some money. It’s not, you know, ridiculous, like the other site, it’s probably functioning website. But this is very valuable real estate. And I don’t know if this is the most important message that you could have, about who they are and what they represent. Right, taking up so much space above.

And if if I’m a new customer coming to the site, I This doesn’t necessarily speak to me, right? I could see if I purchased a few times, then, you know, this idea of nature and, you know, the big 12 like, yeah, I could get that. But maybe my first impression of this as a new customer, this might not really speak to me.

I’m also looking for supplements and nutrition. And this is giving me some serious fairy magic vibes. And so I know it’s better than the other sites. But yeah, it feels a little not scientific, which I don’t know, what we’re, you know, different customers are looking for different things. So depending on what their strengths are as a company, um, you know, maybe this is playing to their strengths in the in the nature kind of a way.

Yeah. Looking down a little bit. Sure. Okay.

Well, actually, that’s a really good question. So I’m here to buy something. Let’s try and buy something. Can I buy anything on this page? It’s the homepage.

Well, let me see this. This is not clickable. So I can’t do anything with this. Although I can take you to learn okay, but let’s see if we can find any opportunities to buy something.

Yeah. Uh, I’m not sure which one I want to pick. Okay, that sounds good. They’re both actually if you scroll down a little bit. Yeah, there’s five common concerns. Look at these very clip already to me. Um, and I’m also not here for that I was here to buy something and there’s not so there’s nothing to buy on the first page and if you keep going, what else we got here?

Okay, well, we do have a link to explore all the products but it’s a little bit buried. Let’s go

to the sale. I want to go to the sale I’m here for a good deal.

Let’s go to the sale this elite product sale.

This very fancy look at the hairs blowing back from the windows.

Very excited about what she’s there’s a fan

she bought a fan. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Clip arts always fun. All right, 50% off clearance sale. Do these rollovers are any extra information on the rollover? No, no, it

looks like their link there links probably to the product detail pages. We’ll click those in a minute. But it’s hard to see. And the images are small. So it’s hard to really see anything from that. Yeah, there’s just not a lot of good information that really speaks to me. It’s some I probably have to drill into each one of these.

Yeah, and I’m always like, Am I old? Or is that type too small and light gray?

Yeah. And you know, it’s also these look like some good deals, but I can’t I can’t do anything. I can’t add these to the work from here.

There is no Buy button.

No Buy button. Yeah.

Why is there no Buy button? Turns like, I just got here. Okay.

Yeah, I’m just a guest here.

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:06
Thank you for being my guest.

Terence McDevitt 11:08
But you know, I like I do like how the clearance sale? It’s all in one place page. I like that. And I like like, I like that the bigger discounts are up at the top. That’s good. I can see the

best I do wish I could just start clicking Add add, add, add add. I mean, for $9. I’ll take your green tea extract for sure.

Yeah, and I think you were sort of hinting at this a bit ago, like just be able to hover over these and maybe just have a little dialog show up that kind of gives more information, right, maybe like a product description, something like that?

Well, I mean, also, for me, what I’ve seen on some of these supplements, sites that I really like even t sites, because T is just a pile of herbs, right? It’s not that interesting, but they will actually show it in very beautiful photography, like a pile. And then you have these little lines that come off that scientifically point at different parts of the product that are like this has a really high amount of vitamin D. And this is keuren route. And it does this other cool, magical thing. And this is this thing. And so you can kind of put your ingredients in a really beautiful photography format, that when you roll over, feels more dynamic.

Maybe they do that you want to drill into one of these products. Let’s go. Alright, let’s look at Green tea extracts. Here. We’re at a product detail page. Here’s our images here. Looks like really it’s the label. So the front side of the label, the backside of the label, some ingredients, but yeah, and what you’re saying I love that idea of being able to highlight the actual product, put some informational sort of arrows to each thing and what the benefits are right there. And people love images, right? They love to look at images. So

yeah, and it’s really great to set the customer expectation as to what they’re going to get. And so I love I know that supplements, maybe it’s just a pill. This one’s yellow, this one’s green. This one’s gold. This one’s clear. This one’s not clear. Like if you know, and you get that bottle and you receive it and you put it in your hand and it matches the photo, your whole expectation of buying online and the fear of not knowing what you’re getting is totally evaporates. Because you you saw what you’re going to get you got what you’re going to get. So the customer satisfaction already, you’re ahead. When I first looked at this page, the first thing I saw was 50% off the little tiny red. And that’s good. I’m really happy. Yeah, but but the buy button. It’s like little, and it’s at the bottom. It’s not. It’s not a bright color. It should be up at the top next to green tea extract by now like buy it. Like make it easy to give me your money. I do.

