How to Market During Covid-19

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What are good marketing strategies to use during Covid-19?

Be honest, open and candid with your consumer base about steps you are taking to ensure their safety.


Build vs. Buy

It’s almost never a good idea to attempt to build a FinTech solution from scratch. We evaluate your organization’s capabilities and determine the best fit between products in the market and your team’s expertise and needs.


Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is not optional and we know Data Privacy. The penalties for violating regulations can destroy your credibility and your business. Blue Fish ensures your solution complies with KYC, FINCEN, GDPR, PCI, BSA/AML, OFAC, local statutes and other regulatory disciplines.


Business Transformation

The most difficult aspect of deploying financial services solutions is not building the technology, but transforming your organization to achieve the value technology provides. We strive to understand your business every step of the way, since we know that there are no “one size fits all” technology solutions.

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