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Antony McGregor Dey 0:00
Let’s jump in, we’ll get started. So as I said, this is the great b2b e commerce website rose, brought to you by blue fish group. Were a systems integration marketing agency. We do a lot of stuff in e commerce and marketing. But let’s introduce your panelists for today. To start with, we have my co host, Jasmine, go ahead and introduce yourself.

Jasmine Ellsworth 0:21
It’s me, I am the Chief ideator of creative architecture and heuristic idealism, they let me take my title. And that’s what you get. So I come from actually advertising in the world of entertainment. So building big entertainment things for Disney working with Disney engineers, and engineering, rolling that out through interactive space. And then now I’m pushing that into the customer journey. So what is that entire customer journey soup to nuts, you first hear about the brand, you fall in love with the idea the brand new go to order, the thing the thing shows up, and then you interact with the thing like that is a whole ecosystem, you have to think about, if you want to maintain customer loyalty,

Antony McGregor Dey 1:00
interaction, it’s definitely a thing that we specialize in interacting with things.

I am Antony McGregor Dey, I’m the director of e commerce at Blue Fish, but I really wear many different hats.

Jasmine Ellsworth 1:13
And hair, he does not get many hats on that hair, that is good hair.

Antony McGregor Dey 1:23
I am responsible for helping clients with vision around why they’re even doing the things they’re doing. What are some of the end goals keeping up with the technologies that are always changing in the e commerce space? I’ve been doing this for about 20 years.

Always in the digital marketing side, had my own businesses before. I just really love the space. And you know, the psychology behind e commerce and why people do what they do. And so we Yeah, so it’s always fun to look at new sites and look at different ways of designing and building outsides, which is what we’re going to do during these rows. So this is a series of roofs where we look at websites and critique them and let’s jump into what it is like entertaining people so that they’re super excited to give you their money. You know, I mean, that’s what it all is, at the end of the day, like get people excited to give you their money. Like we worked hard for this money. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what what happened here?

This is one that was submitted to us, you can always submit your sights to to be reviewed and roasted as long as you’ve got the courage to do so. And today we’re roasting fitness deal. news.com This does not look like the normal type of site that we wrote anything.

Jasmine Ellsworth 2:34
No, it doesn’t, in fact, go back to the top. Uh huh. So here’s what’s interesting about this site for me is from a design point of view, I think normal, just baseline designer coming out of design school to be like, Oh my gosh, it’s like really terrible, because it’s just I’m getting so much anxiety just looking at it. Well, like there’s, there’s a lot going on, but there also isn’t. And so when I look at this site, I think, okay, I am not the demographic. And it’s not designer II but if you actually look at the products that they’re selling, they aren’t designer II products. These are all hard hitting like aggressive products, like you know, we’re No, we’re never showing the face. We’ve got like warning signs, and it’s very aggressive.

Antony McGregor Dey 3:18
So, if I crack on this site, do we end up on the Darknet? What’s

Jasmine Ellsworth 3:23
this, this site has mastered the clickbait what I really actually, I’ve come to actually really like and respect this site after we’ve initial examination, because it’s really focused on two things. Click here to leave the site, or click here to watch my video. And that’s it. We’re gonna give you just enough information to send you on your way to get you off this site. This site is not supposed to be a comfortable experience. It’s not Yes, chaos and supplements, it’s right here.

It is click bait it wants it wants you into the video content or wants you out to buy the product because this is a site we don’t normally do, which is basically an affiliate site, isn’t it? So explain this business model to me. Why why what how is this? What is this?

