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Multi-Vendor Order Fulfillment from Magento

Multi-Vendor Order Fulfillment from Magento magento-order-fulfillment-header-image

In the B2B ecommerce world, we have many options for enabling vendors and resellers to sell products from a Magento store.  For many suppliers, a Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension may be the answer, but that adds complexity and maintenance to managing your Magento implementation.  There are alternatives to enable vendors more selling opportunities without a […]

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist roi-checklist-featured-image

Businesses selling established products must periodically analyze their marketing data or run the risk of overlooking potentially serious and expensive problems with their sales strategies. The purpose of analyzing marketing data internally is to ensure that online advertising campaigns are connecting with, and nurturing, customers at each critical point in the sales life cycle. Tools […]

Website Roast – Fluitek

Website Roast – Fluitek Website-Roast-Fluitek-Featured-Image

We held a webinar “web site roast” of Fluitek, hosted by Antony McGregor Day, former Bluefish director of ecommerce & Terence McDevitt, Bluefish senior solution architect. The theme of this webinar? Keeping the message simple, which is just as relevant for B2B sites as it is for B2C. Let’s see how Fluitek does it. Tech Stack Review […]

Salesforce and M-Files

Salesforce and M-Files salesforce-mfiles-header-image

Many of our clients use Salesforce for customer relationship management, issue management, case management, and all its other robust functionality. But one area where Salesforce might not be ideal is in document management. Salesforce offers the ability to attach documents of course, but there are a number of pain points. Non-Salesforce users can’t access attached […]

The Importance of Influencers

The Importance of Influencers importance-of-influencers-ecommerce-marketing

Influencers are individuals or entities who impact the perceptions of the products or services of your company.  The role of influencers has grown dramatically in the last few years as social media usage has exploded globally.  Influencers are a constituency that must be managed actively by a company to ensure that customer experience and perceptions […]

The B2B Buyer of the Future

The B2B Buyer of the Future b2b buyer of the feature featured image

Historically, companies looked at what the unique identifier was for their businesses. By being unique, this was enough to attract buyers. Uniqueness could be something along the lines of ‘we own the ecosystem’ or ‘we have market power on our side.’ However, our world is changing. In a survey by Accenture, “71% of B2B buyers […]

Leveraging dotdigital as a Bronto Replacement

Leveraging dotdigital as a Bronto Replacement DotDigital_Bronto_Replacement_Featured_Image_WP

Bronto Replacement If you’re currently using Bronto for your email marketing, you probably know that it will no longer be available after May 31, 2022. You know you’ll need a Bronto replacement, but what email marketing platform should you replace it with? Or maybe you’re looking to implement your first full-service marketing automation platform, with […]

Customer Portals in Ecommerce

Customer Portals in Ecommerce Customer-Portals-Header-Image

Customer Portals I have recently sold my old house and purchased a new one, which provided a multitude of opportunities for frustration and miscommunication. My phone was stuffed with text messages and emails. How I wish either of my realtors had a robust customer portal to make the process easier and less stressful! As chance […]

Magento Commerce Helps B2B Companies Start Selling Direct to Consumer

Magento Commerce Helps B2B Companies Start Selling Direct to Consumer B2B_Magento_DTC_Featured_1

A Challenging Online Retailer Landscape As online retailers thrive during the pandemic, in person marketplaces are struggling due to social distancing and public anxiety. For consumers willing to brave the risks of in person shopping, capacity restrictions and closures nationwide further diminish opportunities. Consequently, many business-to-business (B2B) companies are losing demand from their business-to-customer (B2C) […]

Selling in the Medical Device Industry – Lessons Learned from Covid-19

Selling in the Medical Device Industry – Lessons Learned from Covid-19 Medical_Device_Covid_19_WP_Header

Working in the medical industry during national disasters, pandemics, or any crisis involves overcoming significant challenges. This time last year, I was a medical solutions consultant going into hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and labs, assessing their medical solution needs and ascertaining how to help them with their medical device, med surge, medical equipment, lab, and […]

Blue Fish Customer Testimonial: Texas Supplements

Blue Fish Customer Testimonial: Texas Supplements Blue Fish Customer Testimonial: Texas Supplements

The Challenge: Shifting your B2B and B2C business away from radio ads for a new demographic of millennial buyers is more than difficult. That’s why Texas Supplements leveraged Magento Commerce to create a digital presence to successfully grow their online revenue. Their digital commerce platform had to support a B2B and B2C presence, with dramatically […]