Case Study:

M-Files Revolutionizes Vahterus' Information Management

AI-powered information management leads to more than 500 saved working hours and provides electronic signatures for more than 4,000 quality management documents per year.

Vahterus, manufacturer of heat exchangers for the gas, energy and chemical industries, was storing files in folders on network drives. This old-fashioned approach was no longer keeping up with the company causing version management challenges and inefficiencies on the field.

The company desperately needed a new approach, and they found it in M-Files.

The Vahterus team was looking for a solution that would be able to meet all their information management requirements in a single package, taking into account the business processes in different departments. The flexibility, extensibility, integration capability, and collaboration features were the criteria that led them the choose
M-Files in the end.

Thanks to M-Files, we can manage different types of information quickly and efficiently. These include quotes, orders, customer information, and processes. Metadata, workflows, and automation make information easy to manage. Our employees can now find the up-to-date information they need in an instant. Confusing folder structures are a thing of the past – we have transitioned to dynamic and intelligent content management that supports our
business strategy and growth targets.

– Juha Lehtola, Vahterus


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