Antony McGregor Dey 4:08
Sure, yeah, I don’t know how this affiliate sites working. But there’s a lot of these types of sites on the web. And frankly, some of them are really good moneymakers. And so again, we don’t normally work with or review sites like this. But because it was submitted, we thought why not we give it a shot. You know, the way these sites work is they’re really going to SEO, the people running the sites are usually really, really good at buying. They usually good at buying ads at quite cheap rates for a high volume of traffic, and then sending people off to other sites where they get paid a affiliate fee if the person usually makes a purchase, or sometimes if they perform an action on the site. And some of these sites can get hundreds of 1000s if not millions of visitors a month. So although Jasmine are a little critical of it. In general, I think Jasmine makes a really good point that sometimes website design is more about function than it is aesthetics. And I would agree with jasmine this site is functionally doing its job right. It’s amazing.

minimal amount of text on the pages, it gives people bright things to look at and things to click on. And really, in this site, it’s all about the deals. This is not a site that’s trying to convince you to buy one product over another. It’s a site just throwing up a bunch of deals, And hey, if the deal works for you, great. If it doesn’t, then there’s going to be 10 other people coming along that might appeal, that deal might appeal.

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:21
But based on what you’ve said, if it’s an affiliate site, and you want deals, like in all reality, they’re being actually very restrained. Like there could be bright green stickers, there could be flashing objects and it would be completely overwhelming. So they’re really packaging each thing is like, here is this video is a clickbait like, I don’t want to say clickbait like, it’s bad. It’s obviously I think clickbait is mastercraft. So don’t get me wrong, like mad respect.

Antony McGregor Dey 5:45
But I, I in my early design times had to come to the idea and the concept that, you know, just because something’s ugly, or fugly sometimes means it sells so much better than if it was heavily refined. Because there is a truth and a feeling of like authenticity, that sometimes gets stripped away when you have a you know, hoity toity designer and come around and do all their palate, you know, in their labels and all this other kind of stuff. So I think, I mean, when Anthony and I were first looking at this, I was like, let’s look under the hood, because I’m feeling if Anthony gets under that hood, he’s gonna see a serious engine. And what do we find out? What do we find here.

So as always, we jump in, I mean, but Damn, that’s a list. And so good to go this in good tech in here. So we use built with for this exercise here, we’re not affiliated built with, but we do like it as a tool to see what technologies are running on the site. And on the outset, this, the site owner clearly cares about user experience, because we see our old friend mouseflow. Here, mass flow is one of those user behavior tracking tools like Lucky Orange or crazyegg, it’s really good at helping you understand where users might be getting hung up on your site or lost somewhere. And so the fact that this is even on there is usually indicative of a site owner who’s trying to improve the user experience, but scrolling down lots of Okay, so their own CloudFlare rocket loader, which means that they’re usually expecting some high volume traffic sometimes. So there’s something about this site, where maybe the owner and this owner just got turned on in December, maybe the site owner is expecting some big Christmas rushes or something not sure. Visual Website Optimizer is an A B testing tool, lots of ad tech on here. This is what you would see on an affiliate site, though. And this just shows if somebody who really knows what they’re doing in AD tech in general. And so I would suspect that the owner of the site probably works for e commerce company or some sort of software company. And they really know their way around the different tools that help bring traffic to your site, and get it to convert the platform is on WooCommerce, which is not something we see that often in our world of b2b. But WooCommerce is a great ecommerce platform that sits on top of WordPress, you know, it’s cost effective. And we’ve been surprised by some of the largest sites, we’ve started to see using WooCommerce as well. So it’s just interesting. Not really seeing anything else. Super Amazing here. But there is a lot of ad tech, as Jasmine said, so this site is clearly about getting people in cheap, getting them to click out to other sites and earning those commissions. And I mean, hey, let’s not knock it, it’s a great business model. There’s no inventory to carry out. There’s no shipping to worry about. It’s probably a one man operation. And I’m assuming it’s a man that runs the site. And hey, more power to them, I guess.

