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Andy Clark 0:00
We’ll go ahead and get going here. I’m Andy Clark, I am a partner sales manager for Magento. And I have the pleasure and privilege of working with the team at blue fish in Austin, Texas. I’ve been working with them for just under a year now. And we were talking a few weeks ago about how they’ve weathered the storm of the past several months, how we’ve weathered the storm, how their customers have weathered the storm, and how we are all extremely tired of being invited to virtual events. So so we we tried to figure out what we could do that would be interesting, compelling, shortened to the point and would just be informational, educational, and provide folks with tips and tricks that they can use in their everyday life as an e commerce manager, or business manager for e commerce website, or as even a customer success manager for Magento. I see there’s a lot of folks here. You know, it’s it’s it’s our job to help us figure out how are our merchants can do better. So, you know, think of this is the video that you watch on YouTube late at night five tips and tricks, how to make better coffee, or how to take better pictures. This is going to be Anthony’s take on how we can make your website better and you know, 15 minutes or less. So I think with that I’ve introduced myself Jasmine, would you like Ben, if you want to go next. And then we’ll end on Antony and he’ll take it away with sort of further agenda and set up and then he’ll get rolling. So Jasmine, go ahead.

Jasmine Ellsworth 1:41
Great. Yeah, I’m Jasmine, I just, you know, actually joined a bluefish with the introduction of this whole new shift in COVID technology. But I’ve known Andy for several years come from a creative background originally in design, headed through video games and interactive then through Disney Imagineering, we’re creating 3d environments in space, and then over to e commerce. So it’s been really fun to kind of develop from multiple angles, how customers experience your brand. If your brand is an emergency event, if it is a product, you know, if it is online only, and when it materializes into physical reality is something that I love to take on, especially from an entertainment point of view, but then also from a product point of view, because every brand is really a story.

Benjamin Choy 2:28
Yeah, awesome. Thanks so much, Jasmine. And again, thank you to all the attendance here. Thanks for the intro, Andy. I’m Ben, work with blue fish group worked primarily in the marketing automation, space and doing so for quite a while and I’m really excited for today’s webinar.

Antony McGregor Dey 2:43
Thanks. Thanks all for attending. Good, Anthony. Yeah, Hey, guys. So I mean, to me McGregor de been in the business for about 20 years. So I’m the e commerce director, marketing automation specialist at bluefish. Yes, that is an accent you hear I am Australian originally, but I’ve been the states for about 11 years now my wife’s American. And, you know, still got that Australian sunny disposition. But just before that call, Andy was saying so you know, the grumpy American, I don’t know, maybe at heart, I’m becoming a grumpy American. But we’ll keep this light and Joe for the roast. At bluefish, you know, we definitely focus on the customer experience. And so we’ll be doing a lot through this to be experiencing the website through the view of the person who’s actually browsing the site and what they’re trying to do. So we actually have picked a site that is a site that we built. And so we figured, let’s start at our very first roast is a site that we own, you know, we’re humbled when we can point out mistakes. The other nice thing is this is a site, we actually are in the middle of studying to do a refresh on. I think, besides getting on to about four years now, and definitely needs a refresh. We’ve learned a lot with the client over the years about what their customers are expecting and experiencing on the site. And we actually have a decent amount of feedback from them as well. But we’re going to try and reduce this as if we haven’t seen the site before. And I’m going to be wearing the tech hat more Jasmine’s wearing the user experience, creative hat more. And let’s jump in and take a look. Taking care of that is very creative hat doesn’t suddenly get a screen share how to get started. And so premier research labs, this is a site that, again, we’re trying to do this review of not having experienced site before, so we go straight to the homepage and Justin, what do you reckon? what’s the what’s your first impressions here? From the homepage? I’ve got my opinions. But yeah, this is I think your domain more from the first experience when somebody gets the homepage.

Jasmine Ellsworth 4:41
Well set me up. How did they get to this homepage? Did I get search it? Did I

Antony McGregor Dey 4:46
find it? That’s a good point. I think you’ve had to use most b2b how they came in. Yeah, b2b maybe maybe it was a trade show. When trade shows were a thing. That’s what came to mind. First. You mentioned trade had a booth. They gave you a card. Maybe you chatted for a minute got drunk with them. One night, she’s in the school

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:01
Am I in the story?

