Alfresco Power Search

Alfresco Share’s already powerful search capabilities just got even better! Alfresco Power Search is a set of user interface search enhancements that allows users to spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to use.

  • Targeted Search – Allows users to search ONLY within a specific folder or group of sub-folders.
  • Fetch “Next Set” of Results – Search results are typically limited to a (configurable) number of results. This enhancement allows users to select the “next set” of results to continue to step through the entire result set.
  • Multi-Select Actions from Search Results – From the Search or Advanced Search results screen, allows users to multi-select documents and then Move, Copy, or Delete those documents in a single action. If our Alfresco Actions Library is installed, this enhancement also allows users to perform those bulk actions from the Search or Advanced Search results screen.

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