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:30
Well, and I like what you said about how you can tell he cares about the user experience. And even though the design is very aggressive, and also simple at the same time, they care about the user experience because they focus on red and black. They’re staying in their lane. Again, there’s you know, that flashy green, flashy yellow, flashy orange, there’s not a lot of mixed colors, there’s not a lot of flashing of aggression, there’s they are still respecting the customer experience. Even if the design isn’t super elegant, it doesn’t need to be elegant, it needs to be something these products, these products are aggressive. They’re for people who are doing this research, you know, you’ve got all these things, you know, like crack, you know, just lay it and not allow it and like, Oh my gosh, like it’s very shocking, but they are reeling that in to allow both, I like to say that there’s only two things you can do here. There’s that video, which has all the graphics and all the colors, and it’s that one block, and then there’s the button to leave. Like that’s it. Like they’re very, very focused on that and not confusing the customer with extra crap. And I do really appreciate that. Like there’s so many sites that give you so many options. They’re just dying of the FOMO of options is too cluttered, like so.

Antony McGregor Dey 9:41
And so in moving through the site, we like to go to category pages and product detail pages. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that here. But this is kind of a category page. I guess it’s showing all the categories but let’s drill into protein powder. It’s very, very common supplement. Everybody uses it if they’re working out. So this is be what I guess is a version of a category page for this site.

You know, it’s the protein category and the products are listed here. So on category site on category pages, we like to look for elements on products that help the user decide that this is the right product for me. At that time, oftentimes, you see category pages with a lot of images, maybe just the title of the product and very little additional information, it’s assuming that the user or the visitor knows what that product might be. This is a little a, again, the site continues to surprise me. On this category page, they have a lot of the elements that we would like to see on category pages, the name of the product, a price indicator is usually pretty good. And the brand, the category find the best deal. This is not a terrible category page. Any thoughts you Jasmine around what we’re seeing, is there any way they could improve this maybe from a design perspective for helping people navigate through these different products?

Jasmine Ellsworth 10:51
We’re getting some squishing on some of the images. I’m sure that that’s because they are beholden to the original image people, the image Gods as you would, but I’m still really liking the simplicity of find the best deal. Like, this is why you’re here. We respect that. Here’s your button. Let’s try on. Yeah, I’m gonna find the best deal on whichever one here we go. Muscle effects Hi, Drew by like effects find the best deal what happens? I guess this is their equivalent of a product detail page, right? It looks like this. If this at all been on the other page, I would have been more annoyed. And it would have been the scroll catastrophe. Mm hmm.

Antony McGregor Dey 11:30
We got we do have a little bit of see more on description text. I know Jasmine has favors hiding as much text as possible behind those see more as well, making sure you’ve given us just enough information to be curious. For those that want to commit, I got some issues.

There’s a lot of good information here. And then we have a price comparison down the bottom. I’m assuming if there was more product Yeah, there’s far more more price could be could be more options here. Or I can imagine you might get addicted to one set of these kind of supplements. And maybe you can’t find them anymore. They start reducing inventory in some stores. So yeah, maybe there’s only one or two stores. Yeah, yeah, maybe they’re gonna go to store. Okay, just takes me straight out. There is a tracking link there. And

and there’s a Yeah, I guess it’s tracking me when it comes to the site. And that’s how, again, some of these affiliate sites Well, most of these affiliate sites make money by having tracking links that when you click on to go to the main store, so all star health here is the person who’s actually selling the product, that would have set up a session in the user’s browser to essentially say to the e commerce platform, also health is on, hey, this user who made that purchase came from this other side, it records that and then there’s usually commission paid to the site.