Antony McGregor Dey 5:03
You’re the I guess the practitioner it looks like

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:06
okay. I’m a practitioner. A practitioner means that I practice. Like what? acupuncture chiropractic?

you at a trade show and you guys do what now? What is my very tiny understanding of what you do?

Antony McGregor Dey 5:19
You tell me what’s I think that’s the whole important part of the homepage. Okay, cool. First impressions. Yeah.

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:24
So if I look at this homepage, um, it looks like you guys sell supplements for health. Just generally. You’ve got your welcome to premier labs, you have, you know, an industry first. I feel very much like I’m a consumer, and I would buy something and this is not b2b.

Antony McGregor Dey 5:42
Wow. straight out of the gate just becomes punching not b2b. What? What are you basing that on? And what is b2b on the homepage? I guess if you’re saying it’s not b2b?

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:53
Well, if I’m a practitioner, why do I as an acupuncturist want to buy your products?

Antony McGregor Dey 5:59
Yeah, good question. I guess you met me at a trade show. So you’re checking out the homepage for the first time, what would be the first impression you get from this? It’s not maybe a b2b site. It’s more b2c? Is there anything on the page? That’s a little bit too much for you?

Jasmine Ellsworth 6:13
Uh, yes, actually, let me actually annotate this. So there’s a big chunk of text here that has welcomed from our research labs, and it has a lot of copy in it. And my first question would be like, Can you just sum that up in a very small thesis statement that would be at the top of your page where you have the world leader in cellular resonant formulas are from formulations. But that’s you, that’s what you guys make? That’s not what you guys do? Does that make sense? Mm hmm. So yeah, here in the Welcome to premier research, you’ve talked about like, again, you’re talking still about what you make? Um, is there here, right? Yeah, but what do you do? Are you here to sell this to me? Like, if I’m an acupuncturist? Am I here is to buy product for myself or my hair to buy product for my patients?

Antony McGregor Dey 6:59
Yeah, I guess that’s the, that’s probably something we need to validate. And that would be something that’s missing on the homepage. Something else that we always know, we’ve been ecommerce in particular, the homepage isn’t always the most highly entrance page on the site, you’ll find if you look at your analytics, that the homepage, usually as a percentage of total pageviews is significantly lower than, say, your product detail pages or your catalog page. And so looking at this homepage, I think it’s much more about giving people information about the brand about the experience, which as we were talking before, and there was a there was a particular part of this page, you weren’t a big fan of. Do you want to show you the views, which part you might want to cut out? If you were going to be cutting it up?

Jasmine Ellsworth 7:39
Yeah, I think you could pretty much eliminate all this copy, if you were able to sum it up in a much more succinct fashion. Again, in smaller words, a smaller amount of words as to who you are, what you do, or what is your goal here. And right now, it just looks like all you do is you make supplements, I have a little bit of insider information is the reason that I’m a practitioner in this story is because I’m looking for other products to carry at my store to give to my patients, I make a little bit of a markup with that I’m able to recommend very healthy supplements that I think will help my patients. But in this case, since it doesn’t really speak to me as a practitioner, it sort of speaks to me as a customer, I’m unsure if my customers can just come and buy from you directly. If I’m going to get special pricing. You know what I would rather see if you’re going to have a site that services two industries, is something that separates you out before you get here, which would be nice, bright

Absolutely. I don’t know if you saw my picture on the welcome video, I had that pink hair for years, I’ve tried to bring it back, I’m gonna bring it back. But I would separate this into you know, are you a practitioner? Are you a customer or a consumer? Because then as a practitioner, I can go to my practitioner page and have my practitioner experience and not be worried about the customer experience. Does that make sense?

Antony McGregor Dey 8:52
Mm hmm. So let’s jump into the tech stack. I see from the chats here that we’ve got a call

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:57
Yeah, you got to keep those chat people happy. Yeah, let’s get the tech stack.

