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When we’re looking at a website, we always snoop on the technology stack. It’s really easy to do – copy their URL and go to Built With. They’re using Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Yotpo, and Shopify – they’ve got a lot of good stuff going on. They’ve got a lot of attention on processing payments which is good!

Going to the site itself, what’s the first thing we think when we see it? Mobile! Mobile-first strategy is great, but the desktop UI shouldn’t be identical to the mobile site. Cuvee has both B2B and B2C business. Maybe their target for the B2C is mobile, but their wholesalers are for sure going to be using a desktop to do business.

Because of this mobile design, we have to scroll a lot to see the home page content, which is unfortunate. There’s a lot here and we’re kind of lost. The subscribe and save feature is nice, but it’s in the middle of other things and easy to lose. Typically in digital marketing you aren’t sending people to a home page. If an ad is for a specific thing, you want to send them to the associated landing page for that. Home pages aren’t all that important, but what’s there needs to have impact. Declutter by using metrics to eliminate that stuff people aren’t responding too.

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Below the fold we see the product presentation. The branding and packaging look very good. But if you don’t know much about coffee, there is no description to help us understand what we’re looking at.

Under “Shop All Coffee”, we find some great combos and coffee of the month club offerings. Locking customers in on a monthly revenue is great, but you can only find it if you go to “all coffee.” When we look at other views of product, we lose the view to those choices. There’s definitely room for improvement here.

It would be great if we could search for coffee by type. If we want a bold flavored coffee, how would we find that? We can select “dark roast” and get three choices, but again without any description, it’s hard to differentiate the products. 

Looking at a product detail page, we can see a little room for improvement. There are product “lifestyle” images, but we could make those more prominent. We could even make them the main view of the product. Unfortunately, we have to scroll down to actually purchase the product, and the subscribe and save button is really small! That’s an option we’d really like to encourage, so making it more visible and telling customer HOW MUCH they could save would be good. Do the math for them!

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We tried to look at customer reviews, but something seems to be broken there. We clicked on “Search Reviews” and the button switched to “Write a Review” but we aren’t seeing the reviews.

Let’s go to the About page, there’s a big image and a lot of scrolling. We’re seeing a lot of big, bold graphics on the site but if we have to scroll past them to see the content, they get in the way. And if we put text on top of them, it’s really hard to read. It’s great to have video on here instead of paragraphs. Just put the videos at the top of the page so we don’t have to look for it.

Everything we saw on the site looked B2C, which confused us because we were expecting to see a wholesale login or area on the site. We found that there was a wholesaler inquiry form, and it turned out that Cuvee has a wholesaler login in Shopify.

There’s a brick and mortar store as well. It’s the home location in Austin, and it’s really cute and has a great vibe. Capitalize on that vibe in the site, reach out to new customers by making a value play to their daily lives that reflects the character of Cuvee.

When we’re in super-spy mode, we check out the ad library in Facebook. You can use this to see what ads a company or competitor is running with a simple search function. So, we see that they are running a TikTok account and downloaded a video from TikTok to make into a FB ad. We went to check out their TikTok, and there’s some cool stuff going on there. Clearly the owner of the company is running this TikTok acocunt. He’s making videos and he’s all over it and having fun, playing. He could take advantage of TikTok challenges or trends to get even more out of it. Clearly this is a company with a lot of energy, personality, and passion. They just need to find a way to express that more clearly on their site.

If you want to watch the recording check it out here!

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