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Tria Foster 0:00
Welcome to the great b2b Well, this is kind of a b2b b2c e commerce, website roast. Yep, we got the double roast going on. So why don’t we kick to the next slide? I know you’re driving Jasmine today.

Jasmine Ellsworth 0:15
Oh, and a picture of me.

Hi. I’m Jasmine, I was allowed to create my own title. So I’m the Chief ideator of creative architecture and heuristic idealism. You’re welcome. I monograms background Yeah, I worked in the entertainment industry a lot before I decided to live the dream and run my own e commerce company and travel the world and make money and only work four hours a week. And that’s led me down this digital stratosphere of really, really fun stuff. Because I like to say, I’m not lazy, I’m just very efficient. And it’s an efficient laziness, where basically, you find a way that you can make money in the background, or a way to not have to do all those really dumb tasks. I’m all about it. But then I always bring this creative layer of how to make it more creatively interesting, because humans just respond to that. That is what they’re buying, they’re buying an emotional promise. They’re not buying your product, like they’re buying the promise of your product. So I love applying that I get really passionate about people’s products. Because once I buy in, I can sell it all over. I know. Yeah, for sure.

Tria Foster 1:22
Oh, next slide. I know you’re driving today. And I’m Tria Foster. I am a solution architect and the e commerce practice lead here at blue fish. I, you know, I’ve been in the e commerce space for 20 something years. And you know, what I’ve been in the technology side, the marketing side, you know, I have the opportunity and the opportunity to grow brands. Like, there’s Kendra Scott, who I was it the 30th person hired and now they’re kind of a multi billion dollar company, which is phenomenal. I’m super happy for them and and also work for companies like Lenovo, and Under Armour and things of that nature. Funny story I worked at bluefish about 10 years ago, and I came home about a year and a half ago. Love it here and get to really kind of straddle that line between that the e commerce the technical side, and the the marketing side. And I mean, let’s be frank, you need both right, because just because you build it does not mean that they will come. So it kind of is just get that kind of ability to kind of bring all of those things together and work with just some amazing people here at bluefish. And so kind of where we’re going next. If you take the next slide, what we get to do today is, you know, our goal is really to kind of provide some snackable content for tips and tricks, exactly. Yes, to improve the overall digital presence. That’s from just what your website looks like, how are people navigating? are they buying what’s happening there. And I think today we’re gonna we’re gonna dive into some things that we haven’t we haven’t gotten into before. It’s going to be fun. So watch out. And we have some fun things to share with you today. But we’re going to basically use our combined knowledge between jasmine and myself. Her creative side, my more techie side, and kind of just talking about some things that maybe are could be opportunities for growth for for this brand. And

Jasmine Ellsworth 3:27
they said what a brand new website and then they just are so in the thick of it being an entrepreneur making a product, shipping the product, keeping customers happy that they just don’t have the time to sit back and look what else is on the table. Where am I weak spots? Where am I losing traffic? Like how can I do? Like, I love bringing that to a business? And my favorite question is how much more volume can you accept right now? Because when we turn the dials on your your orders, your backwards, your warehouse, it gets crazy. So we want you to know, like, Are you willing to scale? Are you going to have the extra phone operators on the weekend? If we’re Black Friday? Are you going to have 24 hour chat support? Because we want to make that money I get really excited. So

Tria Foster 4:07
I will the brand. Let’s talk about the brand

Jasmine Ellsworth 4:11
who we’re talking to today we talking about today. All right.

Today, we’re getting into coffee. I like it. I like it. This is awesome. One of the

what is the technology of this person running and here’s a very easy trick. You just copy their URL, and you go to a little place called built with so I already started populating it built with and it’s like built with technology. Look at this as a free tool. I’m just going to put this in here and see what we’ve got

Tria Foster 4:43
out there using Klaviyo. Okay, so that’s Yep, that’s got like

Jasmine Ellsworth 4:47
Google. They’ve got Google

Tria Foster 4:49
actually got some good stuff going on there. I like that. Google analytics is going they got a yes. There you go.

Jasmine Ellsworth 4:57
Yotpo, they are paying attention to customer reviews for sure

a little COVID-19 situation. I know this. Yeah.

Tria Foster 5:08
Yeah. Shopify site. Okay, so they’re built on Shopify? Yeah. Yeah. All right. So let’s just gonna see today, if the stuff that we’re talking about the things are gonna be easy on Shopify. And, um, you know, sometimes it’s to be a little bit a little more difficult. But you know, we can talk through that. That’s, that’s good.