But I want to wonder about what if I wanted to buy something specific in the protein category, but maybe I didn’t know what I was looking for. I’m just gonna use the search bar, because we always like to use search bars on sites where roosting searches are really, really powerful tool. On any e commerce site. When you think about search, a lot of people think of it as a way to help your users navigate the site. Actually, there’s a little bit of a secret around search, search can be one of the most valuable ways to collect the information on your users. If someone’s coming to your son, and they’re typing something into the search bar. That’s a very strong signal that they’re ready to buy. And so the keywords are the words that people type into search on your own site can be a great way to harvest new ideas for products, trends in the marketplace, these kinds of things. And so we do often see sites where the search bar is not prominent, it’s kind of tucked away. This is pretty fun center. It’s this. He knows your secrets, because it’s nice, big fat. It’s like It’s like 80% of like there’s Is there a navbar? No, it’s a search bar like no, yeah, exactly. No, yeah. Mm hmm. This is really nice. Wow, I might steal this search experience for some of our clients. I have not seen search results display this way before. I’m fascinated. What these different here is, he separated the search results into the different categories that people might be looking for deals, compare prices, product reviews, oftentimes on e commerce, you type in your keywords into search, and you’re just going to get a list of matches without separation between the criteria. We have a client that is in the supplement space. And they are very cautious of FDA regulations around promoting content that might talk about diseases and stuff with their products. So we have to be very, very strict about separating the blog from the products. And so in search results there we literally have two different tabs you have to go to to find

to browse between, say the articles on the blog and the products on the site. But this could be a great way for this for our client that’s doing that to actually have articles here and then maybe products here this is this is nice. I’m impressed by this. But I really like this because he’s got a lot there’s a lot of reasons people would come here and he’s really trying to help you get there faster.

Jasmine Ellsworth 15:00
Like, there’s like three different things there. There’s like reviews prices, things stuff like and I think that’s super helpful. Yeah, compare prices, reviews, brands, categories deals like

there are, these are the things that they excel at, and they’re going to make it easy for you to get there. Yeah, which again, like you said, respecting the customer. Um,

Antony McGregor Dey 15:23
so I’ve done a search for protein, we again, we like to explore search on sites because of the importance of it to us. And I just noticed something slightly. I think there’s an area he could improve on the search results. If you look at the search results. Here, we’re on a page that is displaying search results. But it looks like one of the category pages if you remember, when we went back to protein powders a category, I’m just going to go forward.

This was nice, because on this page with everything that’s listed, there are elements that helped me decide what is appropriate for me as low as I really like that, it would be great. If you’ve already got that information, you should surface it up as an additional element on your search results page. Because right now, I’m scrolling down. And

I don’t have a lot that helps me decide what product is appropriate for me. I do notice Actually, there is a price here. So I guess that’s how I saw it through. But why would I choose my protein clear whey isolate over vegan protein blend, or

it’d be my workout. you make a good point.

I think the search results here could be improved a little bit by maybe having some sort of filter. Jasmine, you and I were talking about maybe having at least a pricing filter or something so I can not be exposed to products that are just outside of my price range. For example. Yeah, I think when we did this experiment, you just tried to protein Yeah. And then it was like, You wanted the option to sort by price or availability or by deals.

Or by maybe types of protein. There might be too many. That’s a big search function, whey protein, vegan protein. It’s a big deal. That’s a big divider in the protein space. Yeah. And so if somebody’s already searching, and they’ve already told us, hey, I’m interested in protein, let’s make it easy for them to define the type of protein that’s most important to them. Because now I have technically 651 pages, I might have to scroll through to find what I’m looking for, I guess, in protein Yeah, I was literally about to do that.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:24
Yes, funnies? I don’t think either of us are vegan at all. Like, we are meat eaters.

Antony McGregor Dey 17:29
I do the occasional, you know, meatless Mondays and stuff. But in general, okay, so if I type vegan protein, it’s it works a little better. I would be exploring user behavior for search on this site and seeing if we can improve it somehow, by having some layered navigation, or search.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:45
It also depends on like, like you said, with the CloudFlare, and the rocket booster and all this stuff. Is he pushing like a mass amount of traffic just to a page or a product or a thing? And so just search really figure into his business model? to the level that we’re looking at it?

