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Andy Clark 0:01
Okay, we’ll go ahead and get started. Thanks to everyone for joining. Hey there, Julian, I see you just jumped on. Thanks for being here. Nice to see you virtually. It’s been a while since we talked, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and introduce the rest of the team. It’s here today. Sorry, let me start my video so you can see my face. There I am. Hey, I’m Andy Clark. I’m a partner sales manager with Magento and Adobe company. I’ve been with Magento, about three years now three and a half started out as a strategic account manager in the customer success org. And I’ve been in the commercial partner organization for about two and a half years now. And I manage relationships between Magento and a handful of partners about 30 on the west coast, and kind of on into Texas. And that’s why I have the privilege of working with the folks at blue fish out of Austin. I’m in Temecula, California, which is about 60 miles north of San Diego. David, I’m right down the road from you, it looks like you’re in Orange County. While I’ve been here three years before that I spent 10 years as kind of an e commerce startup jockey, building content teams and marketing teams sales teams, for a handful of pure play e commerce retailers. Before that I was in the telecom business. Actually, my first job out of college was selling cell phones to people and convincing them that they actually needed a mobile phone, people believe that I got two kids, I’m a cycling addict, guitar player and a content creator. And when I say that I in a previous life did product reviews for a company called competitive cyclist. And today we’ve got about 200 product reviews on YouTube and approaching 6 million views. Party weighs them earlier this year and launch my own little YouTube channel on the side, which is doing pretty well. It’s just kind of a fun hobby. And so I want to introduce bluefish, Jasmine and Anthony. And they’re going to tell you a little bit about why we’re here. And what we’re going to do. This is an idea that I had not too long ago about sort of providing

Unknown Speaker 2:20
easy to digest action upon just something that I feel like sharing content with folks in this day. And age has to be original and spontaneous and organic and has to be something that you want to come back for week after week. It’s not just another webinar. So that’s that’s our goal today. And I think that I’m going to turn it over to Jasmine, she’s going to go a little deeper. And then he is going to go deeper than that and tell you how this conversation and how this presentation is going to work. So with that, I’ll take a breath and turn it over to Jasmine.

Jasmine Ellsworth 2:52
Hey, guys, nice to meet you. I’m Jasmine, I’m with blue fish group. I originally made my way into design e commerce by way of entertainment. experience design, which is where people see the advertising, they come into the space and they have an immersive experience. So I’ve been able to actually trade that over into the e commerce space looking through user experiences, what motivates people to buy, and then how their experience ties to reality. When they come from an advertising they make a purchase and then they receive the product? Is that a cohesive story? And do they feel validated every step along the way. And

now I’d like to hand over to Antony.

Antony McGregor Dey 3:31
Hey guys, so Anthony MacGregor, a young ecommerce director at bluefish group from social the ecommerce and marketing side, I mean, really, these days, they go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t have the ability to market the products, you’re not gonna get customers and you can’t market something you don’t have. So these platforms usually work well together. And that’s the lens we’ll be looking at the rose through today, I am a tech entrepreneur, I have built software startups before, when a particular IP sold to HarperCollins or licensed to technology, I guess. And I do like to make this joke, but I’m a digital native. I did send my first e newsletter back in 1994. That’s what they were called back then. And I guess it was a little bit nefarious at the time, I had scraped a bunch of email addresses from a competitor’s bulletin board and sent them an email telling them to come and join mine. So maybe that was one of the first ever spam emails sent to I had. So let’s jump in for today’s agenda. So as I said, this is snackable content, it’s really going to be quick, easy. We do have some fundamental things that we look at websites through and we’re trying to keep this very high level. So one caveat is every now and then we might get something wrong. We don’t know a lot about every industry. But that’s the point. We’re really looking at this through the user experience. And so we like to try not assume anything about a site immediately. Sometimes a visitor your site might have some variation. specific knowledge. But in general, a user experience is a user experience. So we’re hoping through this that you guys get some clear tips, tricks, maybe even some direct actionable things that you can do to help improve your user experience on your site and help them along the path to purchase. So let me back out and we will reveal the site that we’re roasting today. Give me a second.

Here we go.

Curbell plastics.