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:26
I like all this. There’s a lot of attention to money. And that’s one of our favorite things is make it easy for people to pay you. So they are clearly trying to leverage every available resource to take that cash show I like yes. So let’s look at the site, knowing what we know, we know the Shopify site, we know they have a lot of good tech on this, they probably got some good tracking. What is the first thing that you think of when you look at this Tria?

Tria Foster 5:49

Jasmine Ellsworth 5:50
Ah, see, as a designer, when I first looked at I was like, is this broken? This feels broken? And then you nailed it in one of our calls where you’re like, this is their mobile layout displaying on desktop, we think, right.

Tria Foster 6:04
So so let’s Okay, I’m all about mobile strategy. Right. So when you’re it looks fun. Yeah, totally. I mean, and I’m all about a mobile first strategy. And we, you know, we talk a lot, we talk a lot about that with our customers that, you know, people have a tendency kind of sometimes old school to be thinking, Okay, I need the desktop version, I need it look good. Don’t even my homepage look like this, I need to do you know, and, and my navigation needs to look like this. And, and I, that’s great. And sometimes they don’t think about the mobile side. So it’s very clear that they are thinking mobile first. And there’s a there’s something to be said for that. Um, one thing I know though, there’s a b2b and b2c play here. And, and so maybe your your consumers are probably buy on mobile. If you’re a little older, like me, you might look on mobile and buy on desktop, I’m not gonna lie. But for sure your wholesalers are gonna are gonna be they’re not gonna be for the most part buying on mobile. So there needs to be something and some consideration to kind of make sure you’re marrying the two even though you have a mobile first strategy. That’s just kind of like,

Jasmine Ellsworth 7:16
Where am I gonna have another website for b2b where it’s like, you go in you order your 800 pounds, you order this order that and it’s like a back end?

Tria Foster 7:25
I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out. But this is just scroll down. So let’s see

Jasmine Ellsworth 7:31
that I was like, What are these giant buttons? I was like, Oh, look, they’re broken. They don’t do anything. I it’s because they’re doing stuff down here.

I see I didn’t … oh… the backing out is kind of weird. Okay. So now I’m just going to scroll down and go below the fold. And I’ve now I’ve got beautiful bags of coffee. So this is beautiful. To me as a designer. They’re nailing their colors. They’ve got it well laid out as far as the product presentation, but what are you thinking?

Tria Foster 7:56
So I like that part too. I’m done with you. I agree. Um, I am. I’m kind of still a novice when it comes to coffee. So I’m not quite sure if I would know what P is up versus Brazil.

that’s probably more alley. But even still, like if you scroll down, like I still am not like West pi. If there was some level of description there. Like even for me to say, maybe there’s some kind of buttons or something there that says what the boldness is because even your kind of average consumer kind of might be thinking. Right, especially since you want people to buy from here, right? And I can totally see that. Like, that would be great.

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:40
I have friends who roast their own beans. So are these roasted because you’re right, I’m not saying like dark roast or light roast or like

Tria Foster 8:46
Yeah. Are they just some kind of indicator there? I love the fact that there’s a Subscribe and Save man like that’s that’s that’s a good thing.

Jasmine Ellsworth 8:55
Oh, I didn’t see that. Was that on the other page?

Tria Foster 8:57
Yeah, so like the homepage and you see it right here too. So if you Yeah, go scroll along. Little Dog go all the way down. What is no it’s in the middle. Oh, see? You kind of get lost on that homepage a little bit dunja

Jasmine Ellsworth 9:13
Where is this is Subscribe and Save.

Tria Foster 9:15
See right in the middle right there. See that? When you buy it? One time purchase

or subscribe and say no.

Okay, I like the fact that it’s there.

Jasmine Ellsworth 9:25
Well, I would like the fact as a marketing person who wants to make stacks of cash that it was at the top was a huge thing like buy all my stuff and I’m gonna make it so easy for you because I’m going to show you my favorite thing I found on their site that’s totally buried. It’s under shop all coffee and it’s at the very bottom. And as a marketing person, I want this on the homepage and what is it?

Tria Foster 9:46
What is it? It’s all this stuff.