Antony McGregor Dey 18:00
Yeah, maybe people are coming through organic search to directly to the deal page. Mm hmm. I like the product reviews and fitness. Deal me news. So it’s probably

nobody’s here to do research, they probably already know about their products. Yeah. Well, maybe maybe on this side, people are actually using it as an opportunity to try new supplements as well. That’d be a great Yeah, actually, just a new idea literally came to me while I said that, what would be interesting maybe is to experiment with getting the visitor to put in some of the supplements they already use, and seeing if there’s deals on those supplements already. But maybe also making recommendations on other supplements that are comparable. And I’m just trying to think of one supplement I take I take amino energy, it’s called before I work out in the mornings, and just seeing if I search for amino energy, because it’s not the cheapest supplement out there. But it’s definitely proven as safe. And I’m just seeing here, this is the one I take and

$34 shipped. But they’re all expired right now. And that’s, for me, showing me an expired deal. It’s a complete waste of my time, I actually don’t appreciate having an entire page of search results that I can’t even trigger and this might be trying to create some FOMO or sense of urgency around Hey, next time be faster. But it’s just not useful to me. It’s not really functional. It doesn’t look like I can do a lot with those search results. So maybe admit them instead of showing them to me, because when I do click on a slide one’s going to scroll down a little bit.

Jasmine Ellsworth 19:35
I just want to say a tiny bit of time on the thumbnails. This guy is figured out he has unlocked his thumbnail potential. Like he’s got the assassin it’s illegal. A AV like it’s so clickable and like in this this top one is one of the few ones where you see his face but if you keep going down, like he starts to tend to cover his face, we get into this whole like, secretive. You’ve got to click on it. It gets very very funny.

Antony McGregor Dey 20:01
your annotating, it gets really, really fun from the thumbnail because the magic around in in YouTube is a whole other set of magic. Like it’s a whole other set of optimization. And I think he’s really been doing his research and trying all the different thumbnails and getting to this kind of a look that I think probably works very well for him. So that’s interesting, Jasmine for the people watching that are interested in expanding their YouTube presence. You talked with confidence there about the thumbnails, what would be just looking at the some of the things that you would say this site on is doing well, when it comes to them. As you said, he really nailed it. What is it? It’s big text? It’s a cat. Well, he’s guys. Yeah. Yeah. Like most people will pull like, so your basic, it’s like, you’ve raised fears on YouTube, you just pull a thumbnail out of your thing. And it’s like, then what they found is that like, then if you have like a person like falling, like, oh, like, that’s more interesting, but if you have been falling, it’s like, someone broke into our man, if you’re, I love van life. So you know, I’ll click on that, Oh, my gosh, someone broke in your van like, but I would not have gotten that from like the happy, pretty thumbnail of you know, some girl in a van. Like, I want to know, like, what are the five worst ways that the van life goes wrong and like, so they’re answering, you know, questions. And this is an again, thumbnails are the key to your YouTube success. And so he is not bothering with any other graphics on the site. He’s focused on his already, he already has the keys to success, he’s already masterminded his whole thumbnail, and his Buy button. And that’s it. Like, that’s what you get. Yeah, I know not for human consumption, human consumption

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:37
is just playing it up, just play. That’s intense.

Antony McGregor Dey 21:40
Let’s just gonna play one of the videos real quick. And I’ll remove my annotation here and then see, you guys have yet to hear the video playing. But it’ll be interesting just to see where you go.

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:53
And I’ve seen this before, and some of his other buddies, I think 10 he tends to actually this is like, it’s not as crazy of a video as you might expect. But he really like has all of the supplements. He clearly knows his game. He’s talking about the relationship between them all. But you can see like, if that was a thumbnail be super boring. But that is a thumbnail way more interesting. But the way the mortis face This is right, for sure. Not for human consumption illegal.

