Document Indexing Module for Alfresco

Document Indexing Module

Turn Alfresco into an Imaging System with our Document Indexing Module. This extension lets you scan documents into Alfresco with the scanners or multi-function printers you already have and then process them in easy-to-use indexing queues. It enables distributed scanning and indexing without the need for a centralized mail room scanning system.

  • Rapid Indexing – See a preview of the document image on the same screen as the metadata fields. Enter the required data, hit save, and you are automatically taken to the next item in the queue. Documents are automatically renamed and filed into the appropriate place in the repository.
  • Flexible Indexing Queue Definition – Indexing queues can be defined based upon folder path, missing metadata attributes, or even templatized based upon the current user. The choice is yours.
  • Dynamic Sub-Folder Filtering – For those indexing queues defined based upon a folder location, users can add sub-folders and may filter the queue based upon those items automatically. No configuration changes required.

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