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We held a webinar “web site roast” of Fluitek, hosted by Antony McGregor Day, former Bluefish director of ecommerce & Terence McDevitt, Bluefish senior solution architect. The theme of this webinar? Keeping the message simple, which is just as relevant for B2B sites as it is for B2C. Let’s see how Fluitek does it.

Tech Stack Review

We usually start a website roast by looking at your tech stack. This one is pretty solid, with useful analytics tools that will help Fluitek understand and respond to user trends. Mouseflow (audience measurement), Google Analytics, Kevy (market automation platform), Magento, Extended validation certification

Home Page

Most customers don’t come to the home page first; they probably come to the product detail page first if they find you by search. However, the home page establishes your credibility and reassures the customer that you are reputable. We love the messaging on this home page. It’s very straightforward. It’s hard to write a little copy and get the message across clearly, but this page gets it done. Tell customers what you do but be as inclusive as possible, because you don’t want to chase customers off before they have a chance to explore and engage. It’s also great to have the phone number front and center on the home page.

The “upload photo” of your filter to search is a nice home page feature. Making search prominent is helpful because you need to know what visitors are looking for. It’s a good way to gather more data on customer expectations.

One thing we don’t see on this home page is a product guarantee. That would provide additional assurance to the potential customer. There’s probably room for a blurb about that without crowding the page too much.

The home page people images are a little “stock.” Asking users to hover over each picture to reveal the customer quote content is putting extra work on the site visitor for little reward. Interactive content is important but it needs to be worth the effort. One trend we’re seeing a lot more of in the B2B space is 3D modeling to display products, it simplifies the messaging while providing a much more realistic experience.

The “what’s new” filler content at the bottom of the home page isn’t super valuable, but it’s not really distracting either. At least you don’t have to scroll past it to get to the product categories.

Shop By Category

The product images are very nice. They’re colorful and helpful and give a little more context for someone who may not have the technical knowledge. The category definitions at the top of each category page rock; they reinforce that the customer is in the right place and looking at the correct products. The layered navigation on the left is simple, to the point, easy to use. “Not what you’re looking for?” on the category page is very helpful – lets the customer know that you are accessible to them. It’s great that we don’t force the customer to click through to the product detail page just to figure out what the product is. If the customer clicks through, it’s because they really want the extra detail, but they can also add to cart right from the list as well.

Product Detail

The product detail shows the product guarantee right on top, which is really nice. But it would be nice to hide the “customer quotes and images” block after a certain number of customer visits, or personalize it to your customer once you’ve gathered some information about them.

Add to Cart

This is a very nice add to cart experience. A modal appears that tells me my add to cart was successful. I can either go to checkout or continue shopping, but I’m not leaving my spot on the site. I can keep right on shopping from where I am if I wish. It’s never a good idea to dump customers into the cart after they add a product, because it discourages additional purchases!

Quick Order

This a really good feature for repeat customers who know exactly what they want. This is a feature that B2B sites should definitely make more use of. Don’t make someone who knows exactly what they need wander around your site to purchase from you! We’d love to see this used more widely in B2B eCommerce.

Overall, we found the Fluitek site has a solid user experience with some thoughtful features tuned to the B2B buyer. Check out the whole webinar online.

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