Antony McGregor Dey 9:02
So definitely text my area. And I do like to look at sites, I think the tech stack of the site has definitely tell us a bit about its personality. Maybe it’s the personality of the the managers of the site that the team that’s running the site, certain things that might be in the tech stack, show their interest in the user have a concern for the user. So I have a tool I use, I’ve got a couple but I definitely built where there’s a good, quick snapshot. So if we jump into built with for this site, one of the things that jumps out to me straight away is that using mouseflow, I know that mouseflow is similar to Lucky Orange. It’s a it’s a it’s a click tracking tool. Usually when you see a site that has something like this, the team that’s running the site has a lot of empathy for the user, they’re really doing a lot to try and improve the user experience. So it’s a great thing to see. And definitely when you’re trying to improve user experience. Having some tools like Lucky Orange masks will make it a lot easier for you to actually see what the user is doing. And they’re not that expensive, usually less than $100 a month. New Relic shows me that they’re definitely concerned about the performance of the site as well. So that shows that the dev team is closely monitoring what’s happening from the speed of the site to any bad code that might be running. jumping down a bit further, I see digital, not a bad marketing automation platform, definitely, it’s been the default with Magento for a while. So maybe that’s why they haven’t, I don’t mind digital. But also marchetto is a pretty good platform, not necessarily as good for e commerce specifically, but it’s a great b2b marketing automation platform. Going down a little further, we’re looking at snap engage, so they have a live chat on the site, we’ll test that out and see if it works. Quite a few. So there Magento, of course, that’s for our first site, we had to have a good Magento site running. And looking, they do have some ad tech on here as well. PayPal, so interesting. Nothing much more here to see that is giving us the personality, the site, or what we could experience as a user. These are like to see these tech stacks, and they speak to volumes to the team behind it and how much they take concern for the user. One other thing I do want to check though, is if they’re using Google Tag Manager, because that will help with they are okay, great. Um, so Jasmine, we looked at the homepage. And we know we have a bit of a better idea what the tech stack is and what they’re running on. I think let’s jump into one of the category pages because this is always an area that is either done well, or maybe not so much, but let’s see what we get. So products A to Z, all the products here, knee jerk reactions, Jasmine, what do we, what do we like don’t like here?

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:44
Look, I mean, from my point of view, I got exactly what I wanted, I got what I expected, I came to the store, I here to buy stuff. So this is working out great for me I’m not I mean, there is a little bit of extra copy of there, I do accept that sometimes we have to have some I know most designers don’t read I’m one of them. So but I’m here to get my action done. And I know I’m in the right place.

Antony McGregor Dey 12:06
I do like the navigation here, this layer of navigation, this in b2b, helping your users navigate the catalog quickly can be important, especially if you got a ton of product some, I think decide they don’t have that many looks like maybe a few more down here, maybe around 100. But when you look at the layered navigation on the side, one of the benefits of b2b b2c as well is it’s going to help your customers browse the catalog faster by grouping your products together under important attributes that they may or may not know are features of your products. It can help them discover products that they may not even know you stopped or that they needed at the time. But there’s something here just when you pointed out when we’re looking at earlier. Yeah, you

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:49
definitely you do always want to allow people to feet to filter, you want it because people want to get to what they’re getting to, you know, they’ve got their filters that they’re looking for. But what’s interesting to me with this client is they’ve chosen some very weird categories. They’ve got organ and gland, which seems to indicate to me that they only service those two parts of the body. They’ve also got product badge, which from the looks at of it is new product and top choice, which again, I don’t, I feel like product badge is some internal verbiage that they’re using, where they’re speaking just themselves. And you can actually move new product and top choice into your general product types. But then really looking at this organ and gland maybe that needs to be health, alien health, health things that they fix, or types of ingredients. But those two categories, I love how you do have that drop down flow, you want to be able to filter, but those categories don’t make any sense.

Antony McGregor Dey 13:40
One thing that I always like to see on b2b sites as well is in the catalog area, we’ve got the product names, that’s great. The prep name doesn’t really tell me I don’t know what adaptogen are three is it sounds like maybe something for Star Wars, is it Am I gonna get a droid if I order that product. So having a very short sentence, maybe three to five words that describes what the product is for or how it might help, can do a lot to help I use a browser catalog quickly. So if we look down, I’m trying to find something I might recognize.