Jasmine Ellsworth 9:50
Your club club packs you know rain down on me these options this is I want these customers locked I lever I want them buying every month I want them share Bring it with their friends. So this whole thing that should be your homepage and here’s the other thing that just really

Tria Foster 10:05
added to the homepage for sure, like the fact that that I can like, try a couple of different things even when they’re gonna surprise me like, I’m good with that. I

Jasmine Ellsworth 10:14
like that. But that monthly revenue thing if you can start locking people in on a monthly revenue, you start stabilizing your cash flow. I just love these kind of things. But here’s what I’m really sad about. It breaks my heart. You can only find it under all coffee. If I asked you like I want dark roast. It’s gone.

Tria Foster 10:34
Oh, wait a minute. Wait, wait, look. Look at that. Mike. Did you see it look so DC? There’s no Where’s your subscribe thing there. Look that right there. Oh, I can’t even get to it there. But I can only get to the homepage.

Jasmine Ellsworth 10:47
Yeah, like all those subscriptions. They’re just they’re gone. They’re only I’ve only ever seen them in the all coffee section.

Tria Foster 10:55
Three is gone. And the whole coffee look.

Jasmine Ellsworth 10:58
Yeah, I want to say Yeah. But it was on the homepage. But yeah, it’s down here at the bottom. Let’s go back to the homepage and see if it’s only on the homepage.

Tria Foster 11:07
Yeah, it was there when he first got there. I see that. Yeah, on

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:11
the homepage, but it’s not on the individual coffee listings and maybe just

Tria Foster 11:14
a little more space in between those because it you lost it and you were

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:20
I want a big giant burst that says Subscribe and Save like I want to stick around. I want it to vibrate like I’m saving you money and little coins to fall out that super tacky. Don’t do that. I’m a designer. I would never allow that to happen. vibe.

Tria Foster 11:36
Yes, yes. I love this. Subscribe and Save and I’m with you. Like I didn’t even know that whole thing down there. When you go into the go back to the hamburger menu again. Uh huh. Are all coffee, whatever.

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:48
Okay, now Wouldn’t it be nice if I could search for a coffee pack that I just saw?

Tria Foster 11:55
or search for? Like, I want to bold I wanted mine. Let me terminology. I’m

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:02
gonna try to buy you a coffee that is bold. Is that a thing? I think it’s only dark.

Tria Foster 12:09
Dark. Okay, me dark, medium. Dark. There we go. I like it.

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:14
Okay, you only have three options here.

Tria Foster 12:17
Okay, three options, but I don’t know which one they want. How do I know which one I want?

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:22
Okay, all right, let’s do a product page and think about Shopify versus a site that we use a lot. Magento

Tria Foster 12:28
Yeah, is that so? I mean, there’s Yeah, so this is the product page.

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:34
I love you so much for having beautiful life. Party. I want to see everything in the world I made

Tria Foster 12:40
my life with you. Why don’t we just put that as your main image though? I think it’s pretty like people see it they think they’re loving on it. Okay, but where do I buy How do I buy scroll?

Jasmine Ellsworth 12:52
Oh, do I have to scroll again? So many Christmas where it oh geez it’s down here. Yeah, I think I was shot pay which by the way love that love love love that it’s so easy to buy on mobile now. I buy everything like this it’s my face

Tria Foster 13:06
again shows that this is a this is a mobile friendly site probably Yeah, right.

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:12
So it also this video put your videos in your product carousel do not make any hundred for sure. I want to watch a video about it and maybe is your video going to tell me how it was roasted how you kissed it with a fairy how it was like hugged by a small child before you shipped it to me. I want that. Seriously, I’m in marketing.

Tria Foster 13:31
I know I can tell. What about the reviews so you mentioned so I do like that So okay,

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:41
so it says user can’t search for coffee. I’m pissed.

Tria Foster 13:47
Well, I mean you need to be able to search for coffee, but it happens so it says right I don’t know what why would it say search

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:54
well let’s see if I can find a bad review. Oh wait, wait,

wait, no. Now there’s gone it’s not working. Oh, I can’t get hot water maybe again that might be a mobile problem I’m having with desktop

Tria Foster 14:08
yeah maybe maybe. And again you have your Subscribe and Save over to the right there which is still good I

man I’ve been saved but

Jasmine Ellsworth 14:17
this is it. This is your button. No

Tria Foster 14:21
matter what happens if you click on it. Is it that little blue box move? Guys? Yeah, okay.