Yeah, you get because you can also change your thumbnails over time and YouTube and start AV testing. Um, so he’s he’s clearly been working on that for a while. And he’s been, you know, paying attention to, you know, best practices and AV testing and always refining, you know, he is not giving up, he is not resting on his laurels. Maybe you don’t like the search functionality. Totally. I know. We like the search bar. But I mean, I think that I think this traffic comes from somewhere else. And so yeah, it’s gonna be very decent ads low low. Again, buying it. Yeah.

People are very specific places. Like it’s not a broad audience. He knows where his audience lives, and he goes for them and their houses. And we

Antony McGregor Dey 23:03
will usually stay on the site. But let’s just go to the YouTube page for this site. Because I think, for our audience, you know, we do talk about e commerce sites a lot. But you know, marketing is also part of an e commerce business. And so I think we could spend the next few minutes just looking at the YouTube channel, maybe is a way Jasmine. Yeah. What’s what’s your thinking on the initial? I mean to 23,000 subscribers? That’s not a number to sneeze at, for sure. Yeah, what are you thinking he’s sticking with this whole thing, bro to even save. Like, it’s almost like he shaming you for paying full price. It’s so great. Like, like, you’re clearly a moron. Follow me for more tips. Like I love it.

And looking at the videos and playlists, actually, that’s a good point, Jasmine, just on the last few minutes we’ve got left. When people think about their playlists for YouTube, do you have any high level advice on ways that people can group their videos together? Is there any, like just absolutely fundamental themes on grouping videos together? It’s more just about the content of the video and what goes together? How would you advise people structure some playlists on YouTube, just some basic advice.

Jasmine Ellsworth 24:10
You got to get it from your customers, or you got to get from your customers like I’ve done ones for like a circus where it was all like these, the playlist was like sit the kids down and go through a history channel of a circus. And it was like all of our favorite like history kind of circus stuff. Then we have like, the 2021 shows and you can do the 2022 shows or you can just do actor interviews. So we tend to categorize it.

In this one, I don’t know if it makes sense to categorize it by supplement or property or, you know, one to one.

Antony McGregor Dey 24:41
I like this idea green supplements reviews best vegan protein review. Yeah, feels like a good grouping for an e commerce site, grouping some of your reviews together. And actually, I think one of the best things we could take away from this right now is we do get a lot of our clients asking us, I don’t know how to make video content. I don’t have a video person on my team. You don’t need a video personally.

You just need to love the products you’re selling, sit down in front of your iPhone on a nice Sunday afternoon, and just record yourself talking about the products and why they’re great. post them up when you get done now, yeah, and make a good thumbnail thumbnail. reviewing your own products like this guy is doing is actually a great way to produce really affordable but effective video content. And it doesn’t need to be bombastic. It needs to be genuine people can tell when you really care. And

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:25
the great thing about playlists is you might be cleaning your house, you might be doing an activity on the computer, that’s data entry, you could run this in the background I like to think of this is this is a video I would listen to when I was doing a task that only requires 60% of my brain. So what’s the other 30% thinking about like if I do a lot of Photoshop work, and it’s a lot of pixel moving, you know, it’s very visual, but I can be listening to masterclass to this to something I’m researching to the different antennas I would need in my van and just listen to those comparison sites, you know, you get a good playlist and now I’m going to stay in his lane, I’m going to be with him for an hour or two, you know, just playing that in the background. And I’m not having to deal with YouTube trying to serve me something new, or take me on a new direction or drop me off in a conspiracy theory land like I don’t need that I want to stay in my lane. So

Antony McGregor Dey 26:14
easy for the consumer. We know that consumers these days like to do a lot of research before they purchase. And frankly, Gen Z is even more intense with their research. But they love videos for their research. So if you do have a Gen Z audience, or you’re trying to start to appeal to Gen Z, you’ve just got to have video, it’s mandatory, because to Jasmine’s point on how she likes to learn about new products and things, she’ll do some work. And the videos are playing in the background. Yeah, Jasmine’s focused on her work every now and then there’ll be a word that comes out that you’re gonna look up and pay attention to, that’s how Gen Z gets a lot of their information these days on products, they’re looking at buying.