Jasmine Ellsworth 14:09
Before you go that far, I want to address this because you’re more of a reader and I’m more of an image person, which is why we’re kind of fun together. So I would give image people the ability to get a little bit more information here was when you mouse over the product, it actually maybe turns into a photo of the actual product and not the bottle use maybe so like if, for instance, they have fermented beet root powder, it does come as a powder. So you could have a big pile of beet root powder. So I automatically know it’s a powder. It’s not a capsule, it’s not a liquid. And I can have a call out like one or two major ingredients that it has that I could quickly get information about it without again having to read anything. Obviously you have to service both the people who read and both the people who are more image heavy. But the more I can give people visually without making them think because that’s a key rule in advertising. Don’t make me think don’t make it hard on the user. Let them buy it. The easiest path to buy, don’t waste their time. So again, just streamlining that to get more information in an easy to digest way,

Antony McGregor Dey 15:08
I think just makes a really good point, we, in the b2b space definitely there a lot more word heavy in most b2b sites, we see they use a lot of copy. And that’s a good way to think about your users, some of your use is going to be much more visual, they’re not going to want to read. And so leaning a bit more heavily on product images, supporting images that maybe show other angles or ingredients is a great way to service both of those types of customers. I love to read literally jasmine and I, before the call, we’re debating the value of the About Us page on a website and do people read it? I absolutely read the About Us page for every single site. I’m considering becoming a customer. It’s just something I do. It just helps me understand the history of the company. We’re going to jump into one of the product details pages in a sec. I do want to switch over to the chat to see we’ve got questions or comments. Yeah, the mobile site is definitely something that we’re working on. Again, this is a bit of a refresh right now. And the mobile version of the site. This was not a mobile first design. Back when we built it out quite a while ago. David Harris has said below the fold, we’re telling practitioners to contact the account executives, we’re introducing some friction, why don’t capture the question need rather than pushing them to call? Good point, David. Yep, we are looking at other ways to add better calls to action on the site.

product page, we can

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:23
like it that beginning where we had that friction is this is this a customer side? Or is this the practitioner side. So maybe having those broken out more simply or separating the users before they even arrive so we can understand and control their experience expectations.

Antony McGregor Dey 16:37
Let’s jump into a product just considering time. So here’s one that I like to buy. And I like the search experience on this site. It’s nice, it’s fast, but fast. It’s helping me discover maybe some other products I didn’t know. And one feature I do like about this type of search versus some other sites is, you know, you’ve got some site experiences where you’ll type a search word, hit enter loads a whole new page, maybe that’s not what I was looking for. Now to type another word and hit enter. I guess one of the benefits of these types of searches is I don’t have to necessarily hit enter and wait for the page to load. But let’s jump into one of the products. So discovery is really important in the b2b space, helping people find your products and be discovered by them, helping them navigate the catalog faster. Really, it’s all about respecting your customers time in the b2b space. Time is not something it’s the most valuable thing that somebody has usually oftentimes more than money in that if you’re going to be faster to work with if it’s easier to work with you, rather than a competitor. Even though the competitor might be a few pennies cheaper than you, it might be too much hassle for them to bother changing over to this cheaper competitor because you’re just providing such a good experience and going to that competitor who may or may not be providing as good experience could be a risk. And that might actually mitigate the money that they’d say by switching to a competitor. So in the b2b space, always be respecting your customers time. But product detail page, this is the one where Jasmine tends to go wild.

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:06
Why don’t you go, i’ll let you off the leash?

Well, the biggest problem people have that they record is that when they buy online, they don’t know what to expect. They don’t get the hold the object, they don’t get to see the object, they don’t get to sense the object and there’s just a lot less Lost in Translation on e commerce sites. I think we all know that. So so there’s this rush to like provide as much information as possible and you start creating a lot of noise which then takes away from your primary objective which is to buy the product.

Antony McGregor Dey 18:37
So I’m just looking at the time we got like eight minutes left. Okay, let’s get back to page.

