Blue Fish Offers Alfresco Expertise in Small Bites

Alfresco has lowered the investment required to obtain world-class ECM technology, but organizations still struggle with the ECM domain.

Over the past several months, I’ve talked to a lot of companies about Alfresco, and I often hear similar concerns.

  • Companies aren’t sure how to get started on their ECM initiative
  • They want to avoid common pitfalls and rookie mistakes
  • They aren’t sure which requirements are reasonable and which are overkill, so they don’t know when to push back
  • They want to get started quickly without having to become an ECM expert first
  • They want to be confident that their architecture is sound before proceeding to the next step of their project
  • They are not sure if Alfresco can meet all the requirements via standard configuration or whether customization will be required

Blue Fish is in business to address these problems for our clients, and we’ve got a long track record of implementing successful ECM solutions. But a lot of the companies I’ve talked to recently aren’t interested in a large end-to-end consulting project.

  • They fear that a soup-to-nuts project will be too expensive
  • They want to learn how to implement Alfresco themselves so that they can continue to roll it out to other parts of the organization
  • They have other projects they are working on at the same time and want to move at their own pace – they don’t want the pace of their project to be dictated by an external team

In response to these concerns, I’m happy to introduce a new way to get help from our team of Alfresco experts without having to engage in a complete end-to-end project.

We’ve taken a typical Alfresco project and broken it into bite-sized chunks we call “Small Bites”.

Small Bites are lightweight, cost-effective service packages spanning the lifecycle of an Alfresco implementation. They allow you to get help only in the areas where you need it, whether that’s gathering requirements, architecting a solution, or setting up your content model, security model, and workflows. Each Small Bite can stand alone, or they can be combined into larger engagements.

Prices range from $2,500 – $20,000, so there’s a Small Bite for every budget.

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