Website Roasts – Hard Pill to Swallow

Reviewing a Medicinal Supplements Website

Our first B2B website roast was hugely popular! We had a lot of fun together and we’re looking forward to more tough-love webinars!

For our first roast, Antony McGregor Dey and Jasmine Ellsworth roasted the Premier Research Labs website. BlueFish Group built this site and it’s due for a refresh, so it was a great opportunity to take some of our own medicine.

What are some of the takeaways? From a UX perspective, it’s clear we could do a better job of anticipating the user’s needs. We shouldn’t make the user work to figure out what we can do for them or why they should do business with us. Make it easier, make it more visual, let the user know we really dig what they need and want. Give them content in snack-sized bites and don’t waste page real estate with distracting icons or non-essential information. Make the call to action (like the add to cart button) visually  prominent so that the customer knows what to do. If the product is custom or customizable, make it easy for your customer to ask for a quote. You always want to make it easy for them to take the next step.

Blue Fish Website Roast - Nutritional Supplement 1

Be the Easiest to Do Business With

We talked about some things that just didn’t make sense, like the “organs and glands” filters and the non-descriptive product names. If we’re focused on making things easy for our customers, we should strive to be consistent and complete and intuitive, using just the right words but not too many words in every aspect of the UX. 

If we know what the customer needs to know about our products, we can anticipate their questions and set ourselves up as experts in their minds. A great way to do this is to talk to your sales team to find out what are the most common inquiries they are fielding from customers today and answer those up-front on your product pages. In B2B, this can mean specifying product dimensions, minimum quantity, shipping options, and guarantees as well as providing a product video. Don’t make your customer hunt for your prices either! 

If there are things your product doesn’t do, specify that in your product information. This builds trust and establishes your leadership in your industry. The more completely and effectively you communicate your product attributes, the more you subtly seed doubt about your competition. YOU have nothing to hide, after all!

Remember, very often the customer is not navigating through your home page but landing on your product pages, so those should be robust enough to engage and convert your site visitor.

Blue Fish Website Roast - Nutritional Supplement 2

Technical Time

From a technical point of view, the site loads pretty quickly, navigates well, and has a responsive search capability. The site is using analytics tools like Mouseflow to gather insights about user behavior that can be used to drive continuous improvements.  The more metrics you gather, the more you can understand how your customer is interacting with you and where the failure points in the experience are. Note that if you are using PayPal or another external payment processor, that can mess up your analytics because when the customer returns after payment, it looks like a new session to your tracking tools. 

Blue Fish Website Roast - Nutritional Supplement 3

Again, thank you so much for joining our website roast today. We’d love for you to suggest victims (or candidates) for our next roast! Sign up at bluefishgroup.com/websiteroasts with your nominations! And please join us again for another fast-paced breakdown. Or do we mean thoughtful analysis? 

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