Webinar: Best in Class WCM and ECM – Together at Last

All companies want to communicate more effectively with visitors to their website. Today, it’s about conveying a message tailored specifically to the profile of each unique visitor. In particular, companies that are growing quickly or are in a fast changing market need to be able to react instantly, tweak these messages and target the consumers more tightly. However, legacy IT systems are getting in the way.

Marketing leaders are frustrated that they need to go to IT for every little change. IT executives are upset that the system needed to manage web site content is not compatible with their general enterprise content management platform. One-size-fits-all legacy systems have tried to provide an answer but the results are just not there.

Blue Fish conducted an informational webinar aimed at marketing leaders and IT managers who serve marketing departments, who want to know what is now possible in the world of web experience management. Blue Fish, along with the head of Products at Crafter Software, discussed how the combination of Crafter Studio and Alfresco now make it possible to have the best of all worlds.


Jeff Philipp, CEO for Blue Fish Development Group
Russ Danner, Vice President, Products for Crafter Software

Watch the recording now!

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