Handling CMIS Export to Alfresco Properties that Allow for Multiple Values

Ephesoft provides a plugin in their Export module that allows for export via CMIS.  An issue that we have noticed in Ephesoft is that the CMIS export does not support exporting to an Alfresco property that has “Multiple” set to “True”.

In Alfresco, when “Multiple” is enabled, it is expected that a List of values is sent to set the metadata for this property. This is true even when there is only a single value being passed.  In the Ephesoft log, if an export to a “Multiple” field is attempted, the following will be seen the Ephesoft log files:

 3034_SP0++ 2013-06-13 14:22:24,107 ERROR pool-1-thread-1 com.ephesoft.dcma.cmis.CMISExporter – Error while uploading document with identifier: DOC1 for batch instance: BI5
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property ‘bf:documentProperty’ is not a single value property!

The current solution that we are utilizing to resolve this issue is to write a delimited String to a property in Alfresco that supports single values only.  Then, on the Alfresco side, we fire a rule that handles parsing the delimited String and writing the multiple values to the Alfresco property that supports “Multiple”.  This works well for us as a workaround for this issue.  Ideally, future versions of Ephesoft will add support for writing to Alfresco properties to have “Multiple” set to “True”.

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