Jasmine Ellsworth 14:27
I just want to lay it out more I mean Dollar Shave came into the market. They busted it all up with this description like everyone’s moving to subscription. There’s just so much it’s just so great to me for small businesses to level out that cash flow. There’s no doubt you know, and make it make it more prominent like really push the savings on it. You know even show me what is like, show me a calculation what is 12 months of coffee look like if I buy individually and I’ve run out of coffee and I have panic attacks they don’t have coffee. Or if you should me the cotton

my household. Exactly. You should need a copy of mine and I get 10% off what’s not going to cost me plus the therapy bills of not having coffee. Let’s play it up. Let’s have a great time.

Tria Foster 15:08
I yeah, you should see what happens when we don’t have coffee in my house. My husband, it’s the husband’s. Alright, what do we got here? Because I got work. So let’s go. I want to see though what’s also underneath this little menu business over here that the hamburger menu. So we talked about, we know we need to move some things up in here. So they can find Okay,

Jasmine Ellsworth 15:31
so I guess that’s where they are carried retailing. locally. Brick, I would

Tria Foster 15:36
assume so. So this is where? Yeah, so this knows. data’s Look at you. You can go to the good tech, they have good tech, for sure. For sure. So this is where we know we know there is a B, there’s a definitely b2b play here. Well, it was what, what else is going on? Let’s go back up to that little menu business. I like

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:00
this pattern, but you can’t put tiny text on it.

it’s a little much and I’ve been dying to look at the gear like what’s the gear? Like?

Tria Foster 16:10
It’s really cute. It’s super cute.

Jasmine Ellsworth 16:13
Okay, if I sign up for your Subscribe and Save, are you gonna send me like a coffee mug? Because that would be baller. And then I’ll tell everybody about your coffee. While I’m drinking. I

Tria Foster 16:23
like this little t shirts too. Those are nice. I like those. Okay, let’s go. Let’s Let’s move on. Because we only have a few minutes. I know where you want to take this in a moment. Oh, I do. Um, so go to the about page. I can remember seeing something there that I want to take a look at Blue, big patterns and patterns. I’m going to put that on my wall. I know. But it’s a big another scrolling situation. And maybe again, it’s maybe mobile. Maybe I’ll make a make very small. Yeah, maybe. But I do love some video. I like video is the thing. I love that. So I think they’re like if you really want that thing. Like I think it’s fabulous. Bring it up though. Don’t make me scroll for it. Like let’s let’s bring it to me. It looks like there’s a lot of great like good stuff here. This is this is cool. I like it.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:16
Clearly they’ve got good tech, they’ve invested in some very good marketing pieces like a great video. Yeah, easy to give you their money. I just think there’s more ways to get more out of the customers than they currently have and more ways to get new customers to see them as not only a really, really quality product, but also a value play to their daily lives. Yes,

Tria Foster 17:37
for sure. For sure. I mean, like so they mentioned a coffee bar up there. So I think there’s a brick and mortar store as well get back to that little hamburger menu.

Jasmine Ellsworth 17:51
is under about coffee bar. All right. What’s the cold brewery? They like beer and coffee?

Tria Foster 17:57
Oh, wait a minute. That’s adorable. So thanks. I mean next week, I think there’s like now that means you’re gonna come to Austin when you go there Jasmine. I feel

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:05
like it’s totally home plant and they have all the relay kits in the back. So in the front, they have the Hangout zone.

Tria Foster 18:11
I love that. Yeah, I get that. That gives you kind of that vibe of who the company is. I love that part of it. So just make you duck bring that out. What was a cool birthday go back up there. I’m gonna see what that is.

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:24
Oh, yeah, the brewery? Yeah, tell me there’s alcohol and coffee together. Oh, it’s

Tria Foster 18:30
the Nitro stuff. Oh when they introduced this I know I didn’t really see much about that on the homepage now i don’t know maybe it’s fairly new maybe it’s you know i don’t know

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:42
i honestly I don’t have a big homepage person anyway you don’t

Tria Foster 18:45
drive I know I’m not either I’m not either. However

Jasmine Ellsworth 18:48
the other person is on their site on the product pages after they could be like have you tried our nytro get it shipped to 12 years round like you know Yeah, all this kind of stuff. There’s so many fun thing all right. Absolutely. Is it time for me to like it everything that I discovered about them?

Tria Foster 19:05
Yes, tell me

Jasmine Ellsworth 19:07
so when I’m super spying here’s another free tool. I go to Facebook avenues super spy. Oh girl Come on. Don’t No no, they know girls do better research than me. Okay, so you would just go to AD library. Facebook do a Google search takes you here ad library Facebook. And if you are an entrepreneur if if if the cold brew people are watching us this is how you spy on your competition but we’re going to spy on you but you can use this to spy on anyone you want to and Facebook basically made this public so that everyone can see what ads people are running so right now it wants me to be like oh clearly you want to you know look at politics ads and I’m like no, no, search all so I’m going to type in anyone’s name haha look I already already spied on them.

