Alfresco Summit 2014 – We Need Your Help!

Alfresco has officially set the date for their annual user’s conference – this year the US event will be in San Francisco on September 23-25.

For those that have not attended in a few years, last year was the first year that Alfresco expanded Summit from a strictly technical conference to a well-rounded full-fledged product conference with both business and technical tracks.

That same model is back this year and Alfresco recently opened their “call for topics” in both tracks – here is where you come in! For those of you that have attended Summit in the past:

  • Were there any “intro level” sessions that you would like to see covered more in depth?
  • What were your favorite sessions that you would like to see repeated?
  • What topics have you not seen covered that you would like to see addressed this year?

For those of you who have not attended previously:

  • What has kept you from attending?
  • What content would compel you to join us?

We would love any ideas you might have as we are formulating our topic submissions. Please reach out to us with your suggestions or feedback and we will do our best to get your requests represented!

For more information on Alfresco Summit 2014 visit http://summit.alfresco.com/

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