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Our Blue Fish Data and Analytics team has applied our statistical analysis to Covid-19 datasets to provide insight into trends and reports to give our interpretation of existing information.

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What type of tone should I have in my Covid-19 related copy?

Be open, honest and candid with your consumer base about steps you are taking to ensure their safety.

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How viable are PPC campaigns during Covid-19?

Quarantine and working from home causes many people to spend more time online, thus lowering CPC (Cost-per-click) and increasing value out of ad buying. We highly recommend building out marketing campaigns with ad-buying at the center.

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Should I address the current situation in my ad copy and emails?

When surveyed, consumers appreciate companies that are addressing the current situation and make them feel comfortable and secure.

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What technology, if at all, should I invest in?

While some companies may be hesitant to invest into any tools during covid-19, companies using project management tools are better equipped to realign resources and work efficiently remote. We personally recommend Asana. Also, we recommend Marketing Automation technology if you can afford it.

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What types of content are the best to produce right now?

Workers are finding more time to invest in learning and growth during covid-19 and webinars and video production are a great way to capture that audience. We’ve created webinars purely for educational purposes and have had great turnout.

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