What do you think about this? I like I love this 50% off and really highlighting that, you know, and showing the old price really reinforces that. Down here. There’s a total savings. I bet if we increase Yeah, so as we increase the quantity that goes up, so you can clearly see the total amount that you’re saving. How do you feel about that? You think that that’s valuable in addition to having it up here?

Yeah, I mean, any I mean? Yeah, I mean, it is 50% off on sales. So that’s, you know, I love saving money. I already feel a little special. Yeah, you got four. Wow, yeah. guy over here.

What else do we see? What about this area over here, people who bought this also bought

in strong focus. What’s up, I feel like a strong focus. I’m like, you buy buttons at the bottom, and then all your cross sells over here. Like I’m just gonna wander off into cross sell. And now you’ve

got someone who’s really digging into this product. And now we’re potentially distracting over here.

So I didn’t learn anything about this product other than these four bullet points, which I am a fan of bullet points.

Ben Choy 14:44
We have a question from the audience if they should show all of the labels of the product on the product page. Does that provide value?

Terence McDevitt 14:52
I guess if it’s the only thing you’ve got.

Yeah. And I think people people want to know what what are in these products for Sure, so you could either do that like on labels, or you could do that through videos. Yeah. videos, or videos. Yeah. Where you talk about all of the products and the or all of the ingredients in that product. Yeah.

You know, we didn’t do Terrence, though. We totally Let’s finish this page. But we skipped ahead. We did not give you the chance to shine. I’m sorry. Yeah.

back to that.

Okay. I’m expecting a very shiny Terrence.

Yeah. So let’s keep going. So we’re scrolling down, we’re gonna learn more about this product. Now. We don’t get enough. Maybe we didn’t get enough up here.

So yeah. Okay. So this is what kills me on. And I think I’ve always done this with the annotate button. So you probably don’t need me to do it again. But you’ve now got social media links that I’m leaving the page on. And I’m like, why would you do that? Don’t do that. And then you have a bunch of symbols, which are unique to this company. So they do not represent anything that I as a brand new consumer? No. And you have to scroll over them to read them. So to me, this is just clutter that distracts from the buy button, and does not actually provide value.

Well, if I don’t know what a via light bottle is, then I still don’t know just by looking at this. Right? There’s, there’s a tooltip there that maybe could be used to reinforce what that is, but I’m not, you know,

well, and this, to me, also seems more about their entire company quality, which I would want to include on product pages as well as the homepage. Yeah, but the presentation of the information, I think has to be just a little bit more accessible. This next row here is videos about the company. Man, we should should we find out about her?

Yeah, so this is about quality. It’s not necessarily specific to this product. But

oh, yeah, it’s not it’s just the general which again, if you’re if you’re going to start abandoning and About Us page, which is fine. You You need to have on your product pages, some customer support and recognition about you know, shipping returns trustworthiness quality, who you are very minimal, because there’s still the opportunity to sell you as a brand that they should trust and the product that they’re trying to get.

Right. Right. Let’s look you asked about perks because I didn’t see this ever. So quantum perks. Let’s play this video, we can maybe learn more about earning points.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:25
All right, let’s get some Perfect.

Terence McDevitt 17:27
Okay. This video is squared notice it’s not sort of the whites the whites

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:33
format. Yeah, correctly. Yeah. Yeah. Typing, typing, typing.

