Blue Fish has been delivering enterprise content management solutions for over 15 years and has helped some of the best brands in the world grow revenue, streamline processes, meet regulatory requirements, and create new products. Whether implementing an off- the-shelf application or developing a custom software solution, we approach every project with the same attitude: You deserve to have it done right the first time.

Document Management

Organizations that value document management call on Blue Fish to develop ECM solutions that are easy to use and support.


We can help your organization by customizing a system to edit, publish, and modify content in one centralized location with a user-friendly interface.

Business Process Automation

We can help you re-engineer, streamline, and automate key business processes by using the latest workflow and business process management technologies.

Document Archiving

We can help you scan, organize, and electronically archive paper files to eliminate expensive storage fees and dramatically improve document retrieval times.

Intelligent Capture

From simple invoices to complicated construction work orders, our team can implement a solution that drives return on your investment in months, not years.


With our proven migration methodology and industry-leading technology, we can achieve the largest content migrations for the most complex systems.

Recommended Platforms

With hundreds of client implementations under our belts, as you can imagine we have worked with quite a few platforms. And while we consider ourselves “technology agnostic” (our focus is on the RIGHT technology solution for the problem at hand), there are a couple of platforms that we find ourselves going back to time and again. These platforms not only are driving the industry forward with innovative new features and functions, but provide the utmost in flexibility to customize as needed for specific business needs. In short they give you the best of both worlds.


Alfresco One provides a powerful open-source ECM platform with a robust design and architecture. Add Alfresco’s Activiti business process management (BPM) suite, and your organization will have the foundation to scale wherever your business takes you.


Ephesoft offers arguably the most comprehensive Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software in the industry. It enables businesses to better classify documents by using content, bar code or layout analysis.


Crafter is an open-source Content Management System that enables organizations to create and manage content, enabling personalized digital experiences.


M-Files provides an Intelligent Information Management system that can be deployed in the cloud or on-prem to manage a business’s content and workflows. Their AI-driven technology supports easy smart metadata tagging.

OUR Products

A reusable code library is at the core of our business model. And while we are a services company at our core, we do offer a set of software products. By bringing our clients what might have otherwise been a custom solution as a supported product, we reduce your project risk, accelerate your project timeline, and ease your upgrade path worries.


A document management system isn’t very useful if the content inside is hidden from view. Our Librarian for Alfresco can automatically keep your content organized and classified so that it’s easy to find. It automates tedious manual tasks so that your users don’t have to.

  • Enforce your corporate naming convention and file structure by automatically naming documents and filing them in the right location
  • Create folders automatically if they don’t already exist
  • Automatically populate metadata values based on the filename or folder structure
  • Keep document metadata in sync with metadata on parent folders
  • Launch documents on the right workflow based on metadata values


Not all the world is a nail, and sometimes a hammer just won’t do. The same is true in the world of attribute “pickers”. This new collection of metadata entry and search widgets extends the functionality previously available with Alfresco Share, making it much easier to work with pickers backed by large data sets. These new widgets include:

  • Attribute picker backed by a shared data list
  • Attribute picker backed by a database table
  • Type ahead attribute picker that filters the result set of options offered based upon data entered


The world just got simpler with the Alfresco Actions Library! This extension of the document actions currently available within Alfresco Share gives you more robust and streamlined options for completing tasks. No more headaches! These widgets include:

  • Multi-Select Edit Properties – Allows users to multi-select a group of documents and edit a property (or multiple properties) for all of those documents at the same time, in a single action. Also includes a “search and replace” widget for bulk update of only selected values within multi-value attributes.
  • Multi-Select Content & Metadata Export – Allows users to multi-select a group of documents and export these documents to a zip file in a single action. Also includes the option to include a corresponding .html file for each document that includes a detailed report of all metadata (including any custom attribute fields) for that particular document.


Alfresco Share’s already powerful search capabilities just got even better! Alfresco Power Search is a set of user interface search enhancements that allows users to spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to use.

  • Targeted Search – Allows users to search ONLY within a specific folder or group of sub-folders.
  • Fetch “Next Set” of Results – Search results are typically limited to a (configurable) number of results. This enhancement allows users to select the “next set” of results to continue to step through the entire result set.
  • Multi-Select Actions from Search Results – From the Search or Advanced Search results screen, allows users to multi-select documents and then Move, Copy, or Delete those documents in a single action. If our Alfresco Actions Library is installed, this enhancement also allows users to perform those bulk actions from the Search or Advanced Search results screen.

Solution Offerings

While every company is different and our clients all have slight nuances to how they approach their business, when you take a step back and “squint” at the solutions, there are often common elements at the core. There are a handful of these solutions that we have see so frequently that we have packaged them into discrete solution offerings.

Learn more about what we do best.

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