Webinar: Solvay Pharmaceuticals – Extreme Migration Makeover!

Years ago, Solvay Pharmaceuticals (now Abbott) undertook several content migrations as part of a large, complex systems consolidation program. Recently, Solvay moved to a next generation platform with Documentum, FirstDoc and SharePoint. But this time, the budget and timeline were half of the first! To meet these pressures, the traditional content migration strategy would no longer work. Time for an Extreme Migration Makeover! Come watch us “move that bus” as we reveal what we learned to make this possible.

This topic may be particularly interesting if…

  • you are worried about system down time during your migration, or
  • you are under pressure to complete the migration on a short time line, or if
  • you are afraid that the migration may be a lot harder than it appears on the surface

Watch the recording now!

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