Webinar: Workdesk at Work – Managing Marketing Processes

Part of a Series of Webinars Demonstrating How Alfresco Workdesk Solves Real World Business Problems

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The Workdesk at Work webinar series is aimed at helping executives, managers and architects better understand how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to help streamline content-centric processes that have been difficult to model using traditional content management solutions. Each webinar in the series emphasizes how specific, real world business processes can be facilitated in a way that follows existing work practices and provides the users with the specific information they need in a comfortable user interface.

This Workdesk at Work installment focuses on business processes related to the lifecycle of presentations and assets used to build marketing presentations. All too often, organizations find themselves spending significant time, energy and resources in the creation and approval of presentations used to market and sell their services and products. While an enterprise content management solution can help to promote reuse, unless previous work is easy to find, understand and incorporate, and the unless the approval process is painless, marketers are prone to simply start from scratch, leading to duplication of work and wasted review/approval cycles by peers.

In this Webinar, we’ll show you how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to easily find previous marketing presentations and assets and see the context in which they were created, allowing your users to quickly build tailored campaign presentations without the need to start from a blank slate. We’ll also show how Workdesk can expedite an asset approval process involving users from marketing and legal teams, as well as external partners.


Terence McDevitt, Senior Solution Architect for Blue Fish Development Group

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