Unknown Speaker 5:29
We chose this site, because it’s a it’s a slightly different site. And I usually start off these by doing a little bit of a tech analysis. Obviously, we did this before. But what’s really different about this site in particular, is if we use my favorite tool built with to do a quick tech analysis. Because the data is presented so well, you’ll notice that they have a lot of great tech on this site. Already. They’re using a lot of good marketing tech, such as HubSpot, it’s not bad for b2b. They’re using Sumo for things like pop ups and email capture, it’s always great to see on a site, they definitely have a lot of ad networks again. So this tells me that this company, definitely prioritizes marketing, and they’re probably doing pretty well in the b2b space just because of the amount of platforms that they’re in. However, as we scroll down, we’re looking for an e commerce platform. And we’ll notice that they don’t actually have a named platform here. We did do a bit of forensics before the call. And lo and behold, this site is homegrown, first homegrown site that we’re roasting through through this webinar, homegrown is great. If you’re wanting to get started and get small, however, you’re going to hit a certain point where it’s just not going to hold up and 14 for curbelo, it looks like they’re still doing pretty well. But really, if you’re not a software company that just happens to sell plastics on the side, running a homegrown platform is just setting yourself up for her in the long run, you’ve got a dev team, you have to maintain, there’s probably some proprietary knowledge within one of your team members heads who if they ever left, that’s going to be a lot of technical debt that you might incur. And so we always strongly advise against hunger on platforms, where definitely big fans of some of the the ecommerce providers out there and the benefit is they’re going to do all the heavy lifting for you. They’re taking advantage of any technical advances that are happening in the space from scripting languages through to SEO strategy. So that’s a quick summary of the tech of the site. But hey, let’s jump into the meat and potatoes here. Jasmine homepage, knee jerk reactions. What do you think if this was a showroom?

Jasmine Ellsworth 7:35
How would you be feeling if you walked in?

Unknown Speaker 7:37
I love walking in here because the name is Kerbal plastics, they’re showing me plastics. And then they say right there plastic you want when and where you need it like this is what we do. You know, and they’re showing me the different types of what they do. On brand. They’ve got just the blue and the green. And they’re actually scroll back up. And you’ve got the blue and the green and in the navbar. And what they’re calling out here is get a quote is in green. But anytime they actually have a color, they’re letting that be the actual product. So the product gets to be the hero, the product gets to show that they’re creative, they have solutions for you. They’re just letting their brand be their brand. their brand is the frame and the product is the hero in the frame.

Unknown Speaker 8:20
Scrolling down a little bit, huh, gets a little bit messier down here. Jasmine’s dog there in the background. I really like the idea that we’ve got a webinar on the homepage, we always say and you’ll hear us say this on every single webinar, your homepage is usually not your highly your most highly trafficked landing page, when you look in your analytics tool, you’ll notice that sure your homepage in aggregate gets a decent amount of the overall percentage of traffic. Sorry, they get gets a decent number of hits. But as a overall percentage of your website’s traffic. your homepage is usually one of your lowest entered ages, most people come into a site through a product description page or a category page, or some link you’ve sent them to point is that the homepage should be much more about validating the users in the right place. It’s more of a research part, but it’s also communicating to your users any changes or updates. So I love that the webinars there, I guess the question I would have is I kind of feel this webinar gets buried a little bit right. Jasmine does, um, it’s not really clear to me right now that this webinar is something I might want to be interacting with.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Yeah, I agree. There’s a bit, there’s a bit too much. There is the headline, there’s paragraph description, and then there’s bullet points. And I’d really prefer to just, you know, either get rid of one or the other. Where watch webinar now is just a little bit more prominent. And maybe it is maybe it’s a shorter descriptor, like, here is a webinar about different kinds of plastics, and seem like Get to the point. If all of these bullet points I don’t know of varying I don’t know if they’re relevant Am I gonna learn that on the webinar, and if so, maybe that’s just the list. This is what you’ll learn on the webinar, click here, because there’s a lot of copyright now. I don’t know if this computer is getting you anything as it relates to the webinar, maybe not sure.

