Geraldine Mongold

The Importance of Influencers

The Importance of Influencers importance-of-influencers-ecommerce-marketing

Influencers are individuals or entities who impact the perceptions of the products or services of your company.  The role of influencers has grown dramatically in the last few years as social media usage has exploded globally.  Influencers are a constituency that must be managed actively by a company to ensure that customer experience and perceptions […]

Select the Right EHR Vendor

Select the Right EHR Vendor selecting-ehr-vendor-featured-image

Selecting the right Electronic Health Record (EHR vendor) can be tough. In addition to defining software requirements, you must also consider government regulations, costs, and certifications. Where to begin? We hope that the guide below allows you to tackle your EHR vendor selection and implementation project with confidence. Elicit the top-level requirements first, then select […]

Leveraging dotdigital as a Bronto Replacement

Leveraging dotdigital as a Bronto Replacement DotDigital_Bronto_Replacement_Featured_Image_WP

Bronto Replacement If you’re currently using Bronto for your email marketing, you probably know that it will no longer be available after May 31, 2022. You know you’ll need a Bronto replacement, but what email marketing platform should you replace it with? Or maybe you’re looking to implement your first full-service marketing automation platform, with […]

Customer Portals in Ecommerce

Customer Portals in Ecommerce Customer-Portals-Header-Image

Customer Portals I have recently sold my old house and purchased a new one, which provided a multitude of opportunities for frustration and miscommunication. My phone was stuffed with text messages and emails. How I wish either of my realtors had a robust customer portal to make the process easier and less stressful! As chance […]

Leveraging Ephesoft and Zapier to Achieve Integration Automation

Leveraging Ephesoft and Zapier to Achieve Integration Automation

Many years and several jobs ago, I was hired to manage a procurement system development project for a large construction company in Houston. In the first week, the IT manager said “I have this sales guy who says he can solve all our problems nagging me every week. Let him take you to lunch and […]

Website Roast – Maggie Louise Confections

Website Roast – Maggie Louise Confections Maggie_Louise_Confections_1

The homepage is the showroom for your brand, and this home page is beautiful! Their detail orientation is amazing, which makes us see the value they place on the artistry and perfection of the product. Shoppers place a lot of value on the quality of your website and site imagery, and this site shows a […]

How to Measure Your Marketing

How to Measure Your Marketing how_to_measure_marketing_header

Marketing your product or service in today’s economy is crazy hard. First, the economy is irritable and unpredictable thanks to current events. Second, there’s SO MUCH NOISE out there. Social media marketing, content marketing, relationship marketing – our potential customers are overwhelmed with it. It’s harder than ever to get your message through the fog. […]

Website Roasts – Fitness Deal News

Website Roasts – Fitness Deal News

This doesn’t look like the kind of website that we usually roast. It’s an affiliate site which pulls in viewers and directs them to other sites to make purchases. These sites can be really strong money- makers, and they have to be very good at SEO and ad buying. This site definitely doesn’t have a […]

Website Roasts – Cuvee Coffee

Website Roasts – Cuvee Coffee Website Roast Cuvee Coffee Featured Image

When we’re looking at a website, we always snoop on the technology stack. It’s really easy to do – copy their URL and go to Built With. They’re using Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Yotpo, and Shopify – they’ve got a lot of good stuff going on. They’ve got a lot of attention on processing payments which […]