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Enabling Fintech Sales

Enabling Fintech Sales

In the fintech space, we focus a lot on the complicated functions of credit adjudication, customer account management, contract and document management, invoicing, and payment processing. However, before any of those activities happens, we have to sell a financial product to a potential customer. When we talk about selling, most people think about selling stuff (cars, […]

Agile This! – Scaling Agile for a BIG Project

Agile This! – Scaling Agile for a BIG Project Success: Triumphant Leap at Sunset

For several years, I’ve worked with a Financial Services client that offers consumer and commercial credit to customers world-wide. In 2016, they decided that they needed to transform their credit ecosystem to meet changing market and legal demands. This involved a complete rebuild of the credit adjudication platform in the US as well as rolling […]