Unknown Speaker 10:07
And that’s something we see really common in b2b sites as well, you know, b2b, it’s manufacturing, you’ve got engineers, really smart people doing really smart things. Oftentimes, though, we’ll find that they do tend to be a little bit verbose on the text. There is something I do love on the homepage, though. And this is something that we always encourage a b2b, they get a quote, concept, you know, it’s b2b, you’re not always going to have something that your customers want. Their time is precious. And oftentimes, people just want to use get a quote, as a shortcut to even potentially submit their order. But they get a quote option is also a great way to maybe start a conversation between a sales rep and a visitor. Let’s check out the get a quote, you know, we do focus a lot on product detail pages, and category pages. But hey, this is a fundamentally critical part of the site. Oh, gee, out of the gate, there’s, I can see a serious problem here with the user experience. What happened in my brain just then is this page loaded is I thought, if I, if I’m trying to get a quote, and I plug my email address in here, this account sign in is signing in with that email address, I can immediately

Jasmine Ellsworth 11:10
get a quote, unless I’m a member.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
Yeah, that’s what it potentially feels like. Or I can see probably what usually happens on this page, somebody will just skip over this top form, because they think it’s part of signing, they’ll go through and I can guarantee you, we probably will not see another email capture here. Oh, damn, it’s a lot of mandatory fields as well. I can I can guarantee you if we put tracking on this page right now, we would probably notice one of the most common things is that somebody will get to here put in a lot of their information hits maybe half of their information, not well, if they had to wait for someone to put in everything right now. hit Submit quote, and it’ll throw an error. And the reason why is because they didn’t put in their email address here. So definitely, I would redesign this form out of the gate code isn’t?

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Well, for me, this kind of a thing is here, you have a person who’s interested in getting a quote, who wants to spend money with you. And the first thing you hit them up with is give me all your information. And I’m like, Dude, why don’t we die? Me first, like, let’s have a conversation, make a funny joke, maybe buy me a drink, and then I’ll give you my number. But when you start off mining me for I know, my information is precious. I know. That’s why you want it, but you’re just going to spam me and I’m not going to get what I want, which is a quote. So I’d rather have that quote, experience, go a little bit with it more with like, what kind of plastic you’re looking for, what do you need it for? This is how we can help you. And you know what your your problem sounds really awesome and complicated. And we’re gonna call you, can we get your phone number, we really want to make sure that we’re servicing your needs, and all of this extra information that’s mandatory? Do you really need it? Because in my point of view, if you guys are good enough, you’re going to get my information over time when you need it, but only on my terms, I don’t need a because by the way, if I have to fill out this form, I’m going to give you my junk email address anyway, everyone’s got like three junk email addresses. So what value Are you really getting by pushing too hard for emails

Unknown Speaker 12:59
up front? I don’t know if in b2b, they give me a junk email address. But what I don’t like is they’re mandating that the country and region this is all redundant information right now, at this stage of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the USA or not. They’re asking for my

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:12
plastics have laws and rules. And

Unknown Speaker 13:15
if this is a barrier, we know. Yeah, yeah, I’d rather find that information out on the quote side, like if I’m putting in my information from New Zealand, I’d rather find out Oh, by the way, you’re in New Zealand. Like other countries have light bulb, you know, issues, you can’t ship certain light bulbs into that country. So I think the country thing could matter. But I want to get a quote, you know,

Unknown Speaker 13:37
don’t ask me for all this information up front, before I decided that I want to want to want to get in bed with you. I just

Jasmine Ellsworth 13:41
got a bunch of homework. Do I have time?

Unknown Speaker 13:44
No, I want a quote. So the next thing we always like to do on any site is experience a search experience. These days, people are conditioned to be able to type a couple of letters into a search box, and bam, he has all of the results that they need in one go. Let’s take a look at the search and see what the experience is here. So we’ll click on the search box and I’m gonna maybe type signs maybe.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Let’s see what we get back, get a spell signs, right? You want to give that Oh,

Unknown Speaker 14:15
don’t get a long day already ill in a long day. All right. So this is not a bad search experience. We return the results fast. I do want to type it in one more time up the top here to see what happens if I actually put the right spelling in at the top. And it’s a nice fast response. However, we noticed this a lot on b2b sites as well. A user is used to these days typing letters in as they go and having search results come up. What that’s doing is helping them validate that the words they’re using right now potentially going to be returning the results. They are expecting one of the frustrating experiences for a user here will be I will type a word in maybe it’s signs or maybe it’s a sign making. And I have to hit enter. wait for the results to come back before I decide. Oh, that was the wrong thing. Search I need to try again. And so giving the user validation before they hit enter, that the words that typing or giving them remotely the right results, it just improves the user experience helps them navigate the site a little bit, a little bit faster. What do you think about the search results? So Jasmine, there’s a kind of dry out there, there’s not a lot here that’s helping me visually get to where I need to get to.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
They’re pretty dry. And I think we’ve seen on some other pages better search results, where they actually have pictures of these products, something that represents things where you can scan a little bit quicker. Using the human eye, which is the best scanning tool in the universe has nothing to rival that rivals it yet, as far as calculating the information quickly, give me something to look at. Um,