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:44
So let’s buy the product. First of all, don’t go to social media sites so you can see this I’m covering this up. Don’t take me out of the funnel. All these symbols that you’ve got here You guys made this up. This is not real, you know, fermented nutrients you’ve made up all that stuff. I can already tell you product pictures only have pictures of the bottle. So am I really going to get more information there i’d really again like to see a picture of the product. Or some information maybe you can even do a picture of the ingredients this bit this product and don’t move the screen does have a video. That video should be up in the product carousel. You’ve got the price twice here. I know that’s a legacy problem. But still you’ve also got multiple colors you’ve got light blue, dark blue gold, and then I think there was another color on the last page we looked at so picking your colors. And again if you just start cleaning this up and start deleting a lot of extra stuff. Now your Add to Cart button which I would then also make you know Add To Cart. Boom make it bigger, make it a color that pops again I just said you don’t want too many colors but you should have you know your two brand colors and then maybe one highlight color or one highlight font. In this case they’re using the gold. And then Anthony Go ahead.

Antony McGregor Dey 19:56
One thing I do like in the b2b space that is overlooked a lot You might have some new buyers that might have some very specific requirements for product quantities maybe or they may be thinking this version of the product they’re looking at is really close to what they’re looking for. But they need some slight alterations in the b2b space, a lot of the manufacturers out there can do custom design. And so I always like to see a request a quote, button on the product detail pages as well. And this is really important with product detail pages, you’ve got to treat them like landing pages. The idea here is that this might be the very first page that a visitor ever seen. And so adding other things to this page that help validate that you’re a trustworthy, reliable, reputable company definitely helps you don’t want to take up too much real estate. But some examples might be your Guarantee. If you have one, it might be your returns policy. in smaller text down the bottom point being that these are the things that people might be looking at, for your company. And if you can be treating your product detail page, like a landing page without making it too cluttered, you’re doing a lot to help that first time visitor actually trust that this is a company I at least want to explore more in and again, that request a quote button on the product detail page. definitely helps with those that maybe have some questions. If we scroll down a little bit further, we’ve got a bunch of text here that Ooh, Ouch, that gets cut off.

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:18
Yeah, that hurts. Rough. Yeah, a little bit too much. And it’s not broken out really well. So yes, you want to when you do your description, you want to think about what are all the different angles and the ways that in questions a consumer would have, but you want to break that out switch snackable so that you can quickly get to And much like a Frequently Asked Questions page, quickly get to the thing. How do you use it? What’s in it? What does it support? What How is it made? Um, and then also, like you said,

Antony McGregor Dey 21:49
the board to help you the description, I’ve got a note here, think about every single way you could describe the product from different perspectives. Maybe from a technical perspective, from a functional perspective, you definitely want to be putting dimensions on a b2b product detail page weight height. In this particular case, why would we put the dimensions of the products on the page? Well, if I’m a practitioner, I’m looking to stock it in my store, knowing how much real estate the bottom line shelf space shelf, I window display, how much storage I have in the back, if I’m using the X ray machine, if I can pack it full of pills instead, you know, and if you have specific product focused FAQs in again, in the b2b space, the buyer is usually much more detailed about what they’re looking for. And so having a detailed FAQ on a particular product will really help circumvent some of the questions. And a lot of you might be wondering, where do we get our FA cues from? Check your chat logs, ask your sales reps, what are some of the most common questions people ask, and a great SEO strategy there as well as you can turn some of those questions into a blog post to it becomes a great way to just source a lot of content upfront for content versus

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:56
a strategy.

Antony McGregor Dey 22:58
And then one other note I do have here on the product detail pages is the ability to see doubt in the competitors mind, the more you can put in descriptions on the product page about maybe things that your product doesn’t have that might be negative, it can help you set the gold standard by which your product is being is the product, all of the other competitors products are measured by so the more you can add elements that somebody could use to say, well, company, a merchant a has this version of the product, and merchant B hasn’t even mentioned that attribute. It can be a great way for a buyer to decide, hey, I need to go with this company because they have feature x and Company B or merchant B hasn’t even mentioned feature x.

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:37
So that particular strategy, whether it’s supplements or whether it’s you know, tools that can rust, introducing the concept of why you’ve already addressed negative aspects of things that people run into, or things like in this case, the client might want to make sure that there’s no pesticides, there’s no heavy metals, it’s a really easy way for you to, like you said introduce doubt into the competition, but also educate your consumers as to why your product is better or demands a higher price point or has a better long term value without negatively shaming or really being too fear proactive, staying positive about how you, you know that these things are out there and you’ve already made sure your product is great. But now that person who’s shopping, just discovered those things out there and maybe had not considered that before researches that and then still sees you as the source of truth.

