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lightbulb efficiency ECM

ECM: So Much More Than Document Storage

Most people think of ECM as a way for companies to store content. Many people also think it’s one of the most boring topics they …

Antony McGregor Dey, Mihir Kittur, Tim Bauer, Anne Vranicic, Matthew Conrad Ecommerce

Building a More Sophisticated Customer Journey to Improve Customer Experience

If you want to find out more about customer journey mapping complete the form below ⬇️ and a customer experience specialist will be in touch …

Digital Cloud Storage ECM

4 Ways Tech Is Revolutionizing ECM

Technology is driving advancements all over the business world, and ECM is no exception. The goal of managing content at enterprise levels has always been …


Why Does ECM Implementation Take SO Long?!

Once you’ve committed to implementing an ECM for your company, a few questions may arise during the process. You might wonder why a place to …

connectivity through the cloud ECM

Why Do ECMs Cost So Much?

When I talk with clients about ECM solutions one of the most common questions is: “Why does this cost SO MUCH?!” For companies implementing an …

Triangle of time, cost, and quality ECM

How to Select an ECM Part II: Making the Final Selection

So, you did it — you’ve created a short list of ECM vendors that seem suitable for your company. As you send out requests for …

woman using headless commerce kiosk Ecommerce

Be Where Your Buyer Is: An Introduction to Headless Commerce

Ecommerce, despite being a relatively new business model, is changing faster than ever, and the amount of money spent online by both businesses and consumers …

internet search engine ECM

How to Select an ECM Part I: Creating a Short List

Once you’ve determined that your company is in need of an ECM, the search for a suitable vendor begins. However, in a rapidly evolving industry …

Small business man on laptop in shop Ecommerce

Be an Enabler: An Introduction to B2B Buyer Enablement

Like most activities in the B2B world, the sales process is rapidly evolving due to advances in technology. In the past, a distributor or manufacturing …

Lightbulb moment for stakeholders ECM

Technology & ECM: Supporting Stakeholders

The ECM industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, alongside the content types we manage and the technologies we implement. As we mentioned in our …

Key with Question Mark ECM

Choosing the Right ECM: Why a Business Analyst Perspective is Crucial

In our prior blog, The CASE for ECM, we shared about a client we are working with who did not have an ECM (Enterprise Content …

Cartoon Detective ECM

Why Does Your Business Need Enterprise Content Management? The Case for ECM

We recently started working with a new client who needed an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and had not really used any sort of ECM …