What Did We Learn?

Automated Metadata Extraction with Oil & Gas Engineering Documentation

Join us at 3 PM CST on Thursday, October 21st!

What To Expect

Intelligent capture, or the art of automatically extracting metadata from unstructured content, is becoming an increasingly important part of digital transformation initiatives. While this has become downright common place in processing of things like invoices or mortgages, there is still tons of information that is critical to driving business processes that is locked away in digital (or even physical) file cabinets! Let Blue Fish show you how we have helped our oil & gas clients tap into this information trapped in their completion reports, safety reports, directional surveys, and other types of “engineering” documents.

In this webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • The end-to-end process of getting information out of your documents and into the systems that need the data
  • A live demo of Ephesoft Transact processing several different types of these “engineering” documents
  • A behind the scenes tour of how Ephesoft is configured to perform these extractions (no vapor-ware here!)
  • Tips and best practices for your initial implementation and beyond


Here are our Hosts!

Lisa Hill Headshot

Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill leads the Technology Strategy division of Blue Fish Group and has been with the company since 2005! Lisa’s background is in Computer Science where she quickly discovered she preferred working with clients and designing the blueprint for efficient technology solutions, rather than writing the code herself. Lisa focuses on identifying and developing our technology partnerships and leading our teams to deliver high-quality implementations that solve our client’s problems.

Outside of work, Lisa is a die-hard Browns fan, along with her husband Bryant and two wonderful kids, Parker and Addie.

Gary Cox Headshot

Gary Cox

Gary is a Technical Architect at Blue Fish Group. He is responsible for designing, deploying, and customizing Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, and Business Process Management solutions. Gary utilizes his 20+ years of consulting experience to help guide clients to create the right solutions to meet their needs. In addition, Gary has experience creating custom software solutions to meet unique client use cases that do not fit into the ECM, WCM, or BPM spaces.
When not at work, Gary enjoys playing board games, trying to learn bass guitar, hiking on the local trails, and building skateboards with his kids.

Guest Speaker

Dan Champ

Dan Champ is the National Channel Manager covering Ephesoft’s North American and Latin American partner group. He brings over 15 years of software experience with a strong focus on digital transformation and automation to help customers accelerate business processes and drive productivity.