Unknown Speaker 15:41
I do like the tab navigation at the top here that’s showing a breakdown between your products and the resources and the information. This is good. And again, we do see this a lot on b2b sites, their catalog is kind of treated as a separate piece of information on the site. It’s actually a great user experience to bundle together different search results into the one and then separate them by a tab. So this is actually a nice experience here. I’m going to jump into a product that we were thinking about before. Take a look here. The sample pack. Yeah, let’s jump into the sample pack. Yeah. knee jerk reactions. Jasmine, go,

Unknown Speaker 16:25
Oh, well, first of all, it’s very clean. Um, but I feel like they could improve that purchase funnel. And the first thing that I asked when I look at this site is let me get my draw to already. What What are these? What are these doing? So I think there’s a world where maybe I am sending plastic things to someone on site and saying, Is this what you need? From a purchasing point of view? I’m trying to communicate with my team, is this the thing that you want me to need, or I’m sending this to my purchaser and saying, Please buy this, um, the print function I’m not as sure about, and I know you had some good feedback about,

Unknown Speaker 17:00
yeah, we’ve done some research. And definitely managers and owners of these types of businesses or the companies that might be buying, they do tend to be sometimes a little older. There’s definitely a world in which your buyer might actually be preferring some sort of print version of this. And maybe you’ve got a junior procurement person who’s going through printing out the stuff they they think the boss will be interested in, and then putting it on their desk. So I think printing product detail pages in the b2b world absolutely makes sense. But maybe we want to check that guy.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Yeah, maybe it’s not maybe it’s just not there. Maybe it’s actually down here.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
And you could test that out by just seeing how many people click, and maybe you don’t need it at all, maybe it is a redundant thing, you know, the demographic is getting younger. And what you want to do is check to see hey, are people even clicking prints these days, if they’re not get rid of it, it’s redundant information at that point, and it’s cluttering the product detail page doesn’t want to look like if you if you actually block out the sharing print.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Yeah, if you start getting rid of some of this stuff, and making it move down, I know, we haven’t gotten to the warning yet. But for instance, if you move the warning somewhere else, let’s see if we move this warning just over here to the side, we’re clearing up a lot of information here. Also, same with the descriptor. Actually, the descriptor looks fine there. The only other thing I would say here is that you do have, let me get my Draw tool ready. You have a nice relationship here. 1495 each quantity one subtotal. And if you actually start adding to that, you can immediately see your subtotal goes up, which I do like, but these are just too far away from each other. And I think the brain does not connect those. So since that is a very nice flow of A to B to C, I would tighten that up or stack it vertically, a lot more like, you know, early education math, where you have that a plus b plus c equals x or D, pick your alphabet. And from a button point of view, you know, I know they’ve been varied.

Unknown Speaker 19:01
I know where you’re going, I know where you’re going here. You and your,

Unknown Speaker 19:06
well, they’ve been very, very good about blue and green, is there an accent color that makes codes

Unknown Speaker 19:12
a little bit closer hexane cones to the orange,

Unknown Speaker 19:15
just a little? Well, you know, I got the orange from Amazon, one of the biggest purchasers on the planet, you know, and it generally more research than I ever have. Yeah, that is something that you can test with your site. I mean, I do really appreciate that the site is very muted. And again, let’s the product be the hero and then be just the frame. But at this page, the point of this page is click Buy. And so if you start removing some of this stuff of confusion, and that’s another design thing, if you want something to be important, put a lot of whitespace around it. So if you were to tighten up this 14 to for to subtotal, just bring that under the headline a little bit more and then you have your Buy button, and then everything is a little bit more white. The customer has less choices to get lost to get confused, to get distracted to eat. barking dog and look away. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:01
get out of the way, get out of the way of their experience. not as important as you think

