Website Roasts – Engenuity

Today’s lucky victim, Engeniuty, was well and truly roasted by our own Jasmine Ellsworth and Tria Foster, aided and abetted by Andy Clark, Partner Sales Manager with Adobe/Magento.

As usual, we started off Googling the site. That didn’t go well. Google didn’t like the word “engenuity” and tried to autocorrect us to “edgenuity” instead, which is a totally different thing. It’s a bit awkward when Google doesn’t acknowledge your existence, showing the importance of SEO to backup your website.

When we type the URL and went to the site, we immediately started snooping around the tech stack using Built With. Looks like the marketing stack is a bit light; we see Google Analytics, WordPress Plugins, Facebook Sharing, and Magneto 1.0, but there’s probably room for improvement here.


Digging right into the home page, all we can see is a big COVID-19 announcement taking up the entire screen. The pandemic’s been going on awhile; people know about it. It’s okay to shrink this or make it linked content at this point. Scrolling around the page, we’re having a hard time figuring out exactly what Engenuity does. There are some products here but we don’t really know what we’re looking at or why. There’s definitely an opportunity for better communication about the company. In fact, start by adding a tag line next to the company name/logo. There’s plenty of space and it would tell us what you’re all about.

We click into product categories and hot dang, there are some really nice icons here for the product categories. This ain’t your father’s clip art, this is real good stuff. We like it.


Selecting a product category and digging a little deeper, we see some products. We lost that cool icon, which is too bad, but the product page is pretty clean. The product filters on the left are helpful, but the price categories at the bottom are weird. Almost all the products are lumped into the lowest category, and I can’t select more than one. That’s not ideal. This page gives me choices to compare products or save for later. Are these used? Often they aren’t. Use analytics to figure out if shoppers are clicking these and toss them out if not. The compare feature is actually pretty neat, but the two products we selected are so alike the compare doesn’t really tell me much. Maybe if we were engineers?

Getting into a product detail page; it’s a nice clean design. However, we shouldn’t make the customer scroll down to add to cart. And whoops! When we add to cart, we get taken to the cart. Now if we want to keep shopping, we have to navigate back to the products. We never want to do that. Let the customer see that their selection has been added to the cart but “keep shopping” should be the default. After all, we’d like to sell them more! Also, if there’s any way to avoid forcing customers to create an account or log in before buying, that would be ideal.


Snooping around the bottom of the page, we find a lot of interesting an useful content buried in this navigation. There are certifications, webinars, videos, and more great stuff! Why is that hiding down here! Let’s move this up to the top navigation or home page so that potential customers can see what we’re all about and whey we’re the ones they want to do business with!

If you’re interested in more website roasts sign up for our next one here!

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