So type in their name. Yeah, Kobe coffee.

Coffee. There. It is. So this will show me any ads that they are running. And they are running one ad started on October 21 of this month. It’s a very cute little video but

you see in the corner what this is,

Tria Foster 20:14
I’m gonna talk you guys some Tick Tock going on. And I am a big lover of the talk. And you are

Jasmine Ellsworth 20:21
Yeah, so what this tells me is that not only do they have a tick tock account, they made content on their Tick Tock account that they think is so good and funny that they downloaded the tick tock video, uploaded it to Facebook and made it into an ad like by the way Why aren’t you using those cool videos I just saw on your website for customer acquisition like you spent a lot of money on those and no money on this Tiktok though I do enjoy a good Tiktok so let me clear these drawings so drew clear all drawings.

Tria Foster 20:51
I like that though. So they’re only that’s the only ad so I only

Jasmine Ellsworth 20:55
add and it’s some Tick Tock content which is kind of weird and blows my mind because it’s on the Facebook platform which makes me super happy but there are I know Facebook that are going to get that Alright, so come check out there Tick Tock with me I had to go look what are they doing on Tick Tock because I’m businesses are on Tick Tock like politicians are on Tick Tock Apple is advertising on Tick Tock. Tick Tock is like the big open blue fish strategy. Haha, I got that in there. Like new businesses like it’s blowing up and there aren’t as much constraints right now. I know, oh, we’re gonna get rid of it. America, Trump said. So not really, it’s not happening, like good luck with that they employ a lot of Americans. Anyway, the talk. So what I noticed with his Tiktok is this is clearly the owner of the company, which I am totally in love with. Let me click on the home page here. So this guy right here, who I think we saw in the other video, whose name I believe is Mike, look at him. He’s so cute. He is making these tic tocs. And that tells me he loves his product. He wants to be cutting edge. He’s all over his cutting edge. Yes. passionately, passionately, like he’s playing, he is having fun, and that makes me love this brand. But the only credit I would have is that he’s not really participating in any tik tok challenges or trends. He sort of treating it more like a Pinterest or an Instagram where he’s making kind of his own content and like picking whatever music is trending, but he’s not doing the trend, like where you you know, throw a boot in the air and you kick it and your outfit changes. Or you do found a stick or you do like, I’ve got a lot of talk. So yeah, but see, right there five ways to have your Kobe coffee, very fun video, and very caring in my head. Very careful. Watch this. You know, I love that from a marketing strategy. I feel like they’re doing what they can. And they’re very enthusiastic. Um, I think there’s just more ways we could get them money. Did you do want to talk about Shopify versus Magento at all? I mean, I feel like

Tria Foster 22:58
no, there we do have a question, though. We have a we have a question. And maybe we can get back to the site really quickly. So you know, we we talked a little bit about the fact that you can find the coffee, you can buy it right around the corner from you, um, I see a contact. I’m wondering if, I mean, I was thinking maybe wholesalers buy online? Maybe that’s not the case. Maybe there’s something else? Um, okay. So I may, I may have had a wrong. I mean, they says wholesale, it has wholesale inquiry, but I don’t know, maybe they aren’t buy on line for their wholesale accounts. That man would not be easy. I mean, yeah, if they’re not doing it today, just to have an account that people go into, they can easily buy from there. Um, if you do that, move it to texting because I’ve got a lot of companies that are just going direct to text and so you should be able to text your order in and just have it delivered. Right? There’s technology. Yeah, but there’s also I mean, even like before that just having the ability to go and buy all whatever you need wholesale wise, like all of your customers that are also customers. You can I don’t know that you do this to Shopify, but I know you can set this up where based on who they are, they have their own whatever discount that you give to that specific group. You can get that discount to them I mean, like how great would that be? You don’t have to worry about phone, phone, phone, phone phone, go online, get it done. You have your e commerce site for your you know your consumers and then you have one for your your retailers. This would be awesome. We can totally do that. So it sounds and I did say you can wholesale customers can log into their account and place online orders. So go up to the little the little thumbnail Yeah, see if you log in there. Where do you login? No, go Yeah. Where were you where you go to your little purse go to your little person is empty. Oh, well, there’s so there’s got to be a login for me. Yeah, maybe it’s 10. Other. Yeah, maybe they have that. So apparently there is there is an ability somewhere to login.

