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Support Teams of the Future

Support Teams of the Future

Support teams of the future are tightly integrated with Marketing and Sales.  Data is the glue that binds the three functional areas together.  The integration of Support with other customer facing functionality is a logical extension of the drive to deliver a great Customer Experience.  Most customer interactions with support are caused by a problem […]

Leverage Heatmaps to inform your marketing strategy

Leverage Heatmaps to inform your marketing strategy

If you’re in the Marketing, Design, or Product space, you have probably heard of Heatmaps. But what is a heatmap? And how can you leverage heatmaps to make data-based decisions? In today’s competitive marketplace, user behavior data and user needs must inform your marketing strategy. In this article, I’ll overview the four primary heatmaps typically used […]

Setup a Hubspot-Magento Webhook

Setup a Hubspot-Magento Webhook magento-order-fulfillment-header-image-2

HubSpot is a powerful CRM system which integrates with Magento via an open-source extension. The HubSpot integration takes information from  Magento and syncs it to HubSpot, which can help you increase online sales from new customers and existing customers. By using HubSpot’s workflow administration tools, you can create webhooks that synch your data when and […]

Email Marketing Best Practices for B2B Ecommerce

Email Marketing Best Practices for B2B Ecommerce Person working on the laptop

Since the days of the early internet, email marketing has continued to evolve and grow.  According to some estimates, this industry is expected to reach US$22.16 bn by 2024.  There is no denying that Email Marketing is still relevant and offers marketers the ability to craft a unique personalized message for a singular customer and […]

360-Degree View of your Customers and Customer Data

360-Degree View of your Customers and Customer Data 360 degree view of customer featured image

Every company wants to better understand their current and prospective customers, but how do you pull all the stuff you know and data you’ve collected into a cohesive view? Let’s talk about some key factors in building this customer portrait. Marketing Operations plays an important role in achieving the 360 degree view of the customer/prospect. […]

Measure Marketing Results Accurately with a T-Test

Measure Marketing Results Accurately with a T-Test measure marketing results t test header image

Measure Marketing Results Accurately One of the most important (and difficult) parts of marketing is proving the beneficial effects of marketing for your company. That’s when you measure marketing results against industry metrics and your own. ANY marketer has had the conversation with a superior at any level of their career that went something like […]

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist roi-checklist-featured-image

Businesses selling established products must periodically analyze their marketing data or run the risk of overlooking potentially serious and expensive problems with their sales strategies. The purpose of analyzing marketing data internally is to ensure that online advertising campaigns are connecting with, and nurturing, customers at each critical point in the sales life cycle. Tools […]

The Importance of Influencers

The Importance of Influencers importance-of-influencers-ecommerce-marketing

Influencers are individuals or entities who impact the perceptions of the products or services of your company.  The role of influencers has grown dramatically in the last few years as social media usage has exploded globally.  Influencers are a constituency that must be managed actively by a company to ensure that customer experience and perceptions […]

Become a Habit

Become a Habit

Manufacturers of commodity products struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  Companies in these markets find themselves in a race to the bottom where lowest price is the primary factor on which a sale is won or lost.  Consolidation is inevitable in these industries and the number of players will be winnowed down, but the […]

The B2B Buyer of the Future

The B2B Buyer of the Future b2b buyer of the feature featured image

Historically, companies looked at what the unique identifier was for their businesses. By being unique, this was enough to attract buyers. Uniqueness could be something along the lines of ‘we own the ecosystem’ or ‘we have market power on our side.’ However, our world is changing. In a survey by Accenture, “71% of B2B buyers […]