Terence McDevitt 17:37
So talks a little bit about the program, but not necessarily what to do. So maybe that’s a, you know,

so I got nothing out of that video. It might as well just been a graphic that says you can also get perks. Yeah, though, I am a big fan of videos. So product fitness looks good. I love the little red checkmarks. It’s helping me focus.

Do you think so Jasmine, something like this? Would this be more impactful? I’m going to scroll up here at the top of this. So it’s boom, right there. customers see it right away. They know what they’re getting?

Well, I honestly have to read both. I want to I’d want to read both and see which of these two sets of bullet points is more important, or actually helps to set support the sale of the product. I think there’s other design layouts that we could be looking at for them, where you have a lot of this information above the fold in a way that you’re able to click through it without doing too much deep scrolling.

Right, right. All right. Well, speaking of digs, deep scrolling, let’s keep going. We’ve got discover more, which gives Oh, crap. Wow, a lot of content. A lot of content, which, which is which could be valuable for SEO right, that could certainly, you know, bring something to the table. But I don’t know what the content is and whether or not it’s actually helpful in that case for SEO. But that could be helpful.

Yeah, this is good. It kind of covers what the products good for ingredients. I do want to know what’s in it, but it is far down. And they seem to have a little bowl of ingredients like that that picture would be great in the carousel, also the supporting video. Yeah, so you have the picture of the bottle, you have a picture of the product, which maybe this is the product I don’t know. I think that’s actually the raw ingredients of the product. Probably not the actual product.

Recommended usage. I mean, clicking on your tab just to get one sentence.

There’s probably

I don’t know what you know, like people think clicking is so easy, but users are tired. Like I don’t know why, like if you have to make me click something it’s like it’s like having to go on a run. I don’t want to go on a run like me. I just cannot be bothered for clicking. I don’t know it’s there’s been this happening over the years like people are like, just don’t make me click. Yeah, like it’s an amount of summary. Reason has made it so much more difficult. And it’s really a minimal amount of effort, but still, alright, have more questions.

Okay, so I, these are Oh, these are so contact links. So let’s try to email them.

Email, oh, that takes to a contact and

it’s not an email.

So that’s the team. And that’s good. I like seeing the team. It gives a nice personal aspect to it. But it looks like nice, folks. But that’s not why I went to this page, I went to this page to talk to these people. So let’s see. Here we go. So I think you saw that email icon and probably figured, hey, it’s gonna bring up an email, I’m typing an email, right?

Why do people do this? Why do people still have contact us pages? If right next to the Contact Us page, you’re going to put your email? Yeah, like now I’m just gonna go copy and paste that email, and then open my email thing, and then email you? Yeah, like, why isn’t that button just opening in auto filling my email situation? Like, I don’t understand the Contact Us button anymore, or box anymore. It used to be to avoid bots. But if you’re going to avoid bots, then don’t put your webs

agree. And this is you this is just asking the customer for you need to do more. So yeah, I agree. I think that that could be that could be right. proved. All right. Well, so

I wanted you to look at on the other page.

Um, oh, you want to go back?

Just one. And then we’re gonna we’re gonna go, um, technology time with parents? Yeah, that’s the triple T. I just made you a brand.

Oh, hey, real quick. There’s a section down here. People who bought this also bought, which is what we saw up above? Does it match? I don’t know. Let’s see all of the

support and men’s quantum man.

I’m gonna scroll here. It does not match.

So did they not also buy this? Or is this just random?

You know, that could be a just a manually curated list of products. It’s possible. That’s what that is. There’s some only support. So.

Okay. All right. Go back down. I want to see if I can buy one of those.

Oh, yeah, let’s do that. Let’s add all of leaf. Okay, your work and clicking Add To Cart.

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:14
Okay, what happened? Well, I’m still.

Terence McDevitt 22:17
I’m still on green tea extract. So that’s good. No, maybe not good, huh?

I’m not okay. Okay. Well, it looks it says one thing is in our cart. So why don’t we try to add green tea extract to our current cart and see if that experience is different.

It is different. So it didn’t refresh the page. And oh, it pops up the mini cart. So that’s and there’s my olive leaf and my green tea. So it’s a different experience, depending on which button you’re using. Okay,

so for those of you at home, we didn’t know this was going to happen. But what happened was Jasmine was driving she clicked the olive leaf button like four times, because nothing was happening. And it turned out that I had added olive leaf four times to my car.