Unknown Speaker 20:07
purchasers to buy, make it easy for them to buy. But let’s

Unknown Speaker 20:10
couple thoughts. I have here, the description, I appreciate this a lot of good detail in there. But it’s also kind of hard to read. Ideally, you know, I’m busy, I might not want to spend my time looking through each of these. And even when I try, I’m looking at it. Now, it’s a little bit hard for me to see where the breaks are in the information, maybe there should be a list of bullet points rather than commas. And I’d love to see a few more product images there. But we know in the b2b space product images can be hard to hard to come by. So let’s go to have something of the carts. Let’s clear out that there, Jasmine, there we go. Add to the cart, and we’re going to add four. That’s nice. That’s a nice Add To Cart experience. One of the things we love about

Unknown Speaker 20:52
that ally, cuz he added it to the cart, and the whole world in the end.

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Oftentimes, in b2b, for whatever reason, when the user hits add to cart, they’re taken to an entirely separate page by it’s

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:04
just thrown off a cliff into Nowhere Land.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
And it’s the it’s the cart page. It’s what’s in the cart, but not to go back to continue browsing. Well, maybe I wasn’t finished looking at this product. But also one of the other things. The other extreme alternative to that is somebody add to cart and almost nothing happens. So this is a really, really nicely designed experience where when I hit Add to cart, I get a tiny little notification validating with the action I took was right. And I can continue breaking things

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:31
in your cart.

Unknown Speaker 21:32
I do shopping. Yeah, I’m probably going to be using these as samples. But let’s check out what happens when we go to the cart.

Antony McGregor Dey 21:41
Home grown, home grown for the win. Ooh, baby. This

Unknown Speaker 21:45
is why it wasn’t taking us to the cart because the carts broken.

Antony McGregor Dey 21:49
Yeah, what’s going on here and

Jasmine Ellsworth 21:52
raving about this experience? Maybe it’s because it’s actually not.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
That’s really interesting. I don’t think we did anything wrong to create that it is a world in which maybe I can’t go any further without signing in. But if that’s the case, tell me. I’m at this point, I’m done. I’m out of the site, I’ve spent my time looking at the products I’ve added them to the car is gonna buy I was gonna buy and now you’ve kind of gotten away?

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:15
I mean, do I have to call them.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
I mean, there’s even a phone number on the error page. And that’s a great example. You know, definitely with these types of error pages for four pages on especially on e commerce, b2b sites, you should have contact information that respects your buyers time, they’re busy, you’ve just thrown an error on your site, they want to get stuff done. Maybe even on the error page, you have like a noun going to Amazon.

Jasmine Ellsworth 22:37
Without giving up giving up. I’m just gonna go to Amazon.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
But maybe not like a hostile number where somebody can get like urgent support because you’ve got someone who’s an add to cart. And now we have this this error. Obviously, error page might not know that the user got there through Add To Cart. But again on e commerce just have some good contact information maybe on your error page. But I’m glad they’re looking into it. Yeah, I’m sure the developers are gonna have to stay awake late tonight.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
On the phone number does any what happens when you click on a phone number? Is it like wanna make a

Unknown Speaker 23:09
I opens up? I’m on a Mac. So it triggers Okay, cool. Yeah, I’m just conscious of time. There is one other thing we want to look at really quickly. And then we’ll go to questions. The category pages you know, we do like our category pages to see what’s here. knee jerk reactions to category pages. Go to buy materials all this good way.

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:30
I’ll go to buy mature materials by material.

Tria Foster 23:33
Oh, okay. I’m gonna go back

Unknown Speaker 23:36
on the on Sandra shop materials then go to buy material. You’re in by category.

Antony McGregor Dey 23:42
Oh, okay. By material. Sorry. Yeah.

Jasmine Ellsworth 23:46
I think this is the page that I liked a lot, because

and Is this a home grown thing around here?

