Day: July 15, 2021

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist

Using a Marketing ROI Checklist roi-checklist-featured-image

Businesses selling established products must periodically analyze their marketing data or run the risk of overlooking potentially serious and expensive problems with their sales strategies. The purpose of analyzing marketing data internally is to ensure that online advertising campaigns are connecting with, and nurturing, customers at each critical point in the sales life cycle. Tools […]

Website Roast – Fluitek

Website Roast – Fluitek Website-Roast-Fluitek-Featured-Image

We held a webinar “web site roast” of Fluitek, hosted by Antony McGregor Day, former Bluefish director of ecommerce & Terence McDevitt, Bluefish senior solution architect. The theme of this webinar? Keeping the message simple, which is just as relevant for B2B sites as it is for B2C. Let’s see how Fluitek does it. Tech Stack Review […]