Yeah. And like I said, the jazz had. Like I said to my Jasmine, my parents wouldn’t know what to do with that. They would probably

know. That’s when I became parents as mom. Yeah, I didn’t say that.

Well, look at this though. This is gonna pop up. Unlock your free gift if you spend a certain amount more than you get a free bottle of plant and so that’s cool. This is a little close to the chat. It’s a little clutter down pottery.

Yeah, yeah. Might be maybe put it in the other corner.

Yeah, but that’s I like that promotion, though. And reminding the customer that they’re close to getting something for equals that’s Yeah, that’s good. Okay, well, we’ve got these items in the cart. Let’s, let’s take a quick look at cart. And then we’ll look at we’ve got a few. A few more minutes, then we’ll look at the technology. Let’s take a look at cart. So okay, it’s clean. Now like that. Nice. Wait. I do have these these options here for auto ship.

Learn more.

I don’t know what that is as a customer. Let’s find out. So I have a little tool tip. Okay, so I can earn points, quantum perks. I see that that’s up here too. Let’s learn more. Let’s click it.

Click More. Okay. Quantum perks. Okay, so I’m getting a very large box of legal paperwork.

Yeah, no, I yes. It’s an IRS audit. Yeah. Right. Yes.

Yeah. Okay, so this is so clearly I know that the word is ship. I know they’re gonna ship me something. Hopefully not a box this big. Um, what else is in here that I’m learning about?

More about the program, how it works.

Jasmine Ellsworth 24:38
Okay. It’s good. Bonus points. Awesome.

Terence McDevitt 24:42
That’s a pretty nice image that kind of explains it in a really quick way. Maybe that will show you at the top.

Yeah, that makes more sense. So click here to join. All right. Well, I want to join I’m about to check out I want to make sure I’ve joined But wait, I’m on the

auto ship page. Why is it saying quantum perks? Did we Learn more about auto ship.

Yeah. Also it says View rewards. So is it reward rewards? points? perks? auto ship?

Yeah. Well, let’s click it. Let’s see what we get. Okay, well, now we’re learning

how many programs they have.

Yeah, now we’re learning about perks or rewards or points.

Ah, here we go with auto. See, I’ve already left. I left and I went to Amazon. Yeah, yeah, cuz this is a lot. And why would I sign

up for perks? are in store credit, earn 50 points. One point. Ah, receive $5? store $45.

Okay, so to me, that’s the only reason you would join this is to save your $5. So why isn’t that at the top? you bury a lead? Like that’s the money. That money. Yeah.

Yeah. And then how should probably go below that? Okay. Yeah.

All right now. So maybe we have we admit that we went down this rabbit hole. And we found that basically, there’s perks and autoship and rewards and you can’t sign up for any of it. And it’s taking up two full places in the header.

Yeah. And signing up is there is no signup, which is good for a customer. They don’t need to do anything new. They just need to purchase. And that’s really it. But it was for the Don’t ask me to sign up. Exactly. It was very confused. You’re

setting me up to fail. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t do that. Terrence. I don’t want to fail. It’s an

ugly cry. Let me go to checkout real quick. Just to kind of get a sense of what this looks like.

Ben Choy 26:34
David’s pointing out that Amazon is the same. This is too so.

Terence McDevitt 26:38
Ah, okay. Amazon doesn’t know what now.

Ben Choy 26:41
Amazon has the same

Terence McDevitt 26:42
prices. The same product? Oh, well, that’s a lot easier.

Yeah. So look at this. Yeah, here I am on checkout. It’s nice and clean. It’s It’s fine. Step checkout. Magento is out of the box checkout is is pretty good. But I have seen many people extend that and and in this case, you know, it looks like maybe this is a third party module. And it’s really just one step. Magento. Is is to stuff this is one step makes it nice. You

know, it’s funny is when I did it. It offered me free shipping automatically. Remember, I kept trying to click the free shipping button.

