DocuSign Connector for Alfresco

Blue Fish Alfresco DocuSign Connector

Is capturing document signatures a critical part of your business processes? Are you finding yourself using your Alfresco investment to store document files only to then print those documents out for physical signatures? Are you lacking visibility into knowing which documents are waiting to be signed? Are you paying people to collect your incoming mail, sort through it for signed documents and then scan those documents into Alfresco, hoping that they’ll magically get reconnected with the original?

At Blue Fish, we see these issues with nearly all of our clients. So much so that we built the DocuSign Connector for Alfresco to solve these problems! It allows companies to incorporate electronic signature capture directly into Alfresco workflows by leveraging the power of the DocuSign API.

No more documents getting lost in the mail. No more guessing if a document has been signed. No more unnecessary expenses and delays. Take a look at an example of what a solution might look like leveraging the connector:





If you’re facing any challenges with your ECM Solutions, we can help. Blue Fish leverages our vast knowledge of the technical landscape and difficult implementations to turn technology into a strategic advantage for our clients.

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