Unknown Speaker 23:55
Good. gonna love that homegrown. Wow, what can they be doing to speed that up? Is that a code issue? Is that an

Unknown Speaker 24:02
idea because it’s homegrown. So Oh, interesting. I mean, we try not to be too mean to people sites. But this is a roast and

Unknown Speaker 24:11
I guess that I liked this page because I’ve actually shopped for plastics before specifically in the design experience industry. I was creating museums, I had to get a lot of acrylic stands to hold jewelry, special props, Harry Potter ones, you name it, like we had to do that. So for me shopping, buy materials here I can see what I’m getting. Because it’s very important for me. And I’m as let’s pretend I was a designer in a former life. for that. Seeing the color, the texture, the feeling, how much light it reflects, if I can do you know, a light up edge on the acrylic side is all very important. And again, they’re letting the color all be in the product photos and be the hero. No One No One but the product is competing for attention right now, which I love. Because that means they’re going to purchase something. You know, they’re not getting too caught up in who they are and what they do. Oh, and you know what we didn’t see on the product page. reviews. True.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yeah, user review plastics, but maybe they do. And you’re just

Unknown Speaker 25:05
not it could be it could be kind of again, if you’re thinking that your product page is maybe the first landing page that people come into, remember, you should have some validation on your product pages that your repeatable company. So company reviews is fine product reviews is better, maybe some idea of a warranty or guarantee. I know we’re out of time

Unknown Speaker 25:24
to talk about this, though,

Unknown Speaker 25:26
well, yeah, I mean, I’m this is something I noticed this is clicking. This, to me is not the best experience I have. Not a lot of time. And now I have six things I can select here. But actually, No, I haven’t. Wait. It’s not just six. Yeah. 12 times 12 times 12. So ideally, in layered navigation, you should present the user with all options up front, because it’s just another way that a lot of people browse your catalog. So we’re it we’re out of time cool elastic. So try it on mobile, we’re out of time. We are as we got an ad for I know you’re a big advocate of mobile the ad Well, we we do have a limited time. But you know what, for people who are attending, maybe set out in the chat if you think next time we move, you should prioritize mobile first. I think with the time we have, we can only prioritize one version or another. We like doing the desktop, obviously, let’s be honest. It’s much easier to do this. But hey, you want us to? We can we can because

Unknown Speaker 26:21
we’re like 80% of purchases happen now. So I think he’s got a really good point.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
It’s creeping up in b2b for sure. For sure. Let’s see if we got questions. And I guess I’ll turn it back over to you at the wrap and help moderate any questions we might have.

Andy Clark 26:41
Okay, cool. Thanks for that. Anthony. Jasmine, that was really good. Looks like we only have a few folks left. So with that, let’s let’s open it up for questions in the in the know minutes that we have.

David, john joy mark, any any questions from you guys?

Tria Foster 27:01
Or anything you don’t want us to? to revisit? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Cool. Second recipients typing time mistake today. Yeah. Okay. I mean, this is fun. We enjoyed doing this and looking at sites. Oh, john says he’s muted.

Antony McGregor Dey 27:21
a way we can unmute the participants real quick.

Jasmine Ellsworth 27:26
Yeah, let’s get that peanut gallery going.

John 27:30
Can you hear me now?

Yeah, just wanted to say really enjoyed it. And that.

I hope you’ll roast my website sometime.

Antony McGregor Dey 27:44
Sure. JOHN, what’s your site?

John 27:51
Now, I’ve got a thick skin. But we just, we got blue fishes help for doing a API integration for our website? And oh, yeah, our page with our vendor. Okay. And so we’re kind of newbies, and it’s on big commerce. So big commerce takes care of a lot of kind of the background stuff you were talking about? Mm hmm. But um, you know, I wouldn’t mind

Antony McGregor Dey 28:14
but absolutely Johnny with your permission, we will put you up next for sure

John 28:21
be brutal. I don’t care. And I just want to say I made a page of notes here. So Oh, good. If you’re saying was was new concepts to me and stuff you try to think through when you’re build designing, but it’s nice to get validation and get some good ideas. So great. We appreciate it. I mean, this we do this stuff for fun, right? Literally, I know.

Jasmine Ellsworth 28:47
These glasses don’t nerd themselves.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Um, all right. Any other questions for anyone? If not, we’ll wrap up and now. Yeah, john. Ben, I’ll follow up with you to tee up your site. But I’m sure Nikki, I know, Nick, you as a developer is working on your stuff. She’ll be she’ll be thrilled as well. Yeah. Okay. All right. What do you reckon Andy? Is that around?

Andy Clark 29:08
That’s a wrap guys really good today. Enjoy it.

Antony McGregor Dey 29:11
No worries. Have a good evening.

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