Day: October 25, 2021

Requirements vs. Specifications

Requirements vs. Specifications

I have been asked this question, or some variation of it, many times. This question is akin to asking, “What is the difference between a sentence and a book?” This does not seem to be a difficult question, but why would someone ask it? One should answer this question only after determining the questioner’s view […]

Intelligent Document Processing with Ephesoft Transact

Intelligent Document Processing with Ephesoft Transact Pile of Documents

When a picture isn’t worth a single word. Have you ever tried to find information in a long PDF file using good old Ctrl+F, only to get hit with a “no matches found” warning on every keyword you try? Your troubleshooting instincts probably lead you to furiously click on the paragraphs and try to highlight words, […]

Do You Need Headless Ecommerce?

Do You Need Headless Ecommerce? magento-order-fulfillment-header-image-2

Old-school ecommerce solutions were focused on the “your customer comes to your website to buy stuff” approach. For many simple retail or B2B companies, that’s still the mode they’re in. For example, if I want to open an online store to sell custom-made wreaths, but I also sometimes sell at local craft fairs, that’s not […]