Build the B2B Ecommerce site that will grow your online revenue.

Blue Fish Group helps B2B enterprises sell online instead of relying on old-school relationships to drive sales.

Your sales reps know your business. But to sell to the buyers of the future, you need to sell the way they want to buy. Consider:

  • Will your previously successful target customers age-out, leaving you with little new customer acquisition?
  • How many customers are your competitors stealing because they are selling to your customers where you aren’t?
  • Is your existing site optimized so your customers can buy what they want easily?
  • Will your existing Ecommerce site fail to scale to support the increase in online buying?

Imagine not worrying about your competition because your customers are so loyal to your brand, even when they buy online!

Increase customer acquisition
Increase conversion rates
Increase average order value
Increase customer lifetime value
And ultimately, increase online sales

Build a new ecommerce site

Build a high-ROI Ecommerce site to sell your products online

Upgrade an existing ecommerce site

Enhance or upgrade what you already have to drive additional sales

Digitize a massive product catalog

Build a scalable site to sell 1M+ products

design a simplified buying experience

Evaluate and fix conversion blocks in the shopping experience

sell where your customers want to buy

Sell your products in marketplaces beyond your own Ecommerce site

Key features include optimizations to enhance the user experience and performance of your site, including:

Helping other great brands like yours brings us Joy.

We understand how it feels to have an amazing product to sell and not be able to keep up with the digital transformation your buyers are demanding. We’ve helped many companies overcome this by prioritizing their needs to improve their online buying experience.

One customer asked us to upgrade them to Magento 2 to deal with catastrophic security breaches. We helped another customer put a massive catalog online in Magento. We helped other customers move to Magento to reduce low-value calls to sales reps.

Transform Your Business


Request a conversation

Dig into your business challenges.


Evaluate us as a fit

Together, determine what it will take to increase revenue.


Develop your Ecommerce solution

Collaborate on an Ecommerce vision and build it.


Measure success

Quantify your amazing revenue uplift.

Get in touch

Connect with Blue Fish to learn more about whether we are a good fit to help with your solutions in e-commerce, enterprise content management, data and analytics, business processes, product management, and training.

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