You know why? Because you had added for olive leaf supports accidentally to your cart. You got over $100 or the $50. Whatever.

Where does it say that I could get free shipping for $100?

Does it say that somewhere? It doesn’t maybe a banner would be good on that. I think it’s on the homepage. Let’s look on the homepage. There it is right there.

Free Shipping over 50 bucks. Okay, cool. Yeah, yeah, got it just to make sure the messaging somewhere, but it would be nice if it was in the cart. Like if you go back to the cart. And underneath that shipping thing, um, that you have for $7? Right, right under that if it said, free shipping?

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:48
Yeah, you do. $50? Exactly. Spend

Terence McDevitt 27:51

Yeah, yeah, that’s a great one. I love that.

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:55
Yeah, yeah, I would probably have good,

Terence McDevitt 27:59
I would probably do that I’d probably spend, you know, 14 bucks to get a product and then not have to pay the 795 for the shipping. So yeah.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:06
Are you going

Ben Choy 28:09
to say real quick, we’re running out of time. So more for QA. If there are no other questions, Terrance, if you could talk a little bit about because we had a question in the chat about mobile performance in this topic. Yeah, I know, there’s some good tools from Google. If you could talk a little bit about that with the time we have left?

Terence McDevitt 28:27
I can. Is that the question you want me to answer? Are there other questions that we should tackle first? there? You could start

Ben Choy 28:33
with that? If other questions come in? I’ll go ahead and let you

Terence McDevitt 28:35
okay. Yeah. So we did a GT metrics is a great tool out there for monitoring performance. And, and it leverages Google PageSpeed, and why slow and a few other things. And right now, it’s, it’s not scoring very well. And a big part of that is actually a D, yeah, it’s a D, and a greatness was based on all these items down here. And that’s sort of the, the collective average of all those, and you get a big hit for some of these up here, like optimizing images. And this one, this one, we can, you know, take care of without coding, like, these are things that can be done, you know, using optimization services, you know, you can install modules in Magento, that can help optimize these. So it’s a it’s low hanging fruit, but it will actually, you know, provide a lot of value there and increase that score up. There’s some other things that these will show where it’s like, Okay, do these things like browser caching on these assets. But if those assets are not controlled by you, which in these cases, most of these aren’t, you really can’t do much about that. So you kind of have to just live with it and say it’s fine. But there are a few in here that we you know, that are part of the site, those should be able to be cleaned up and caching should be enabled for those. So yes, I think performance of the site, you can see the total page size on the homepage, very large, and that’s probably should that number be that should be megabyte or less if you can write really, that’s probably hard to achieve. But in this case, it’s so big, big probably because of the video that’s on there. And some of the images that are there the images that you have to optimize here. Now, can we get the video to be hosted somewhere else, and not in not weighing down the site? It could be, but it still would get served when the when the user hits the site. So it may not, it may not matter in that case. One quick thing we do like to run this through the sites through built with, and this tells us, you know, what is the technology stack behind or at least it, you know, provides a clue as to what the technologies are a couple things here that we noticed digital as part of this. So for market automation, that’s great. mouseflow, which is really great. So these guys are looking at people sessions and trying to optimize based on what people sessions are doing. It’s basically a recording of what people are doing. There’s a bunch of tags in here, Google Tag Manager, that’s great. And then Magento, Magento, two, three, enterprise. So that’s, that’s also great. For sure. So, yeah, I mean, not from a tech stack standpoint, certainly look like they’re doing the right things on this. Awesome.

Ben Choy 31:11
Well, we’re right about at time. Some last comments, as David said, they have a jQuery vulnerability according to their lighthouse report. So I think we know how to contact about that. Yeah. Also he loves spelt with and yeah, it’s a great tool. So thanks again, everybody. It looks like we’re a little bit over so we got some extra content for free. Thanks again, guys. Turns Jasmine’s, you want to send us off.

Terence McDevitt 31:38
Thank you, everyone. Thanks for your time. Yeah,

yeah. I mean, there’s a lot going on here. And so we hope you had fun at least because we did. We learned a lot. For sure. Thanks for joining

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