The most challenging part about building a Data and Analytics solution is determining which decisions drive business value. Yes, our data science experts can implement ETL technologies like Matillion, cloud warehousing and computing solutions like Amazon S3 and EC2, as well as front-end analytics tools like Tableau. However, without understanding which questions you should ask to drive impactful decisions, those solutions are a waste of time and money.  That’s why probing for those critical decisions isn’t just a line item in a project plan for us, it’s part of our DNA.

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Make Data a Strategic Advantage

We believe that understanding and using data and analytics to drive your business is key to capturing your market and maximizing your time and resources. We collaborate with you in four key areas to ensure your data and analytics solutions support and inform your business strategy.


Anchor to Decisions

Many organizations ask the wrong questions and focus on superficial outcomes for their data. We believe that collection, transformation, and analysis of data is a means to an end--that end being a business decision. We begin by understanding not just which questions you need to ask, what reports you need to run, or which dashboards you need to create, but what actions you will take as a result of your data strategy.


Implement and Iterate

Demonstrating the value of a data strategy early and often is key to the success of a data and analytics solution. That’s why we decompose large, complex problems into a series of small, solvable problems. We work with you to find value in your current infrastructure quickly, while doing the hard work of engineering a complete solution in parallel.


Measure Outcomes

All the work to stand up a Data and Analytics solution is for nothing if you can’t make the right decisions--and the output of a decision is meaningless if it can’t be measured. As adoption increases, your KPIs should move in the right direction, and your solution should provide the information you need to adjust your business accordingly.


Drive User Adoption

We understand that business decisions are made by users across wide spectrums of business acumen and technical expertise. We tailor our approach accordingly and measure adoption along the way, while delivering insights that you didn’t know were possible. Because we deliver iteratively, users know earlier what to expect out of their data and analytics solutions. We incorporate feedback quickly and work with end-users every step of the way to ensure user adoption.

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