CMS Content Sync Utility
For Magento 2

Avoid the time-consuming and fragile task of copy and pasting CMS pages, blocks and all their dependencies from one environment to the other. Make data duplication processes a thing of the past.

Deploy content with a click of a button

You've done well by following Magento practices by utilizing a development, staging and production environment. In practice, keeping all of these environments in sync is almost always a challenge. Magento allows you to do many things, but it does not make it super simple to deploy CMS Content from one environment to the other. 

Let's set the scene: You've spent hours preparing a pagebuilder landing page for your next big promotion in your staging environment. It looks great, and the time has come to push it live! But then you realize, now you have to go setup each individual pagebuilder block on your production environment, copy and paste all the block configurations and content, upload and link to all the correct new imagery and assets. What a pain! Why can't this process just be as simple as clicking a button? Now it is!

Be in control of your content

Our tool allows you to plainly see what the differences are between your content on your origin and target environments. Be in control of deploying only the content you wish to transfer. Easily visualize differences in page/block content, page title, meta title, meta description, keywords, layout configurations, theme assignments, and more. Our tool provides the ability to configure whether your content will enabled/disabled upon deployment. This allows you to review your content before making your changes publicly accessible.

Easily configure your environments

Providing API information to your external environments is all that is needed to allow our module to quickly and easily transfer your content and it's dependencies from your origin environment to your target environment. When selecting the content you wish to deploy, you will be able to pick and choose from a list of your configured environments and select which environment you'd like to deploy to. Does your Magento instance utilize multiple storefronts? Our tool allows you to choose which store you wish to deploy to on your selected target environment as well!

Easily configure your environments

Rollback when necessary

We all make mistakes! On occasion, things can accidentally be deployed that we really didn't want to have deployed. It happens to the best of us. To account for this, we've made sure to provide a fail-safe in the event that you wish to rollback the content you've deployed to it's previous state.

Take the hassle out of duplicating CMS content between your development environments

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