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:20
And again, maybe just a separate site. Maybe they’re doing their b2b on a separate desktop based site that’s very chill and all about just order. Yeah. Order in and

Tria Foster 25:30
don’t actually there’s some integration there some way. Oh, that’s good to know. I was curious about that. Good question, by the way. Very good question. Whenever I

Jasmine Ellsworth 25:41
get back to the homepage, I guess click the logo. Cool. Cool. Yeah. Um, so those of you haven’t seen us talk before. Like, the reason I’m down on the homepage, and I’m really kind of down on about his pages is because typically, when you’re working in digital marketing, you do not send people to the homepage, you might if you’re doing like customer outreach, and cold markets, and then I want them to have a very nice experience. But I would rather if I’m doing like a subscription, play on my advertising, drop them off on a landing page. That’s about the subscription service, really to lock in that environment and experience they call it following the scent. So the ad, if it’s talking about this should follow the scent to the landing page, so that I know we’re having this conversation about XYZ. And we’re not just dropping off on the homepage and hope you find it like good luck. Right?

Tria Foster 26:27
Like darkness buttons are gonna

Jasmine Ellsworth 26:29
shut us down. He’s like, we got to talk to the

Ben Choy 26:31
Hey, sorry, just popped in. Chat. The voice of the people coming in. Yeah. So Michelle says they have a bake sale,

Tria Foster 26:39
customer moderator.

Jasmine Ellsworth 26:40
Michelle says they

Ben Choy 26:43
have a wholesale work for this company. Oh, sales. Yep. She does a wholesale Shopify login. So the answer to the earlier question. Yeah. Thank you. Sorry, sorry to interrupt. But also, let’s give some time for some questions or some comments from the audience as well, too. While I filter those in, feel free to you know, keep chugging along

Tria Foster 27:03
Yeah, I think Jasmine, you probably had your coffee today. So we can probably keep talking. But back to your point, like even the landing pages, if we’re talking about a landing page, even if you’re going to talk about your whole being or you’re going to talk about any of these other things, there should be a you know, nice landing page for each one of those like the dark roads, the medium rows, the light rows. So you know, serve that up to this whole crawling thing,

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:27
I think is just wasted because it had all these cool graphics, and now it’s gone. I don’t know is this guy, anything other than tiny text would have to let you know what we have to do is I don’t know if they are listening here. Hot jar. I want to see if anyone’s actually using some of the not cut it and let your bigger messages just be alone like just declutter. Let’s Marie Kondo the situation.

Tria Foster 27:53
Yeah, actually see where what people are doing? Absolutely. For sure.

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:57
I mean, this is look at these

Tria Foster 27:58
super cute graphics. And I love that some. Yeah, this is there’s a picture. Yeah, there’s a cold brew down there. Oh, yeah. It’s just way down there. Yep.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:07
Do you have your selling proposition at the top here, but this is I feel, I don’t know. Pretty sure.

Tria Foster 28:15
About free shipping on all, I already have a banner, you don’t really need to do that. Like, I think there’s opportunity to even bring that whole middle section into the top area you want to do.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:25
I feel like the $25 plus free shipping thing that’s really something at checkout or on the product page. That’s like a blip. This is not your biggest play like people expect free shipping. It’s like that’s the sexiest thing you have on this page. Is this stuff down here? Oh, yeah. Sure. hydro. Like, this is great stuff.

Tria Foster 28:47
There’s good content here for sure.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:48
Yeah, look good, dude. Check it out. They’ve been mentioned on all these places.

Tria Foster 28:52
I love it.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:54
I love it. You know they have an amazing Instagram. Their Instagram is friggin popping.

Tria Foster 29:00
Check it out. That’s fabulous.

Ben Choy 29:02
Yeah, awesome. Like, well, uh,

Tria Foster 29:04
yeah, we’re at a time where time?

Ben Choy 29:07
Yeah, great insights. I’m sure we can keep going for hours and hours.

Jasmine Ellsworth 29:10
You girl are killing it.

Tria Foster 29:14
Thank you.

Ben Choy 29:16
Well, if there’s no last minute questions, I think it was a great roast. Awesome.

Tria Foster 29:24
Thanks, Jasmine. As always, it’s fun.

Ben Choy 29:28
Thanks, guys. You have a great day.

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