Antony McGregor Dey 24:29
And they’ll come back to ask you Hey, I see your competitor had this feature isn’t important. It gives your sales reps a great chance to highlight why certain things just aren’t relevant for their needs. Let’s again conscious of time, we’ll do the add to cart. Oh, I do like the quick order. We’ll get to that in a sec. So looking at the product here add to cart if I go to checkout, I do have to sign in I he’s one I prepared earlier. I have a login. He’s the

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:01
Anthony is the private misses to his wife. So you can’t qualify as a practitioner Anthony. Yeah,

Antony McGregor Dey 25:07
that’s a it’s private time. One, I’ll go to the quick order real quick, but I am going to talk about it. While it’s, it’s really quick order and b2b is super important, you’ve got your customers already know what they want a lot of the time, they already have a list of skews or product names that they’re used to ordering, and giving them a way to quickly add products to the cart, or sorry, build a short, a short list of products they want, and place an order for that without having to browse the catalog. It’s just really respecting their time. Again, the whole goal, respect your b2b buyers time, having quick order or quick quote are really great features that you can be adding, I like a single page check out these days, it just helps the buyer understand how many steps they might have to go through. Because this is a b2b site, usually the buyer is going to have an account already to actually make a purchase. So I looked at the shipping details have already been pre loaded. And then we have different shipping methods. I did touch on paypal before. So one thing that we see that’s really common in the analytics space, especially if you’re using Google Analytics as your analytics platform, PayPal, it does break a lot of your attribution, especially when it comes to ads or the source of where the traffic came from. There’s a problem with PayPal, that when the buyer clicks the button, it takes them out to PayPal, if they come back, it’s actually treating them as a new session. And so a lot of the time when you look at your PayPal transactions, the origin is either refer in Google Analytics, or potentially direct. There are some workarounds to this. And you can just google and check it out. But that’s one of the more common things we see. In b2b when we’re trying to track or even b2c really, when we’re trying to track the most successful sales channels, will isolate sales from PayPal and realize, hey, we have no attribution for where these came from. So it’s a good one to remember for PayPal, and any other kinds of payment gateways that might take someone out to a third party site. I’m not going to place an order, because I don’t have a credit card stored. But the checkout experience isn’t too bad. Again, conscious of time, because we are at time, but I’m going to jump through. You’ve got a lot of great advice here. David, ADA compliance really good points. Making sure that you have alt text on your images is not just great for SEO, which is what most people talk about these days. Everyone says you need alt text on images because it helps with SEO. Actually, you need alt text on images because it helps blind people navigate your site better or sight impaired people. Because then readers, screen readers can actually read the text that relates to the images. They’ve seen discover more button at the bottom and leashes Warren Piece. Yes, exactly. Make it readable ingredients. Yep. David on the same page as you

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:43
have, you can hang with us. Yeah, we’re in the same same lane here like this guy.

Antony McGregor Dey 27:49
So we’re at time, that was our first roast. Definitely going live. And we’ll iterate over time. If you’ve got questions, comments, feedback, we’d love to hear it. This is going to try it. We’re going to try and do this every two weeks.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:01
We’re looking for submissions. Yeah, definitely some page submissions, I think, what are the what are the qualifiers that we’re looking for? Again,

Antony McGregor Dey 28:09
b2b definitely doesn’t need to be Magento. That’s fine. But it’s going to be focused b2b e commerce ideally is, is what we’re looking for. Because they have some very specific criteria. There’s a lot more we can get into. But we’ll hang around for a couple more minutes to see if there’s any questions. But thanks for checking in. And we will be emailing a summary of some of the things we discovered. And look out in the next two weeks. We’ll we’ll send you a link to join the next webinar. This was fun, David saying this is fun. Thank you. What are your favorite tools? They What do you mean by those? For what? Yeah, we’ve got different approaches, creative tools, is it marketing tools, break that down? What’s a

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