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Marketing simplified.

ecommerce-marketing cycle

We believe a successful ecommerce transaction is the ultimate expression of ‘like.’ Our marketing programs are optimized to enhance and complement each individual ecommerce site and build long-term customer relationships. We focus on four key areas to drive success. Simple!


Customer acquisition starts with awareness. We partner with our clients to craft customized strategies to reach target consumers and drive brand awareness. Using a combination of search engine optimization, marketing newsletters, the social ecosystem, blogs, and influencers and ambassadors, complemented with paid strategies as needed, we simultaneously optimize home page and landing page content to ensure consumers find relevant information to further drive interest and inspire content exploration.

Interest // Desire

To drive interest in key products and create desire, we focus on building brand trust through content strategy and user experience. We develop consumer personas and map their unique journeys to ensure we capture and cultivate their interest. Starting with content strategy, we develop a site with a focus on information architecture, user experience, and user interface, with the goal of optimizing category, catalog, and product pages. To maximize desire, we focus on merchandising, pricing, and promotions to create compelling product offers.


Conversion is the goal. We maximize conversion rate by building a strong funnel and streamlining the checkout process. We focus on simplifying the user experience and removing roadblocks to checkout. We also optimize abandoned cart programs to ensure we capture consumers’ desires and convert them to action.

Loyalty // Advocacy

Our team can help build long-term relationships with key consumers through optimized transactional emails and lifecycle marketing programs. By focusing on retention and cohort performance, we maximize life-time value and repeat purchase.

ecommerce-marketing funnel

Ecommerce evolved.


We build high performance ecommerce sites utilizing Mako, our optimized commerce engine built upon Magento and BigCommerce. Mako is a foundational element of our ecommerce projects and leverages our knowledge and experience to get your site running quickly and efficiently. Mako consists of optimized modules and configuration and is built to handle the needs of a modern site. Key features include optimizations to enhance the user experience and performance of your site, including:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Mega Menu
  • Search
  • Product Filtering
  • Color Swatch Management
  • Image Gallery
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Out of Stock/Backorder Management
  • Abandoned Cart Management
  • Checkout Process
  • SEO
  • Site Performance
  • Shipping Rate Module Integration
  • Sales Tax Module Integration
  • ESP Integration
  • ERP Integration

We are a certified Magento Professional Solution Partner and a Certified and Preferred BigCommerce Partner.