And we’re having your videos concise, because I’m a big tech talker. Now I love the tick tock and the tick tock. But when I first started, it was so amazing to me that you could do so much in 15 seconds. And now you don’t have me in the first quarter of a second. I’m out. Like I’m just out. And what’s interesting is YouTube was encouraging producers to make longer videos so they can insert ads into it. So then people start trying to like game the system and make it too long. And it’s super boring. And then Google’s like Fs and Google’s like, here’s the three second clip that you need. And they send you just that clip. Yeah, 20 minutes.

Now, don’t they answer? Yes, they do.

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:28
Yeah, YouTube went the wrong direction. By trying to make us make longer boring content. While Tick Tock is teaching us to do it in a second and a half. And Google’s like, I’m gonna be you. I’m gonna give you just the piece unique because Google cares more about the experience than they do about YouTube’s advertising model.

Antony McGregor Dey 27:44
It sounds like a race to the bottom for making the shortest possible video, she will be watching videos on the bottom half a second long, get efficient, like this is my favorite time to be alive. Because people are getting efficient. They are not beating around the bush, they’re organizing their thoughts. They’re getting it out in three words. It’s a great time to be alive. time we’re gonna be questions from the audience.

Benjamin Choy 28:06
Yeah, so we do have a couple of questions. So we can start with maybe about the look and the feel of the website. So a question around that is because our theme is, if you want 20 21st 2021 customers don’t be a 2001 site. How does red play into the webpage? What do you think maybe jasmine and Anthony? What do you think when you see red on a webpage? What is the feeling associated with that

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:30
Christmas? No kidding. Um, red, black and white are classics.

Since the dawn of design, it’s just always coming and the way that they’re using it here is again, it’s Chris, it but it’s very aggressive. It’s, it’s again, this is not a comfortable site. This is not a site that’s gonna hug you these are you’re not friends, you are here for deals, like it is very much you know, we are here for deals, you know, get in and get out.

So, I don’t think any other color would work unless it was orange, which I do really like orange because it blends the line from being too cliche, like black and white is so classic, it can be cliche and so I think orange kind of separates you to being still having that aggression but a little bit softer. It’s still eye catching the orange is still eye catching but it’s not as aggressive as refined because it’s not overused.

Antony McGregor Dey 29:24
And to Jasmine’s point, this this site is aggressive it’s an aggressive site and the the heavy use of red to the to the question there been the heavy use of red really emphasizes that aggressiveness and I guess that’s that what the southern wants to go for based upon the video. So yeah, it’s ready. Usually, if you have too much red, it can come across as aggressive. It can introduce some anxiety, there’s some of your visitors but if that’s your site’s goal, or if that’s your brand, then great. I personally don’t like all the red here. Usually I’d like to reserve regice for some buttons or calls to action or something. We want to draw the users attention to my attentions all over the place here, but I think they have a useful

rate here is much more about creating anxiety in a sense of aggression. Yeah. Any other questions?

Benjamin Choy 30:06
None so far. I think we can. We’re approaching time so we can wrap. Yes.

Jasmine Ellsworth 30:11
Great. Well, I had fun. I got amped. Yeah.

Antony McGregor Dey 30:17
And I bought some crack from this site.

This is fitness deal. news.com we do webinars or website roasts, every two weeks, you can submit your own site through bluefish. group.com. And we’d be happy to host it for you. But yeah,

Jasmine Ellsworth 30:33
we’re gonna want to massage site after this.

I want something that hugs me this is not so Huggy and we’re not friends with this site. You know, we’re getting shit done. Whoops. I’ll tell you what, you want something nice. Let’s go and go back and watch YouTube, the chocolate site we roasted two weeks ago.

Antony McGregor Dey 30:54
Thanks a lot everyone. This is Jasmine and Antony and bluefish. wishing you a happy holidays. Cheers, everyone.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai